8 Best Fixes For Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

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Yes, I own a Nintendo Switch console. But despite all that, we encountered several strange issues, such as the dock’s refusal to connect and strange performance problems. Are you having issues with your Nintendo Switch Dock because it won’t turn on? If that’s the case, then this is the tutorial for you.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you fix the Nintendo Switch Dock not working problem. So, if you’re experiencing this problem with your Dock station, check out the solutions listed below and implement them as soon as possible.

Causes for Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working Issue

Various factors can cause your Nintendo Switch dock to work occasionally or not at all.

Most importantly, your Nintendo Switch’s TV mode can be temporarily disrupted by a connection problem with the TV or the console. After a power surge, or if one of the wires attached to it has a problem, this can occur.

In other instances, the apparent cause is damage to the device itself. If the dock is wet, hit by something heavy, or dropped, it may not function normally or quickly stop working.

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Best Ways to Fix Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

You can use several troubleshooting strategies if your Nintendo Switch Dock not working. To begin, we’ll have a look at them:

1. Take A Look At Your HDMI Cable

You may connect your Nintendo Switch Dock to your television using the HDMI cable. The Switch and larger monitor will be unable to communicate if the HDMI cable is damaged.

There are several reasons why the Dock may not be able to display material on the screen, and one of the most common is an HDMI connection that has been wrongly connected. Check if the cable is fastened to the TV or monitor port.

If this is the case, take it out and carefully re-insert it into the port. You can receive a new cable or ask for a replacement from the retailer or platform that sold you the Nintendo Switch and Dock, just like any other cable.

2. Make Sure the Power Cable is Working

The dock serves as a conduit between the Switch and your television. It needs the correct amount of electricity to function effectively, which the device’s original power supply can supply.

You should only use the power supply that came with your device, and you should never use an extension cord when using that power source.

3. Power Cycle Your Dock (Switch HDMI not working)

Power Cycle Your DockIf you’ve checked that all your dock station’s wires are connected correctly, you may have a problem with random glitches preventing it from working correctly.

So, flushing the bugs out of your device’s RAM is crucial. Using a power cycler is an effective method for accomplishing this. As a result, to reset your Dock, you must first:

  1. Turn off the power button of your Nintendo Switch Dock.
  2. After that, remove all the wires and cables connected, including the power cable. 
  3. After that, wait 20-30 seconds and plug in the wires.
  4. Now, turn on the power button and check if the Switch Dock, not working issue, gets resolved or not. 

4. Check For Damage

It’s unlikely, but we couldn’t ignore the possibility that your Dock might be damaged on the outside. Even a minor ding or scratch could cause serious problems for your device. After turning off the power switch, disconnect all of the cords.

Then, remove your Dock and adequately inspect it for any signs of damage. But if there is any damage, we urge you to take it to the nearest Nintendo service center and have it repaired.

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5. Plug The Cables In The Correct Order

This console has a variety of connections for connecting the console’s hardware to the controllers and the console’s display. The wire that connects the Nintendo Switch Dock to the television is housed in three slots on the side of the dock. These ports are critical.

In addition to the AC adapter (power cord), a USB port and an HDMI port are all located in different compartments on the Nintendo Switch. The order in which you plug in the cords is one at a time.

As a result, you’ll need to reverse the arrangement of the cables in the dock before reassembling it. Keep an eye out for grit or dust in each slot as you check them out.

When your Nintendo Switch Dock cannot connect to a larger screen, many individuals have suggested this as a remedy on various forums.

6. Clean The Ports

Clean The PortsThe HDMI cable may not be able to make a proper connection between your device and the Dock if your port is clogged with dirt or debris. The ports on your Nintendo Switch Dock could use a good cleaning.

However, sharp objects should not be used to clean the ports because this could cause serious harm. You can use a low-capacity air blower or cotton swabs as a substitute.

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7. Reset Your Nintendo Switch Console

Any portable device, including the Nintendo Switch, can clean up configuration difficulties with a hard reset. In addition to restoring the smartphone to its factory settings, all previously saved data and cached apps will be removed from the device.

As a workaround for a broken Nintendo Switch Dock, this method can also be utilized if the problem cannot be resolved any other way.

  1. When the Switch is up and running, press and hold the power button until a menu of options appears on the screen.
  2. Go into Power Options and tap the Power off option.
  3. Once the Nintendo Switch turns off, push and hold the power button. The console should start resetting in approximately 15 seconds.
  4. When you release the button, the reset process will end. Push this button once to boot the Switch up, and it should boot up normally.

8. Contact the Support Team

Is the problem still occurring? You’ll need to contact the customer service team if that’s the case.

Send them an email, or go to their help page and submit a ticket. So, please wait for a response from the authorities and follow their instructions until you receive one.

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That concludes our discussion for the time being. The issue with the Nintendo Switch Dock not operating correctly appears to be resolved.

We hope this troubleshooting post has given you some new information. In contrast, please leave a remark below if you have any questions or concerns about this topic.