10 Best FREE Logo Maker Apps For Android in 2023

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Do you need a logo? You need not worry; options are available. There are possibly too many, so I’ll include the top Android Logo Maker apps here. Numerous situations call for the use of a logo. You can need a catchy design for your Etsy store, your channel art on YouTube or Twitch, or both. For any purpose, a logo certainly is significant. It’s a smart way to show off your identification and your professionalism.

Many different approaches exist for creating logos. Some people even use a variety of sketching and graphic design apps to create their own. Some people just don’t have the same natural artistic ability and could use some guidance. In either case, we’re here to help. If you want to build a logo, here are some of the best logo-maker apps for android that will help you make something that looks great.

Best Free Logo Maker Apps For Android

This article will list the best Android logo-maker apps because of this need. These apps allow you to quickly and simply design custom logos on the fly using only your smartphone. Let’s look at some of the best logo-maker apps for android smartphones.

1. Dotpict

Dotpict is an easy-to-use tool for creating pixel art. The trend of creating in pixel format is popular among many artists, and this app makes it simple to make your pixel art. While it is a really basic software, it does have some useful features, such as automatic saving and the ability to draw without covering the pen tip with your finger.

In addition to standard editing tools like undo and redo, you can zoom in or out and toggle the pixel grid on and off to receive a real-time preview of your work.

2. Logo Maker

The Z Mobile Logo Maker app is an Android-friendly free logo-creation tool. No complex configurations are required, and the software can be used immediately. It offers an easy-to-understand user interface that is also highly functional.

It all begins with a blank canvas on which you can add whatever visual components you like from the app’s library. Up to one hundred high-quality photos and backgrounds are included, and you may customize your project with a wide range of textures and effects.

3. Hatchful

Hatchful is the subsequent no-cost Android logo maker. This tool may generate a custom user logo based on industry, company name, and tagline criteria. Launching the app prompts users to enter information such as their business kind, brand value, business name, and slogan.

This app makes several logo options based on the user’s responses. In any case, this app allows tweaking the created logo designs marginally. Take a look at the app’s primary functions now.

4. Logo Esport Maker

The Logo eSport app is a mobile logo builder that has become very popular among gamers. It’s compatible with all modern gadgets and offers a simple means of creating emblems for professional and private uses.

Choose a design that best fits your eSports team’s aesthetic, add your company name and logo, and you’re ready! Our eSports logo maker makes creating a custom logo as easy as a few clicks.

5. Font Rush

The logo’s font, or typeface, is crucially important. Using the app’s library of over 200 different fonts, you can make some seriously impressive logos using Font Rush. In addition to the special typefaces, Font Rush provides over 250 background pictures for your photographs.

You may also make great logos for your projects with this app. On top of that, you can use the resources on Font Rush to make things like social media banners, name art, calligraphy, and flyers.

6. ibis Paint X

If you’re a logo designer, you should check out Ibis Paint X, a sketching app with many useful tools. It offers 2,500 unique textures, 800 unique typefaces, 335 unique brushes, 64 unique filters, a few dozen unique screen tones, 27 unique blending modes, and a stroke stabilization function for more uniform lines.

Logos can be personalized by including text in the design process. Unfortunately, being confined to a premade design is common among logo-maker apps. Ibis is robust enough to let you create something unique.

7. Logo Maker Plus

One of the most downloaded apps in the Google Play Store, Logo Maker Plus creates logos for businesses and organizations. A large library of photos, backdrops, icons, and other graphic assets is available within the app.

Moreover, you have complete freedom in deciding what components to include in your logo. Colors, typefaces, borders, strokes, opacity, and many other attributes are all modifiable in Logo Maker. Incorporate shadows and other visual elements into your layout.

8. Canva

Regarding graphic creation apps, Canva is up there with the best of them on the Google Play Store. This app serves multiple purposes, including poster creation, video editing, and logo design.

When it comes to logo making, the app gives you a wide range of customization possibilities to choose from. Canva, in a nutshell, is a fully-featured image editor that provides all the tools necessary to make engaging logos and banners.

9. Z Mobile Logo Maker

The Z Mobile Logo Maker is another straightforward option for making a logo quickly. From scratch, you layer on various components until you reach a point of satisfaction. You may render the app with a transparent background to use it with other visuals.

It has over 100 background images, 3D rotation, textures and overlays, filters, and more than 100 fonts. The free version serves its purpose admirably, and a monthly membership is available for those who want access to all of the capabilities.

10. Swift Logo Designer

Swift Logo Builder Logo Designer is the best logo maker software for Android if you need to make a logo quickly. Any kind of logo, whether for a company, a personal brand, or a product, may be designed quickly and effortlessly with this app.

They make one-of-a-kind emblems using the app’s brush tool, free logo templates, layered editor, text fonts, etc.