5 Ways to Fix SIM Card Not Provisioned MM#2 Error (2024)

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People who acquire a new phone with a new sim card or move their number to a unique sim card are more likely to encounter the SIM Card Not Provisioned MM#2 problem.

When making emergency calls, your phone will only display Android’s SIM Card Not Provisioned MM#2 error. You won’t be able to call anyone but 911 if you have this problem on your phone. However, you won’t have any issues using your phone or its other capabilities.

Sim not provisioned mm#2 can be caused by the fact that the service provider has not activated your sim card, is suspended or has not been picked up by the cell phone.

An activation issue could pop up if you acquired a new sim card and haven’t used it yet. There would be two possibilities if your sim ran correctly before it started producing this error message.

In the first situation, the sim card is dead and inactive (if it’s too old) because of its age. Your service provider may have deactivated your sim card because you requested a number transfer to a different sim card.

Regardless of the circumstances, it will always come down to the fact that your sim card is inactive and does not have a network.

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Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 Error on Android

Restarting your phone is the initial step in any of the following troubleshooting procedures.

Cache files and data stored in your phone’s memory will be cleared, the network connection will be refreshed, and the problem should be resolved.

Restart your device if you’re still getting the SIM error notice. If so, you can try the troubleshooting tips listed below.

1. Contacting the Service Provider

Activation and deactivation of your sim card are solely at the discretion of your carrier. So, the only way to fix this Sim not provisioned mm#2 issue is to contact the service provider’s customer care.

Depending on the issue, they will either replace your sim card or activate it for you if there is no problem.

2. Reinsert the SIM Card

An incorrectly installed SIM card may be to blame for the issue. If that’s the case, shut down the phone and remove the SIM card from the slot.

The SIM card should be inspected for damage when you remove it from the device. You can use a soft cloth to clean its contact points if necessary.

Turn the phone on after re-inserting the SIM card. You can also use a separate device or a new SIM card slot if your phone allows a dual sim.

It’s time to check to see if the SIM did not provide MM2 notification is still popping up.

3. Phone Is In Out Of Network Coverage Area

The chances of receiving a mobile signal in a distant environment, such as a hill station or a forest, are little to none. If you have a weak signal, you’ll have trouble making and receiving phone calls and using cellular internet.

You have no choice but to relocate and hope for a network connection in a new area. Purchasing a new SIM? Consult with the local demographics first.

4. Activate the SIM Card

If you enter your SIM card into your phone within 24 hours of receiving it, it will almost always be activated.

Call an automated number of your carrier, send an SMS (if supported), or log into the activation page of your carrier’s website and ask them to activate your SIM card if the problem continues for more than 24 hours.

Check whether the supplied error message no longer appears on your phone’s screen after you confirm that the SIM card will be activated or has already been enabled.

5. Loose SIM Card

The SIM card slot may be too large for your SIM. The SIM card will not fit perfectly if this is the case. As a result, it won’t be caught.

The correct side of the SIM card should be inserted into the slot with the right side facing out. If the SIM card slot is more extensive, you must purchase a second SIM card with the same phone number.

If you have a larger SIM card, you may remove the smaller one and insert it into the larger one.


Your smartphone may now be free of the SIM Card Not Provisioned MM#2, which is excellent news for all of us. Feel free to spread the word about this post if you liked what you read.