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10 Best Random Chat Apps for iPhone (2024)

Best Random Chat Apps for iPhone
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Conversing with total strangers is entertaining when you know they cannot identify or track you down. In retrospect, several of my dorm mates and I utilized Omegle to engage in lighthearted conversations with random people. Unfortunately, there is currently no app available on that page.

Omegle isn’t the only app where you can talk to complete strangers; there are several more where you can do so. Here is a list of the top random chat applications for iOS in case you’re still undecided. Any of these applications are available for installation. You can have text discussions with complete strangers with these apps.

Only a small fraction of them allow you to send and receive audio and video messages. Some of these applications prevent you from disclosing your true identity, while others make it easy for individuals in your neighborhood to track you down. Check out these random chat applications and have fun talking to and flirting with complete strangers.

Best Random Chat Apps for iPhone

The top applications for talking to complete strangers on iOS are listed below. These apps also facilitate communication with complete strangers. Each software has a description that may be read before it is downloaded.

To find out who works best for you, try a few or give them all a shot. Download one of the many applications that facilitate the conversation with complete strangers and give them a try.


When it comes to iPhone apps that allow for anonymous chatting, is among the finest. makes it simple to find and start talking to a stranger online.

The Shuffle function of the iPhone anonymous chat app is a handy way to see who is online and available to chat, share your story, etc.

If you have an iPhone, is a fantastic app for freely confessing your innermost thoughts and feelings to complete strangers. The app protects your privacy by never sharing your details with anyone.

2. MeetMe

MetMe is a top-notch tool for anonymously chatting with anyone who uses Android or iOS. This is it if you’re looking for an app to assist you in tracking an unknown contact online. The software is simple to use and will bring hours of entertainment.

The app will be available in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Spanish, and Portuguese. Additional chat and friend-making functions are available in the paid version of the program.

Both Android and iOS users can download the app. Every day, over a hundred million people use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to talk to friends and meet new people.

3. Viber

Viber, owned by the Japanese firm Rakuten, is regarded as one of the most reliable and safest messaging platforms. One of the most secure forms of encryption is used by the app.

There is a one-tap option for making voice and video calls within the app. The app’s Notes area is fantastic because it is a repository for all information, including files, notes, and links.

The app’s Notes function is fantastic because it provides a place to keep important information like download links, text, and files. If you are concerned about being subject to digital surveillance, you should download Viber.

4. Addchat

The Addchat app is a paid version of a popular random chat software for the iPhone. Unlike standard text chat programs, this one lets you see users from the same country as you.

A monthly subscription grants access to every profile of every stranger on the app. Addchat is a paid software. Therefore, it does not have any spam or bot users.

You may purchase weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions, making it one of the best random chat apps for iPhone.

5. Whisper

Whisper is a free iPhone app that allows you to communicate with individuals all over the world in a discreet manner. It’s a worldwide network of people who open up about their lives and offer each other support and guidance online.

Over 30 million people are currently utilizing the iOS stranger chat app. Whisper is also somewhat addictive; you may believe it is an indispensable tool, particularly in trying times.

The Whisper app is costless; there are no in-app purchases and no cost to download or use. When it comes to iOS apps that facilitate conversations with total strangers, Whisper is one that you cannot miss.

6. Skout

Skout is an alternative arbitrary chat for iOS and Android users. Through this program, users can meet new people with whom they can carry on meaningful conversations.

Millions of users have downloaded and utilized the app because of how simple it is to use. The app gives you the privacy you need and lets you keep your age, location, name, and other details secret if you so want.

Individuals can see only the information that you make public. Here you may check out who else is streaming live or start your own broadcast and spread the love. The app facilitates daily communication between millions of users.

7. Chatous

Chatous is another great anonymous messaging app for Android and iOS. Using #hashtags, the app facilitates the discovery of people with shared passions.

It safeguards your privacy by letting you adopt a pen name and swap it out whenever you choose. This name is not searchable. It’s not just a texting app; you can also send each other media like images, movies, and audio recordings.

A video call is also an option. This chatous software connects you to random people on both Android and iOS. Consider downloading Chatous if you’re looking for random chat software.


LOVOO, active for almost 6 years, is another well-liked random chat app. The software facilitates meeting strangers for conversation.

It has a built-in icebreaker to find nearby users and chat with them. However, using this software will not grant you complete anonymity. LOVOO is yet another excellent app for chatting with complete strangers.

LOVOO Premium is available on top of the standard features to help you find a lifelong partner even faster. It also boosts the probability of a reply.

9. TalkLife

TalkLife is a helpful iPhone app for those who struggle with emotional well-being issues. It’s a free, anonymous messaging software for the iPhone.

The app boasts a robust community of helpful, positive people eager to advise and encourage others. The app’s UI is uncluttered, and it displays little advertising.

TalkLife’s absence of spambots is another major plus. There was a lot of participation and encouragement from everyone on the list.

10. Twiq

Even though Twiq isn’t widely used, it’s a decent app for chatting with strangers privately and making new friends. It’s a straightforward iPhone software that hides your identity while you talk to nearby individuals.

With Twiq’s live feature, you can quickly locate other online users willing to have a conversation right now. Messages and photos can be sent between users anonymously in the app’s private chat feature.

Your sent photos from the chat will be erased after 10 seconds. In addition, the app offers paid subscriptions that unlock premium functions.

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