7 Best Textsheet Alternatives for Students (2024)

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Do you want to know the best alternatives to text Sheets? The internet offers a wide variety of alternatives to textsheet. The Chegg API allowed TextSheet, an online homework help service, to offer Chegg answers to its users.

Most high school and university students have heard of this site. Indeed, doesn’t it? Every single college student uses Textsheet for all of their homework and assignments.

You need to finish a project soon, but you haven’t done it yet. Textsheet might be able to help you with all of your schoolwork. A lot of the answers came straight from Chegg.com.

Textsheet is no longer available, and it will not be brought back. To help students with their homework, we’ve listed the best textsheet alternatives for students.

Best Textsheet Alternatives Websites

Other options besides Textsheet can supply the solutions to your homework problems, so there’s no need to be depressed. Here is a list of the best alternatives to Textsheet, which are free to use.

1. Course Hero

Course Hero, another premium service, has been there since 2006 as a place for students to share notes, study tips, and solutions to key textbooks. You can use their free page of textbook answers if you’re following the US school curriculum.

Over 300 textbooks, including 85 in Biology and 82 in Mathematics, have answers available to students for free. If you want to start looking around right now, just sign up for a free account.

You can obtain an answer to your issue in as little as 15 minutes if you visit their “ask a question” page, enter your query, and provide an image.

You’ll have to spring for their premium subscription if you need access to tens of thousands of study materials, including a wider variety of textbooks.

But if you pay for the service annually, it works out to less than $10 per month, which isn’t too awful considering you have access to tutors whenever you need them.

2. Study LIB

You can get resources for your schoolwork and projects at Study Lib, a library with the same name. The range of questions that the study lib can answer is its strongest suit.

You can major in anything you like—science, mathematics, English, politics, etc. You’ll get a clear answer to your problem and a detailed breakdown of how it works.

You can also contribute to the site if you have extensive knowledge in a specific area. Certainly, Study Lib is a group that offers assistance with schoolwork, projects, and papers.

Study Lib has you covered regardless of the normative framework you happen to be examining. Thus, you should have a look.

3. Spark Notes

Sparknotes is among the best in our Textsheet Alternatives list. It offers helpful summaries and explanations for various disciplines, including English literature. Literature students will find this site to be a great substitute for Textsheet.

You won’t find any short answers or generalizations about your writing at this site like you will in those dull English textbooks. A detailed breakdown of the literary work, scene by scene, with an analysis of the more difficult passages.

It features an entire section devoted to Shakespeare’s works, making it an ideal resource for finishing school projects based on his works.

In addition, they offer test-prep materials for the Graduate Record Examination, the Scholastic Aptitude Test, the American College Testing Program, and other similar exams.

Given the worldwide spread of the COVID pandemic, SparkNotes offers all of its services at no cost to users.

4. Chegg

All the answers that were in Textsheet are on the internet as well. It was discovered that the Textsheet search engine included links to relevant sections of Chegg.

If you’re seeking the same kind of help with homework that Textsheet used to offer, here is your best bet. Both high school and university students can benefit from Chegg’s huge collection of homework, project, and test answers.

From chemistry to advanced mathematics, they have specialists in every field. Maths Solver, an advanced calculator, is also available on the site for use in resolving calculus and algebraic puzzles.

On the downside, the free plan limits users to only three daily solutions. The subscription model is the main drawback. Most of the site’s information is behind a paywall, costing you $14 per month.

5. Quizlet

Quizlet is a free online database of study guides, textbook answers, and more. When looking for a service similar to what Textsheet.com used to be, you may get the closest thing on Quizlet.

Choose your level of study from High School Math to Economics at the Doctoral level, then peruse their many textbook answers. Each textbook has its own quizzes to use as a learning tool to ensure that you grasp the concepts presented.

However, there is an increase in price if you are a student. Verified and unrestricted college textbook solutions, including step-by-step explanations written by Quizlet specialists, are yours for just $6 per month.

Since most of the answers on Quizlet are submitted by random users for no cost, the quality varies. Although anyone in the community can make contributions, the free resource is rarely reliable, especially when regulated.

6. CrazyForStudy

CrazyForStudy boasts that it can provide solutions to more than 50 million textbooks instantly. For only $7 monthly, you may enter your textbook’s title, author, or ISBN and have instant access to high-quality solutions.

They can get homework help at any time of day or night, and they have access to a database of over 50 million questions and answers.

They cover many subjects, including Economics, Sociology, and even Engineering. Fortunately, CrazyForStudy provides a personalized assignment service for those that need it.

If you get homework assistance from CrazyForStudy, you can rest assured that it will be original and delivered quickly. Send the query and any additional materials and fire off your request if you need immediate assistance.

7. Skooli

Skooli is a fantastic resource for low-priced one-on-one tutoring if you’re having trouble with a topic and would benefit from personalized coaching while you work to improve your knowledge.

You may connect instantaneously from any device, you get to pick your own instructor based on their experience and credentials, and they guarantee your satisfaction as a student.

With the help of one of their subject-matter experts, you can improve your chances of passing that final exam or getting into your dream college.

Your assignment questions will be answered without delay. Their extensive network of tutors ensures that you will have no trouble finding an expert to assist you immediately.