10 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 11/10 (2024)

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Microsoft Photos is a smart photo viewer included with Windows 11/10. I think you’ll agree with me, though, that it’s sluggish to reply and frequently freezes up.

Microsoft Photos has many options for altering photos and videos, but it is cumbersome and overloaded with options. You’ve found the proper size if you’re trying to find an alternative picture viewer for Windows 10.

Everyone wishes they could take pictures of special moments and store them in their minds forever. Windows’ built-in photo viewer served users well for nearly a decade.

I’ve compiled a list of the best photo viewers for Windows 11/10, all of which are available for no cost and boast lightning-fast loading times.

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 11/10

Here is a collection of the best Windows 10 photo viewer applications you can download now. The photos were chosen with speed and compatibility with many formats in mind.

1. Honeview

Viewing pictures is a breeze using Honeyview. The EXIF button, located on the left side of the window, reads the image’s meta tags and displays the data. Simple adjustments, such as resizing, are available within the viewer itself.

In addition, you can select a third-party editor, such as Paint or Photoshop, from the settings menu. To activate the full-screen mode, zoom in, copy photographs, etc., you can use a variety of shortcuts involving the keyboard and mouse.

You’ll have two folders—”Edits” and “Finished”—to put your finished photographs in. The options allow you to alter the default location of these folders.

2. ImageGlass

The simplest and most straightforward picture viewer available for Windows 11. The viewer’s basic user interface helps along the sleek, cutting-edge interface.

You will be asked at the start of the setup process if you want to use it in the standard or the designer mode. If you select the second choice, a new toolbar will appear on the window’s left side.

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Buttons and the whole user interface can be given a new look. It’s available for free download in the site’s themes section.

3. IrfanView

Without a doubt, IrfanView is Windows 10’s premier image viewer. You will enjoy this one if you’re transitioning from the built-in Microsoft Photos app. IrfanView is far quicker than the default program and can load pictures instantly.

Even though IrfanView isn’t a particularly resource-intensive program, the performance gap is striking. Because there is no bloatware, the app needs 3 MB of storage space.

In addition to its speed, it supports an abundance of media types, comes with a respectable in-built picture editor, can alter media files in bulk, and more. With the scroll bar, you may easily zoom in on photographs and navigate between them.

4. PhotoDirector 365

CyberLink’s PhotoDirector 365 is a powerful photo editing program with sophisticated layer editing features. It has cutting-edge AI tools within.

You will have the ability to enhance images with stunning visual effects. This user-friendly program lets you adjust colors in your edited photos easily and professionally. A top priority is given to each customer.

Expert-level photo editing can be done with PhotoDirector. It’s compatible with PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android. It’s a helpful resource that is constantly being improved, and its users get top-notch service and attention.

5. Pictureflect Photo Viewer

IrfanView makes it easy to see thumbnails of your photos quickly, but the program’s clumsy interface may turn off some users. With that said, if you’re searching for a state-of-the-art, UWP-based photo viewer for Windows 10, your best bet is Pictureflect Photo Viewer.

It’s quick, simple, and compatible with various picture file types, including JPG, PNG, WEBP, RAW, and DNG. One of its biggest features is that it can display GIFs, making it a versatile Windows 11 picture viewer.

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When using a Windows 10/11 computer with a touchscreen, you can access the controls and navigation by tapping the area near the bottom edges. You may change the color scheme, schedule slideshows, adjust the zoom, and see EXIF data, among many other things.

6. Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos is the cutting edge among the top photo viewers for Windows 10 PC. It’s the recommended alternative to Windows default image viewer. Users of Windows 11 will automatically receive it.

If it is not already installed, however, you can get it done quickly and easily at the store. The in-app editor allows you to do more with your photographs and videos than watch them.

Multiple dimensions and filters are available in the editor. It can also be modified in Microsoft Paint 3D. In the gallery view, users can also search for specific images.

7. XnView

At first, only Unix operating systems were made to work with XnView. This picture viewer is now also available for Windows 11/10. It can be installed conventionally, and a portable version can be utilized as needed.

All of the photographs can be seen and managed with the help of the tabs provided. It gets rid of switching back and forth between different windows.

It’s worth noting that the photo viewer’s tabs will remain the same the next time you open them. In general, XnView’s image editor can meet all but the most demanding editing requirements.

8. FastStone 

If you like to view photographs in their full-screen form at all times, FastStone Stone Viewer is the software for you. It’s reasonably quick, supports numerous image formats, and displays the full image without distortion.

Full-screen previews are extremely useful for photographers and other image editors who need a detailed look at their work. Users whose daily work involves interacting with visual media are the primary target audience for this app.

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Other editing options include color management, histogram viewing, and effect tweaking. In conclusion, FastStone Picture Viewer is a quick and powerful image viewer for Windows 10.

9. Nomacs

The open-source photo viewer Nomacs performs admirably and has an intuitive user interface. When it comes to the former, image loading times are incredibly quick and productive.

Instantaneous image preview and seamless multi-image loading are both available. Its interface is reminiscent of a common image viewer but also has some rudimentary editing features.

Standard features like zooming, cropping, printing, etc., are included. However, it hides a high-quality picture editor beneath its polished exterior.

10. WidsMob Viewer Pro

WidsMob is a simple yet immensely helpful tool for managing videos and pictures on your Windows smartphone. The utility works with a wide variety of audio and video file types.

It’s five times as quick as the standard online photo viewer so you can enjoy your media files without lag or interruptions.

When you open a media file in WidsMob, you can control and change it. WidsMob makes it easy to convert photos at a time or in groups, crop them, and change their colors.