Telegram Premium Appears in Beta with Exclusive Reactions & Stickers

As robust and application for messaging as it is, Telegram has to earn a profit. Telegram took steps to increase the revenue generated by its platform in 2013 through ads and other features geared toward huge groups of channels.

However, suppose the most recent version of its iOS application is a sign of anything. In that case, ordinary users could also be required to pay for the most value from their experience.

Telegram Premium Appears in Beta with Exclusive Reactions & Stickers

Through its tests of version 8.7.2, the Telegram Beta channel has discovered a variety of reactions emoticons along with stickers. These have been identified as exclusives to Telegram Premium.

The users who choose the reaction stickers will then be prompt to join the service. Premium stickers, for instance, displayed in a thread of conversation, are not visible to users who are not paying and are replaced with a similar appeal to action.

There are no details regarding the program in general, such as price or what additional benefits it can offer currently are available.

Depending on which emojis or stickers are your top picks and which ones you prefer, you may be disappointed by a different feature that surfaced over the last week of an avatar maker (via r/Telegram) on the macOS client that would allow users to mix plain or colored gradients their preferred emojis or stickers or even monograms.

It’s also disappointing that there’s no mention of where this will go or when it will be available.

Suppose we ever see a future that includes Telegram Premium. In that case, It’s not going to be a pleasant task to guess what features are coming to be free to all users and which are only available to premium subscribers. At the moment, we’re seeking clarity.