10 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone (2024)

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The newest version of iOS, version 16, adds a tonne of new features for iPhone users, including a plethora of new home screen widgets, colors, and customizable wallpaper. The addition of Live wallpaper apps to your iPhone is still an option.

Live wallpapers are used because they provide motion and interest to the otherwise static display of a normal iPhone. Improvements have also been made to iPhone live wallpapers. Apple previously installed a specialized 3D touch mechanism that allowed users to activate in-built motor functions by touching the devices.

Apple’s latest iPhones use an AMOLED screen, which delivers vivid colors on live wallpapers without significantly decreasing battery life. If you own an iPhone, you should read this post because you will get the best live wallpaper apps for iPhones here.

Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

This article features live wallpaper apps for AMOLED iPhone screens, anime wallpapers, and a live wallpaper generator. Below are some of the best iPhone Live Wallpaper apps to help you customize your iPhone with stunning moving images.

1. Zedge Wallpapers

Zedge has been active for almost a decade and has provided only the highest-quality wallpapers and ringtones. A large number of Live wallpapers and icon sets are included in this app.

No filters are available, but you may use the search bar to get what you’re searching for. Zedge’s biggest feature is its large selection of wallpapers, which has been substantially expanded thanks to the curation efforts of certified creators.

There is a wide variety of live wallpapers, from the purely abstract to the completely fantastic. The software itself is free. However, Live Wallpapers cost money.

2. Live Wallpapers Now

Live Wallpapers Now is one of the most popular apps for getting free live wallpaper for iPhones. It has a wide selection of dynamic wallpapers for your device.

The best thing is that you can use this app to make your own custom live backgrounds! People who like to coordinate their iPhone accessories will find Live Wallpapers Now the most useful app.

Animated wallpapers can be tailored to the viewer by allowing them to select their preferred image, background color, and even the character’s wardrobe.

3. Kappboom

Kappboom is the best place to discover high-quality iPhone wallpapers. Whether you have an iPhone XR or an iPhone 12 small, you can choose a wallpaper that looks great on your screen.

Although there are almost 200,000 wallpapers available in the app, just a small fraction of those are Live wallpapers. The collection of available wallpapers includes roughly 40 options of good quality.

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The cityscapes, time-lapsed monuments, auroras, and autonomous abstract objects that make up Live wallpapers may all be found here. While I do value the availability of high-quality wallpapers.

4. Live Wallpapers Forever

The Live Wallpapers Forever app, which delivers a wide variety of live wallpapers, from subdued to vibrant, is one of my favorites. The app is very polished, with numerous filters to help you zero in on your ideal live wallpapers.

For You, Most Popular, Free, Trending, Abstract, Animals, and More are just a few available options. The available wallpapers are rather nice.

This software has wallpapers that have been carefully selected so that you can rely on them. In addition, it provides unique information in the form of inspirational sayings and quotations from well-known figures to keep you going.

5. Wallcraft

Access to the live wallpapers in this software requires a subscription. However, I find the price reasonable because of the app’s beautiful high-quality visuals. These one-of-a-kind live wallpapers will enthrall you with their eye-catching scenes from outer space, the deep sea, and beyond.

It also has a large collection of free, high-quality still wallpapers.  Original artwork and images that cannot be found elsewhere are shared daily.

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Additionally, the interface is neat and simple to use; however, the constant advertisements are annoying. To get the most out of this app, you can remove them for a fee.

6. Black Lite – Live Wallpapers

Enhance your iPhone’s visual appeal with one of this live wallpaper app’s many beautiful wallpaper themes. There is a premium edition of the app

The free version has some pretty neat wallpapers. It provides, as the name says, wallpapers with a gloomy atmosphere.

Each iPhone version has its unique set of live wallpapers, and the app includes more than 30 in total. The app has a flaw in that it doesn’t animate unless you tap the screen.

7. Live Wallpaper Animated Themes

Even though most moving wallpapers have their duties done automatically, this app, Live Wallpaper Animated Themes, blends traditional animation methods with modern ones.

The area where your touch falls causes it to come to life. Furthermore, it scrolls the entire home screen as it should.

If your iPhone is capable of 3D graphics, you should download this fantastic live wallpaper app for iOS 11.

8. Live Wallpaper Maker

Live Wallpaper Maker is another fantastic app that provides a wide variety of Live Wallpapers for your iPhone. If you prefer a style of Live Wallpaper, you can find it in the app’s neatly categorized categories on the left.

Sports, Abstract, Cars, Nature, Space, Animals, Urban, Holiday, etc., are just a few categories available. There is already some Live Wallpaper on the iPhone, but you can also use your own videos to make your own.

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All you have to do to make a video into a Live Wallpaper is pick one, cut it down to size, and save it. Also, the app’s use of ASMR, which is a strange thing, stands out.

9. WOW Pixel

This live wallpaper is ideal if you enjoy looking at vintage-style pictures. WOW Pixel is a live wallpaper app that delivers wallpapers of retro video games and cartoon characters having 8-bit adventures.

The live wallpapers feature a chosen group of heroes, each with their unique narrative arc. Emotions are the main emphasis of these live wallpapers.

You don’t have to choose between wallpapers that make you angry, sad, or happy; there are many options. The best part is that these live wallpapers look great on any iPhone 6s and up the smartphone, including the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and more recent models.

10. Theme Live

Do you have any cool videos you’ve been saving on your iPhone that might work well as live wallpapers? We’re the last place you’ll need to look.

With the help of the Theme Live -wallpaper and Maker app, you may transform your films into moving wallpapers.  You can use any clip from a video as a morning animation to motivate you.

This app not only gives you a place to show how unique you are, but it also gives you access to a beautiful collection of free live wallpapers of the highest quality.