10 BEST KissCartoon Alternatives of (July 2024)

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Everyone seems to be searching for viable alternatives to KissCartoon on Google. It is a well-known online destination for animated shorts, TV shows, and web series.

KissCartoon is the place to go if you want to watch popular shows and movies like Justice League, The Simpsons, and the Dragon Ball series.

Unfortunately, KissCartoon experiences frequent outages in various parts of the world. This occurs because certain internet service providers (ISPs) censor the site in certain regions over copyright issues.

Users look for alternatives to KissCartoon because it’s so popular, yet many sites don’t function properly.

We’ve produced a list of the best KissCartoon alternatives guaranteed to work. If you cannot access KissCartoon due to local restrictions, you may still watch your favorite cartoons and animations online by visiting one of the KissCartoon alternatives we have listed.

Best KissCartoon Alternatives

Having concerns is unwarranted. Numerous other services provide capabilities similar to Kisscartoon, if not safer. Here are just a few of the highlights:

1. CartoonExtra

If you’re looking for a site with just about every cartoon you’ve ever heard of, you’ve come to the correct place.

This site is a kid’s dream, packed to the gills with their favorite cartoons like Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants, LoonyTunes, and many more. Any and everything you could possibly want is right here.

The interface is both easy to use and stunning in its simplicity. All the classic animations will make you feel nostalgic. Do it; you won’t be sorry.

2. WatchCartoonOnline

WatchCartoonOnline UI is simple and straightforward. Since cartoons are aimed at a younger audience, the controls have been simplified so that even younger children can use it. Subbed anime and dubbed anime categories have also been added.

WatchCartoonOnline’s advertisements are also promoted, so parents don’t have to worry about inappropriate content. Its vast collection of cartoons and animations spans many genres. That’s why it’s recommended alongside such great alternatives as KissCartoon.

3. KissAnime

If you haven’t heard, KissAnime is a go-to destination for streaming your favorite anime and cartoons. This site is well-known for its many different Japanese anime and has an interface similar to KissCartoon.

High-definition video (HD), ad-free content, and a secure platform are all staples of the platform. The site is free to use; however, membership registration is required.

4. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a great alternative to KissCartoon. Crunchyroll provides access to an abundance of links to anime and cartoons.

Crunchyroll’s superior content quality is one of the main reasons it is the ideal option for KissCartoon. Whether users opt to pay for a subscription or not, they can count on a high-quality streaming experience. Advertisements may be included in the free version.

Additionally, there are over 30,000 episodes of anime and 1,000 different titles available on the site, all of which are regularly updated. Then what? Videos dubbed in other languages typically have English subtitles for those needing them.

5. CartoonCrazy

In the same vein as KissCartoon is CartoonCrazy. It’s up-to-date and features anime series that have aired recently. This is your best bet if you prefer your anime with a British accent. There is a pleasant user experience. This site includes a huge collection of cartoons, not just anime.

The site is extremely popular in countries like the United Kingdom and Canada, attracting a combined monthly audience of 12 million. Despite these precautions, one still could not feel comfortable in this unstable realm. However, this issue will not prevent this site from competing with the likes of KissCartoon for a spot in the top sites.

6. ToonGet

ToonGet is another well-known alternative to KissCartoon that shares the same URL. Unlike other websites, which change names and URLs frequently, this one will remain online for at least two years before closing down permanently. ToonGet created an alphabetical directory of all cartoon shows and movies.

Additionally, before watching and opening the relevant link, you are given a brief summary of the episode you are about to view. If a specific player stops working, ToonGet will supply an alternative.

Videos may be viewed in high definition or standard definition, Kdramas can be viewed, comics can be read, and both English-subbed and -dubbed anime can be viewed on the site. You can access this website without paying or signing up to do so.

7. KimCartoon

One of the best alternatives to KissCartoon is Kimcartoon.biz. Users will have no trouble navigating the site and finding your cartoons. If cartoons are your one true love, you will find a wide variety of cartoons here.

The high-quality streaming video and unlimited available content, among other advantages, more than justify a visit. Getting around the site is a breeze. Commercial breaks are the only potential annoyance.

8. Toonova

Toonova is a well-known website that serves a purpose comparable to KissCartoon. It’s easy on the eyes and provides its users with a unique and satisfying adventure. Children may easily use the cartoon above the streaming website.

If you go to the Toonova website and click on the title of your preferred show, you will be taken to the second page. All the information you need to know about your favorite shows, including reviews, ratings, genre, and premiere date, is right here.

9. Cartoon Network

For the past two decades, every boy and girl under twenty has turned to the Cartoon Network website as their go-to entertainment source. The unique aspect is that you may also be able to watch Cartoon Network online and watch it on television.

Nonetheless, everyone wonders if it’s a secure alternative for children. In contrast to other websites that feature adverts and adult-oriented content, we found that Cartoon Network was completely safe for kids to use.

10. AniWatch

Among the various alternatives to KissCartoon, AniWatch is the one that often comes up next. Including a large number of anime episodes may be viewed for free on the internet.

Your days of mindless entertainment are over because now you have Aniwatch. Cartoons, anime, suggestions, and random and new shows are just some options.

To provide the most accurate results, Aniwatch is constantly updating its information. The user interface is so easy to navigate that even young toddlers can utilize it.

In addition, no advertisements will appear. The site’s dedicated FAQ area can answer your questions and concerns.


That wraps up our list of recommended KissCartoon Alternatives you can use to pass the time this year. You’ll love these websites if you’re a fan of animated films like myself.

You can save this page to your bookmarks if you like; we plan to include more of the greatest free sites for viewing cartoons shortly.