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OnlyFans Has Temporarily Paused Creator Accounts in Russia

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OnlyFans has temporarily stopped accounts and payments to the company’s Russian founders, as reported by Motherboard. The UK-based company — to date — was one of the very few Western technology companies that kept its doors open for Russian users. Although OnlyFans briefly restricted the access for Russian users in February, the company soon reinstated accounts to Russian creators. accounts and stated that all functionality would be accessible “as long as we have the payment methods to support them.”

However, the latest tightening of payments restrictions forces OnlyFans to give up its hand.

“OnlyFans is a creator-first business. Due to the increase in the number of restrictions on payments for and from Russia, the OnlyFans service no more effectively supports our Russian creators. In the last few months, we’ve considered several alternatives to continue to provide our services to creators who have been affected by the Russia and Ukraine conflict.

In the end, we have taken steps to stop accounts with payments made from Russia temporarily. We’ve asked affected creators to reach, who will assist them with any concerns concerning their accounts.” stated a statement sent by Motherboard by OnlyFans.

It’s unclear whether OnlyFans users from Russia are still able to access their accounts and purchase services through the platform. Engadget is in contact with the company to the company for information and is expected to update when we get a response.

Making money and spending it in Russia has become more complicated recently as nations continue to increase sanctions. Russian merchants and creators are barred from earning money on several Western platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Etsy, Fiverr, Meta-owned Instagram, and Facebook. Visa, Paypal, American Express, and Mastercard have stopped operations in Russia, making it difficult for many Russians to send or receive foreign currency.

A limited restriction on the SWIFT system in Russia means that some of the major banks in Russia cannot conduct international transactions.

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