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OnePlus Offers 4 Years of Major OS Updates for Certain 2023 Phones

OnePlus Offers 4 Years of Major OS Updates for Certain 2023 Phones
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OnePlus has joined the list of Android manufacturers that have promised extended support. For “chosen” phones released in 2023 and later, Oppo has pledged four years of major OxygenOS updates. Plus, they’ll get five years’ worth of security updates.

Although specific phones have not been announced, it would not be shocking if the business focused on premium models like the rumored OnePlus 11.

In addition, the phone manufacturer hinted at upcoming features in OxygenOS 13.1, which is expected to be released in the first half of 2023.

Built-in collaboration with Google and Dolby, the updated software will feature Dolby Atmos-based spatial audio, a refined always-on display with Spotify integration, AI-guided memory management that improves performance, a second-generation private data area, and a new “Aquamorphic” design language.

In terms of the time OnePlus promises to provide Android updates and security patches for its flagship devices, the company is now on a level with Samsung.

With the Pixel 6, Google began providing five years’ worth of security updates, although the company only guarantees new versions for three years.

iPhones from Apple usually receive major updates once every five years, and the company occasionally issues crucial security updates for older models.

If you’re dead set on keeping up with the latest software features for the entirety of your phone’s useful life, the commitment may be for you.

However, other Android manufacturers still routinely provide fewer updates, and Motorola was criticized when it announced it would provide only one upgrade for the Edge line in 2020.

However, similar to Samsung’s strategy, not all models will offer the same level of durability, so those on a tighter budget may have to make compromises.

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