10 Best Snapchat Alternatives for Android / iOS 2024

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In 2012, Snapchat became an overnight sensation. It only took a year for Snapchat to reach 10 million monthly active users after it first went live. Its meteoric ascent to fame was because it revolutionized human interaction, demonstrating the viability of fleeting information in the otherwise disorganized world of social media apps.

Who knew that content that deletes itself would be so popular? As Snapchat paved the way, several other apps have followed suit. Similar features to Snapchat’s Stories can be seen on many other popular messaging platforms today.

Here are some of the best free Snapchat Alternative Apps for android and ios, including messaging apps and others that focus on creating custom face filters for users.

Best Snapchat Alternative Apps For Android and iOS

If you’re looking for a way to stay in touch with loved ones and friends outside of Snapchat, consider one of these best Snapchat alternative app options.

1. Instagram

Instagram has grown from its humble beginnings to become one of the most popular social networking platforms available today. It’s become the social media Swiss army knife thanks to its steady stream of new features in recent years.

Instagram profiles can follow and communicate with one another, while Snapchat profiles cannot. In addition to tagging other users, places, and businesses, you may do so within your own content creation.

To create the explore and home timelines, users can “like” messages and content other users have posted. Despite Instagram’s widespread adoption, it remains the go-to app for instantaneous access to popular face filters and a user base that has been built up over the years.

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2. Wickr Me

Wickr, a fun and unusual instant messenger with its origins in San Francisco, was launched in 2012. Wickr’s creators say their product is the safest instant messenger currently accessible. Being trustworthy and secure in the face of rampant cybercrime is admirable.

Wickr has received perfect scores on security from every American auditor and every international examiner. Media file sharing between contacts is also completely private and secure with Wickr. To further personalize your photograph before sending it, Wickr also allows you to apply filters.

It only takes a quick search to discover which of your friends are already using Wickr; from there, you can easily add them. Even if your friends aren’t already using Wickr, you can still invite them.

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3. Telegram

Telegram is the best alternative to Snapchat, a private, user-friendly smartphone messaging service. Its rapid expansion can be attributed to the departure of Facebook’s WhatsApp users and the distinctive capabilities it provides.

You can have text conversations, video or audio calls, share files, and even set up bot-run group chats with thousands of users for mundane tasks. In contrast to Snapchat, which appears to be meant for small, this platform is great for collaborative projects and hosting vast online communities.

Telegram is a secure instant messaging app with personalized help available to each user, and its private chats allow users to send and receive messages that disappear after being viewed, much like Snapchat.

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4. TikTok

You may be familiar with TikTok, a social media platform popular for sharing short, user-generated videos. People worldwide use this app to discover new and interesting material to enjoy.

The meteoric rise of the Chinese software TikTok has been nothing short of astounding. The app was first released in China in 2016, and then a year later, it went global. As of the year 2021, the app has almost 7 million monthly active users across the globe.

When it comes to making and sharing short videos, TikTok is your best bet. Every day, users from around the world upload a wide variety of content to the app, including videos, photos, and even dance moves.

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5. Bigo Live

You may have tried every social media app available, but it always appears to be missing a key function. If there is an exception to this rule, it might be Bigo Live. Keep an eye out because this app may become immensely popular very soon.

Bigo Live caters mostly to those who wish to broadcast their everyday activities, skills, and hobbies in real time to an international audience. Bigo Live is one of the most popular live-streaming networks, with over 200 million users.

When all of its capabilities are considered, this app is among the most promising alternative to Snapchat. Users can broadcast themselves sharing their chosen content in the hopes of attracting an audience, monetizing their efforts, receiving freebies, or simply having fun with others.

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6. Sweet Snap

As was previously noted, Snapchat is largely responsible for the widespread popularity of facial filter apps. You should check out Sweet Snap if you only need a face filter app.

The fact that more than 100 million people have downloaded and used this app should speak volumes about how great it is. Sweet Snap streamlines the process of taking selfies and customizing them with stickers, filters, and other effects.

You should plan on spending a considerable amount of time exploring all of the available customization options, as you will not run out of filters and effects to apply. If you like, you can even make animated GIFs.

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7. Signal Private Messenger

A signal is the most WhatsApp-like of these messaging apps, but it has the most basic features and the least eye-catching design. There is only one screen to monitor all your conversations, and all it takes to start corresponding with your contacts is a click on a single create button.

It’s not nearly as customizable as Snapchat’s rivals, and it shares several features with WhatsApp, such as using a double tick to indicate a message’s read/unread status.

To top it all off, Signal’s free one-on-one voice and video calling to other users are encrypted in the same way as your text messages.

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8. Marco Polo 

This one is a hidden gem among chat apps. Marco Polo is an easy-to-use messaging and video-calling app with interesting social features. One of the best things about Marco Polo is that it does not share user information with third parties for marketing purposes.

If security and anonymity are paramount, you should immediately add this app to your device. With Marco Polo, you may send video messages that the recipient can watch at their convenience.

You can still make standard video calls for instant messaging. Remember that, unlike Snapchat, the videos you send won’t automatically delete themselves after 24 hours.

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There’s no better option than SNOW if augmented reality cosmetics are your thing. Thanks to its potent but approachable features, it has amassed over 200 million users worldwide.

While there are plenty of other sticker apps, SNOW stands out because it uses augmented reality to automatically find the best angle for your photo and apply the appropriate cosmetics and other beauty effects.

You can use the many filters to emphasize special moments, try out new cosmetics, and edit your images to create works of art. It also includes a video editor, so you can polish off your creations before posting them to your social media channels.

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10. Discord

Discord, first released in 2015, was designed to help players communicate with one another while they compete in online games. The app has amassed at least 350 million users, with 56 million monthly active users.

Users adore Discord because it meets various charting requirements, including private group conversations with a maximum of 10 participants. Players who need to conserve their attention for the game can use Discord’s audio chat option instead.

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