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6 Best Websites To Online Play Cards Against Humanity (2024)

Best Websites To Online Play Cards Against Humanity
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You’ll want something to keep you entertained when you’re home alone and bored. Even though there are many indoor activities to keep you entertained if you find yourself alone, they all appear to lack excitement.

Card games have always been a terrific way to spend time laughing with your friends and pass the time between events. Card Against Humanity, on the other hand, is an excellent choice.

You can play it with your pals because it’s a terrible game developed for weirdos, making it a perfect option. Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh or two?

Card Against Humanity is a popular game, and many players have already wondered how to play online with their pals. That’s precisely what you’ll get out of this game. This dedicated article will answer all your questions concerning this game.

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What is Card Against Humanity?

It’s easy to see how Card Against Humanity might be a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Awkward as you and your pals are, this game is for the utterly wretched.

The game is broken down into rounds to keep things fresh and exciting. “Apples to Apples” also comes to mind, which was developed in 1999.

Fill-in-the-blank style question-and-answer rounds are the norm. When a player has a black card, they can ask a question at the beginning of each round. Players can respond with a white card, expressing their funniest thoughts. This means that you must genuinely complete the sentences as posed by the test taker.

Rules To Play Card Against Humanity

Card Against Humanity follows the same rules like any other game. These rules and regulations are to be followed by all players throughout the game. These rules can be found below.

These are the rules that the game works in its standard form. We recommend you refer to this PDF if you want to understand the rules and guidelines fully.

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Best Sites & Apps to Play Card Against Humanity Online

There is nothing new to learn about this game, as we’ve already seen how to play it. When it comes to where to play, the most important question is: There are only a handful of platforms where you can play this game to your heart’s content. Let’s take a look at these platforms one by one.

Playing the popular Card Against Humanity game online with friends is possible using the following websites and mobile apps.

1. Pretend You’re Xyzzy

You can play Cards Against Humanity Online with your buddies at this website. This website’s user interface isn’t very appealing yet offers some of the most valuable functions.

Several expansion packs may be added to your game in addition to the initial cards.

You can’t start a game with less than three participants or more than twenty players. However, you can begin the game and add new rules, such as people who will play and those who will merely observe, once you have the required number of participants.

2. Cards Against Humanity Lab

This website is perfect for Card Against Humanity gamers who don’t have a lot of pals to play with! The machine picks the black cards, and you must submit the funniest answers on the white cards while playing this game on the website.

Though it is a one-player game, Cards Against Humanity Lab, you can utilize a few strategies to make it a group activity. Combos can be created with any or all members of your group, then presented to the round’s appointed Card Czar to determine the winner. Use a group video call to add other players’ reactions to the game on our free website.

3. All Bad Cards

The All Bad Cards website, in contrast to the one that came before it, includes an intuitive navigation system and other helpful components. In this section, you can host a game with as many as 50 participants and up to 10 bots, even if you are playing alone. When you start a new game, a link is automatically generated. You can connect with other gamers by having them use this URL that you provide.

Cards Against Humanity can be played on the All Bad Cards website for no cost, both with real people and computer-controlled opponents. You can also use the version of All Bad Cards that is appropriate for children to do away with all of the embarrassing questions.

4. Print all the Cards

Cards Against Humanity cannot be played online using this approach because this is not a website and it is not compatible with the game. However, you can still have fun while utilizing this strategy.

Cards Against Humanity is a website, so open a web browser on your device and go to here. You can view the PDF file containing all the cards and print it out here. After that, you should cut them up and begin playing Cards Against Humanity with your loved ones as soon as possible.

5. Evil Apple: You Against Humanity

You Against Humanity is yet another card game in the same vein that you can even play on your mobile device if it runs Android or iOS. This game is similar to the last one in that you must invite three more friends to participate.

You will next be presented with a red card with a question for you to answer. Everyone will need to fill in the blank space on the white cards with the most acidic answers. In the end, one of you will act as the judge and decide who the winner is. You will also give the winner one point for providing the answer that was deemed to be the funniest.

Download Android | iOS

6. Worlds Against Humanity

Another card game in which participants are tasked with filling their cards with the funniest answers possible. Players are given the identical question and intended to fill in the blank with the most cringe-inducing solutions possible. Worlds Against Humanity is an online card game you can play for free. You can get it through the Google Play Store using an Android device.

The winner will be the person who provides the most amusing response. Card vs. Humanity is a great way to kill a few hours of your day. The fantastic amusement you’ll get from reading their answers is well worth it.

Download for Android


Finding something to do while stranded at home or in a particularly dreary location is critical. However, thinking about something at such a moment is one of the messiest things you can do.

Boredom-busting games like Card Against Humanity can provide hours of amusement and hilarity. Is this article helpful to you in your time of need? If so, please let us know.

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