Latest Windows 11 Preview Removes Watermark in the New Update

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It’s that time of year again. There is a brand-new Windows 11 Insider Preview build-out, but it’s reaching a significant mark this time. The watermark which identifies that the building is a pre-release version has been removed. In particular, it’s Windows 11 build 22610.

What is the significance of this when the preview watermark fades away

This is a thing that occurs with every cycle of release. It’s a sign that this update is getting closer to getting completed. Of course, it’s not finished yet and we’re not anticipating Windows 11 version 22H2 to launch in October or around.

Beta testers will begin seeing cumulative updates instead of complete versions shortly. This is to help service the feature update to make sure it is in top shape before it is released.

It’s also time to begin discovering the features added to the next update to feature. Keep in mind that, within the Dev channel, the elements present in builds are only available to test.

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These features could be added with the next release, or they may not. They may not appear in any way. With the update to the feature nearing completion, we will have an idea of how this product will appear.

For instance, Microsoft held an event this month to discuss the new features being introduced in Windows 11. These include a revamped File Explorer that contains tabs Live Captions, transcribing audio regardless of the source, folders on the menu bar at the start, support for touch to Snap Layouts, etc.

Most of these features are currently available in the Dev channel; however, Microsoft has not stated when they would expect these features to be available. They might be part of an experience pack or a feature upgrade in the future. It’s hard to determine if they will be until Microsoft informs us.

The blog post mentioned that the watermark could be back in the next update. Naturally, it will. After the Dev channel is switched back to rs_prerelease, you’ll see an expiration date for the Windows Insider Previews. For this cycle of development, do not expect to see it before.

What else is new?

As is the norm, Windows 11 build 22610 is packed with additional features and the elimination of a few. The taskbar optimized for tablets that were used tested is now being removed.

Microsoft claims that the reason is because of the feedback of Insiders. However, it was an attempt at improving Windows to be more compatible with tablets. Most likely, something else will be introduced shortly.

Even though it’s true that the Dev channel is meant to remain in a permanent status of building prerelease (rs_prerelease in contrast to a release branch), It’s not. One thing to be aware of is that the features you test could or might not be released in the future, and even should they ever ship, it’s impossible to tell when.

If the branch changes into a Release branch, the feature is deleted if it’s still not in the right state to be released. It could be added back after the Dev channel is switched over to the previous branch.

The primary new feature is an upgraded Family Safety tool. The new feature is a display of location sharing, meaning that you’ll have the ability to view the locations where your family members are.

Latest Windows 11 Preview Removes Watermark in the New Update

If you’re in the “member role, you can access an updated view to track your screen usage across all devices and apps.

In addition, aside from that, there’s a range of possible fixes.

Microsoft stated that this is the final chance to switch between this channel to the Dev channel and switch to the Beta channel.

Beta channel. As mentioned above, shortly, the Dev channel will change back to prerelease builds, whereas the Beta channel will be receiving cumulative updates.

The beta channel will receive cumulative updates. When you install the new version, the only option to return to the previous version is establishing a new version from Windows 11.

Windows 11 22H2 is expected to be released in the fall.