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How to Save Voicemails on iPhone as Audio or Text (2022)

Save Voicemails on iPhone
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You can save the iPhone message as an audio clip or make a copy of the transcript to save the voicemail’s text. There are a variety of reasons why you could consider saving an audio message, including conserving the words of a family member or keeping a legally-enforceable recording of something that spoke to you over the phone. Find out ways to record voicemails onto your iPhone.

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How to Save a Voicemail on iPhone (Audio Only)

This is how you can save the iPhone message as an audio file. Saving voicemails to your iPhone is a simple procedure, and there are many choices to pick from when it comes to choosing which method or location you’d prefer to save the message. You can sign up for our free Tips of the Day Newsletter for more information on iPhone features.

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Tap the Voicemail tab.
  3. Make sure to tap the voicemail You want to you would like to.
  4. Tap the Share icon to show to display the options for sharing.

From here, there are several options on what you can do to store the recorded message. The next section will explain the steps to save a message as an audio file to the Apple Voice Memos app, the Notes app, or your Files app.

How to Save a Voicemail to the Voice Memos app

If you’ve followed the steps above to choose the voicemail and then open the menu Share, you’ll be able to save your call as an audio file within the Voice Memos app. Here’s how you can keep your iPhone voicemail to your Voice Memos app:

  1. In the menu Share, Tap the Share menu. Voice Memos app.
  2. Name the voicemail as you’d like. Tap Save.
  3. If you now open it in the Voice Memos app, the voicemails will be there for you to hear.

How to Save iPhone Voicemails to Notes App

Alternatively, if you don’t wish to store your message in your Voice Memos app, you can save the message as an audio clip within your Notes application.

Although we typically consider Notes as images and text, it also stores audio files, which means you can play and save the voicemail whenever you want.

Once you’ve completed these steps, choose the voicemail and tap the Share icon. You can save your voicemail into Notes. Notes application.

  1. On the Share menu, click the Share button. Notes app.
  2. Beneath Save To, You can choose whether you would like to save the voicemail in an additional note or join it with an existing note.
  3. Tap Save.
  4. After saving the voicemail, you’ll be able to access the message when you’d like using the Notes application.

How to Backup Voicemails to the Files App

If you’d like to save your voicemail from accessible across all devices, I suggest saving the call as an audio file within the Files app. After completing these steps, choose the voicemail, click the Share icon, and take the following steps to transfer your iPhone voicemail in the Files application.

  1. In the menu Share, scroll down, and tap Save to Files.
  2. You’ll be able to store the call on iCloud Drive or My iPhone. The iCloud option lets you access your voicemails from other devices; however, saving them to your phone means that you will only be able to access them via the Files application installed on the phone.
  3. Tap Save after you’ve selected the destination for your voicemail.

How to Save iPhone Voicemail Transcripts (Text Only)

When you receive an incoming voicemail when you receive a new voicemail on your iPhone, the device will automatically translate it to the highest level of accuracy.

Sometimes, the transcripts come out flawlessly, while sometimes, they leave out some words. If you’d like to keep a copy of the transcript that you can read whenever you’d like, adhere to the below steps for copying and pasting the transcript’s text.

We’ll be using an Apple Notes app in the following example, but you can also paste the transcript’s text into any other app with text fields.

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Tap the Voicemail tab.
  3. Click on the voicemail you would like to save.
  4. Hold and tap the transcription text. From this point, you can pick the part of the transcription you’d like to use to copy and paste it onto the clipboard using a tap Copy.
  5. Press the Up button and down to quit the Phone application, then start the application. Notes app.
  6. Tap the Compose icons to make a note.
  7. Hold and press the text entry field and then tap. Paste.

If you’ve learned what you can do to keep voicemails on your iPhone and iPad, you don’t have to worry about losing vital messages or reminders or the voices of your loved family members. You can ensure you never lose any important voicemails by backing up the voice messages to the iPhone Notes app, Voice Memos app, or Files app.

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