Nintendo Switch Sports Will Give Soccer Players Even More Motion Control Options

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On July 26th, Nintendo Switch Sports will receive a free update to increase injuries in the living room. When you play soccer, one of the six sports you can do, you can use your legs more effectively.

Volleyball will get new slide attacks and rocket serve movements in addition to the soccer updates. Online gamers may now boast of their badminton prowess with the addition of Nintendo’s new S and Infinity ranks.

Joy-Cons and motion controls are used to play in Nintendo Switch Sports. For Chambara – the sword-fighting minigame — you flail your arms about in the hopes of striking your opponent, precisely like you would at a lane.

Although the game had a leg strap for the Joy-Cons, soccer was one of the titles that didn’t take full advantage of the motion controls.

With the Joy-Con controllers, players would control their characters by pressing buttons and swinging their arms to play a classic soccer match. (Unless, of course, you’re the goalkeeper.)

A special shootout mode in which you and a friend battle to see who can score the most goals was the only mode in soccer that featured the leg strap.

You may now use kicks in one-on-one and four-on-four soccer matches in Nintendo Switch Sports, bringing a whole new level of action and presumably a lot more stubbed toes to the game.