6 Best Rock Identification Apps For Android and iOS (2024)

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Rocks hold the attention of virtually every child and even some grownups. Being able to rapidly and precisely identify rocks and minerals is highly important, whether you are a student of geology or just a passionate rockhound like me.

As a result, it may determine whether a prized specimen is kept or returned to the discard pile. In a short amount of time, these apps can retrieve the necessary data for correctly identifying rocks and minerals.

It’s natural to wish for a permanent companion who can help you figure out what kind of rock you’ve found whenever you come across one you don’t recognize. This is real life now, after all! Many of the top best rock identification apps are discussed here. Users of both iOS and Android can choose from a variety of good options.

Best Rock Identification Apps For Android and iOS

We’ve compiled a list of the best free Rock Identification Apps so you can tell the difference between the most common types of rocks on the planet.

1. Geology Toolkit Lite

The Geology Toolkit is a popular app for identifying rocks and minerals because it makes it easy for geologists to use either a microscope or a hand specimen to look at and study the properties of rocks and minerals.

Geology Toolkit reduces the need for a petrographic microscope, which is notoriously expensive, allowing users to inspect tiny sections and learn about the unique features of each mineral and rock.

It is mostly written for geoscience students and professionals to use as a reference when doing lab work on their own or with an instructor.

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2. Rock Identifier

You can easily identify rocks and crystals with the help of the Rock Identifier Stone Finder App. This software was made to aid you on your wellness path by increasing your vibration and identifying your preferred crystals and stones.

In a matter of seconds, you may pull up the details of each stone in your database. Your iTunes account will be charged for the app’s purchase price immediately following installation.

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If you no longer want a membership, you can cancel it using your account settings. There is no option to get a prorated refund for the remainder of your subscription using this app.

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3. Minerals Guide

This app is a must-have for mineral enthusiasts and anyone curious about the characteristics of various minerals. Both students and working professionals can benefit from the app’s extensive dictionary.

Its user-friendly attributes include a voice search option and an autocomplete search functionality. This software is perfect for those who need a fast basic reference. Both newcomers to the field and budding geologists will find this book invaluable.

The app is available for no cost and may be downloaded and installed on Android or Windows devices. Download an emulator, such as Bluestacks, then follow the on-screen instructions to set it up on your computer.

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4. RockCheck

All rocks have fascinating tales to tell of their past lives. However, you’ll need to know at least the rock type to get this data. The program’s homepage splits into three tabs: rock key, rock encyclopedia, and rock school.

The first one is a handy rock identification guide. All the others have a pedagogical focus. RockCheck is the greatest option for those interested in geology and rock collecting.

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By the way, 5 Free Flower Identification Apps could become your new favorite if you have a soft spot for flora and fauna. This app has tens of thousands of pieces of interesting information about rocks.

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5. Rock Identifier Stone Finder

This app is exactly what you need if you’re strolling along a picturesque beach and stumble upon a mysterious stone. You can use this app to learn about different minerals, rocks, and jewels.

You can either snap a picture of your stone or find one online and use it. The next step is to submit the photo. On the other hand, you can snap a picture without leaving the app. It will help you save a lot of time.

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Learn more about rocks and minerals by perusing articles and descriptions. As a result, you’ll have the knowledge necessary to become a rock hound. There aren’t a lot of choices available, as you can see.

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6. Rockd 

It’s not a way to find out what rock is, but it could be helpful if you ever find yourself in a new place or with a new rock. The app has a few simple but powerful features.

Many people positively react to it because of how well it combines useful features with an easy-to-use interface. Grant the app permission to access your location.

If you find yourself in a fascinating location, it would be a waste not to check out a geographical overview of the region. You can use this to learn about potential obstacles, such as rocks.

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