FIX – “This Channel Cannot Be Displayed” Issue in Telegram

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As a possible WhatsApp alternative, Telegram has recently received a lot of positive press. In terms of design, it’s very similar to WhatsApp. It’s possible to run across problems while using the app; one of them is the This channel can’t be shown Error. So, what can be done about the Telegram error message “This Channel Cannot Be Displayed”?

“This channel can’t be displayed because it was used to distribute pornographic content,” reads the error notice. However, this error message may appear on a channel for various causes. We’ll show you how to fix this problem using all the solutions we know.

Best Ways to Fix This Channel Cannot Be Displayed in Telegram.

Regarding content types and file sizes, Telegram doesn’t impose any restrictions. As a result, several channels are dedicated to distributing pornographic films and videos.

This Telegram Channel Cannot be Displayed Error is displayed whenever the Telegram team encounters such difficulties. However, if you still want to join channels like this, there is a way to do so.

1. Turn on Disable filtering Option

Follow these instructions to fix the ‘this message couldn’t be shown on your device because it includes pornographic elements’ Error whether you have Telegram installed on your PC/Mac or use Telegram on the web.

  1. Open Telegram client on your PC or open Telegram Web on a web browser
  2. Click on Settings and move to the Privacy and Security section
  3. Under the sensitive content option, turn on Disable filtering.

You will be able to see all kinds of information, including sensitive ones, after enabling this option.

2. Voice-Over Internet Number

Create a new Telegram account using the freshly created VIOP number. There aren’t many people who use this strategy, and it’s a little complicated. A VOIP number can be obtained from various sources like VoIP apps and websites, some of which charge a fee, although the cost is modest.

If the content you’re trying to access isn’t blocked in your country, then the VIOP number you create should also come from that country. So take your time while picking a number.

Telegram allows for the simultaneous use of up to three distinct accounts. Consequently, you can check the channels you want while conversing with the people you wish to use different accounts.

3. Use Nicegram Bot

To keep private messages from being seen by others, you can use Nicegram, a Telegram bot. Begin by launching the Telegram app and then following these instructions to begin the process.

  1. Go to the App’s Search Bar and type “Nicegram Bot.” Or directly visit here.
  2. Now, find the bot from the Search results and click on it.
  3. On the right-hand bottom section, you will find Start. Click on It.
  4. After that, tap on “I’m 18+ Years Old” and “Show Sensitive Content.”

I’d say that was it. As a result, you won’t see the error message on the channels where you previously saw it. This approach could work, but it also could fail. Restart the app after waiting a few minutes for the order to complete.

4. Use a VPN to access Telegram

Telegram doesn’t impose a global restriction on channels; instead, it restricts channels by area. It is possible to change your location to a nation where the content you are attempting to access is not prohibited by law. In this case, a virtual private network (VPN) would be ideal.

Many free virtual private networks (VPNs) allow you to change your location online. Even though they may not be the best, they will get the job done. Restore the default location after you have finished reading the content.

5. Try Using Another Device

Some apps only run correctly on specific operating systems, so you may want to try a different device. Some channels, for example, do not function properly on the iOS version of the App, although they appear to work correctly on Android apps.

It’s still unclear what’s causing this, and it’s difficult to discern if the issue is with the OS or the App itself. If you’re having problems on an iOS device, consider switching to an Android smartphone to see if it helps.


When Telegram shows a channel, this is how you can join it If An Error Occurred When Trying to View This Channel. Ensure you’re not joining channels with unlawful or sexually explicit content.

Most of these channels are filled with pirated films and television episodes. Some even include pornographic material that might be illegal in your nation or region.