10 Best Live Sports Streaming Apps For Android (2024)

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Watching sports is usually a good time. Think with Google found that while many sports fans like watching games with friends at a sports bar or on TV, over 30 percent also stream live sports on their smartphones or tablets.

This fad shows no signs of slowing down, and new live sports streaming apps have been appearing regularly on the Google Play Store in recent years.

If you own an Android device and are looking for the finest applications to use for watching live sports, this post can help you out. Whether you prefer soccer or Formula One, we have free live sports streaming apps for Android that will satisfy your needs.

What are we waiting for? Look at this compilation of the best Android apps for watching live sports, such as cricket, UEFA, La Liga, EPL, WWE, the FIFA World Cup, the Copa América, the FA Cup, the Italian Serie A, the Rugby Championship, Super Rugby, the NFL, the NBA, the Masters, and the PGA Championship are all shown.

You can also watch IPL or other cricket leagues on these best ipl streaming app, that you can use on android and iOS.

Best Live Sports Streaming App for Android

Live sports streaming apps let you watch games and provide a platform for chatting with other sports enthusiasts, researching statistics, reading the latest news, etc. If you don’t want to miss any major matches and want to stay on top of the latest sports news, then you need to make use of these interactive tools.

1. ESPN App

If you like sports, you’ve undoubtedly heard of ESPN because it’s a widely used sports app where you can watch live events from various sports, including baseball, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Perhaps you’ve caught ESPN on TV. ESPN also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android users in this region.

The ESPN app makes keeping up with the latest sports news, highlights, and scores simple. One of the main draws of this software is that users may sign up for an account and customize their alerts to coincide with specific game times.

2. Live NetTV

The Live NetTV App is a multi-purpose entertainment solution, streaming content from over eight nations, including 700+ Live Channels, Movies, VOD, TV Shows, Live Sports, and all the most popular shows. This service costs nothing at all.

It’s so straightforward that you’ll be hooked at first use. A wide variety of international channels can be accessed using the app, including those from the United Kingdom, the United States, many Middle Eastern countries, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and many more countries.

Find the channel or stream you want, and use the links to launch the video in a third-party player. If one link isn’t working, try another one.

3. Livestream

Livestream is another widely used Live Sports Streaming App for Android and iOS, allowing you to watch your favorite games on the go without spending a dime. Now, with the help of Chromecast, you can watch your favorite sporting events as they happen, live and for free.

In this case, the ideal element of this fantastic program is that it incorporates chat features, making it simple to debate any happenings with other users. If you don’t want to miss a single real-time development here, you can choose to receive alerts whenever a match begins or ends.

4. La Liga TV

La Liga TV is well-known for broadcasting various sports, not just soccer and football but also tennis, racing, boxing, and more. The live stream is of good quality, and the app gives timely information on the latest events and results.

Thanks to the app’s convenient “Watch Video Later” feature, users may view entertaining films whenever they choose. The La Liga TV app is a great perk because it doesn’t cost anything and takes up very little space on your Android device.

5. CBS Sports App

Claiming that CBS’s Sports app is among the greatest live sports streaming services in the United States is a bit of an exaggeration. Indeed, the CBS app reflects the high standards of the network.

For instance, the CBS Sports app lets you keep tabs on eight games without switching between them. You may set up alerts for news, scores, analytics, and more about the teams you follow, and you can alter the interface and other settings to suit your needs.

The CBS Sports app is an excellent choice if you want access to a free, 24-hour news network and high-quality live streaming of various sports events. CBS Sports is a subscription service, or you may upgrade to Paramount Plus, the renamed CBS All Access.

6. 365 Scores

You can watch matches from various sports on the 365 Scores streaming app, including tennis, soccer, football, basketball, and more. This resource also ensures you are up-to-date on all the latest sports news. In addition to alerting you when new content is available, the app also provides access to match highlights.

It will be displayed on your screen within five minutes of an event occurring in-game. The app provides access to various sports channels and allows users to customize their alert settings for more hassle-free viewing.

7. Show Sport TV

Many of its subscribers consider Show Sport TV a top video streaming service. Regardless of where you call home, you may use this app to watch any and all matches and competitions. Many more popular networks, such as WWE Network, Fox Sports, etc., are also available on Shoe Sport TV.

This app allows users to stream sporting events while chatting with other fans and providing commentary. The software will notify you of forthcoming games without you having to manually set alerts, ensuring that you never miss a crucial contest.

8. SuperSport

SuperSport is, without question, the best Android app for live sports streaming. You should download this program immediately because it is loaded with useful tools. This section will find the app’s foundational support for real-time broadcasting.

One of its best qualities is that it can record video highlights, a capability not found anywhere else. If you truly can’t find the time to watch a specific sporting event in real-time, this function will let you catch up on the action.

Here, you can watch your preferred video in a resizable window. That you may find your way around the program. You’ll also have access to leaderboard tools, allowing you to easily keep tabs on your favorite sports team’s standings.

9. SofaScore

In addition to real-time scores and stats, SofaScore allows users to watch live sports events. All you need is dependable access to the internet. SofaScore may broadcast as many as 25 different sports’ live events at any given time.

Similarly to how it functions on smartphones, it can also be used on some android smartwatches. Small videos explaining how a goal was scored are included in the live updates. The software is consistently updated with new features.

Players’ ratings on SofaScore will certainly fluctuate over the season. The ratings are a reliable indicator of how well each player performs. In the same way that it can be downloaded on Android smartphones, it can also be downloaded on iOS devices.

10. Sony LIV

Sony’s Liv App is the best sports app for Android users to watch live events. In addition to cricket, Sony India and Cricket have the rights to broadcast various other premier sports in India, such as football, rugby, racing, mixed martial arts, etc.

These games can be viewed without a subscription, but there’s a catch: if you don’t pay, the streams will be 5 minutes behind the subscriber’s viewing time. Considering the information it provides, it’s not a bad buy.

It’s only available within India, so if you’re outside but still want to use the app, you’ll need a VPN with India’s servers. Sony Liv is the only sports app you should consider downloading if you’re looking for a serious solution.