Surface Duo to Get Full Windows 11 on its Dual Screens

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In January, in the latter part of January, we published a report on a small, independently developed project by designer Gustave Monce to try and achieve Windows 11 running on the original Surface Duo.

Monce is not a stranger to these projects and has brought Windows to the old Lumia phones for people who prefer to live life on the Edge.

The project to create Surface Duo has reached a significant achievement by allowing Windows 11 to run on both screens simultaneously, similar to the dual-monitor setup. It’s no easy task to achieve this feat.

In a video posted with us by Monce, he said that the performance is higher than would be expected (especially when compared to the Lumia 950 XL in which he called this performance gap “ocean”) and even the thermals are “very great.”

The video shows Monce manages the system by using a Bluetooth mouse (USB is also functional). He also states that, most importantly, there’s no support for touchscreens at this time; however, this could be corrected “soon.”

Monce demonstrates shaders and the Adreno GPU are all in good working order in the follow-up video.

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Although the work is admirable, however, there are a lot of problems to be resolved for this to be a product we would recommend. Touch is one of the main issues; however, it appears it is a problem that can be solved with some time.

The support for LTE is an additional, along with support for all sensors such as hall (to detect closed and open power states) and gyroscopes that allow for rotation and camera. The good thing is that they’re not impossible, but they will require more testing.

There’s no support for these projects for Surface Duo 2. Surface Duo 2.

The more important question is: can this ordinary benefit user? It’s unlikely, given that there’s not much that you can accomplish using a small Windows 11 PC, even with two screens, regardless of the coolness of what you look at.

If it can be set up as dual-booting, using Windows 11 as an option can be an enjoyable experience. It could make the $400 cost for the Surface Duo a worthy investment for those who enjoy playing around and challenging the limits.

Incredibly, Monce mentions, “You know what OS we’re going to try next,” suggesting making “Andromeda OS” run on Surface Duo, as was the initial plan for the two-screen device in 2018.

Monce has helped Our editor in chief Windows Editor, Zac Bowden, get Andromeda working on the Lumia 950, so he’ll attempt to make it available to run on Duo’s hardware this time. This will undoubtedly be more thrilling even if the OS wasn’t ever actually completed.

For more information on this Windows on ARM project, you can go to GitHub to find out how to download Windows 11 on your Surface Duo; however, in the event of a problem, it is best to wait until work is finished before proceeding.