10 Best Torrent Downloader Apps For Android (2024)

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Almost any type of file you may require is stored in the massive databases of torrent sites. Despite its reputation as a haven for illegal downloads, torrents have numerous legitimate purposes and are accessible from legal torrent sites. As a result, we have compiled a set of recommended torrenting apps for Android.

Since several prominent pirate sites have been taken down, it’s clear that law enforcement has been keeping an eye on the industry for some time. Despite this, there are still a huge number of torrent sites available. Check out our article on the top torrent sites before beginning your search.

We must have a torrent client program on our device before accessing torrent files. Most of us are used to downloading torrents on our personal computers with software like uTorrent or BitTorrent, but you can also do so on your smartphone.

Best Torrent Downloader Apps For Android

Smartphones and tablets have become popular devices for watching downloaded movies. Everyone can use a reliable torrent downloader for Android phones and tablets.

In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Android torrent apps for you to peruse. These Android programs allow you to get your torrents on the go.

1. aTorrent

aTorrent is the best Android torrent app available due to its sleek design and comprehensive functions. You can use the app’s search bar to find torrents, which also works with magnet links. When it comes to capabilities, aTorrent has you covered on every front.

These are some of the top Android torrent apps available. These torrent apps will make downloading torrent files on your mobile device a breeze. This article should be helpful, I hope! Please also forward this to your friends. Leave a comment with any other torrent applications you know about.

2. Flud

When it comes to Android torrent clients, Flud is a clear frontrunner. When it comes to the user interface, this program shines. In addition to being a highly functional torrent program, it also has all the features one would expect. There will be advertisements, but you can opt out for a one-time cost if you don’t want to deal with them.

There are no caps on download or upload speeds with this software. Furthermore, it lets you pick and choose which parts of a torrent file to download. It allows for the automatic downloading of RSS feeds. Magnet links and NAT-PMP, DHT, UPnP, and TP support are supported.

3. uTorrent

After more than a hundred million installations, uTorrent brags that it is among the greatest torrent apps for Android. You can start a torrent search that uses magnet links and limit the number of simultaneous downloads. As a playlist, many downloaded files can be played simultaneously.

There’s a lot of information about download and upload speeds displayed by this Android torrent app. It allows you to choose a download location and supports RSS subscriptions and WiFi-only mode. Additionally, you can distribute your personal media items (pictures, films, etc.).

4. Vuze

Today, we have a torrent downloader for Android that has been available for years. People who want to download torrents while on the go will find this an excellent solution. Vuze efficiently manages torrents and does not harm files.

You can restrict the maximum transfer rate for all torrents in the settings. You can’t restrict torrent download speeds per user. Vuze’s content bundle may be accessed by selecting the box icon in the app’s navigation bar. Here you can find a small library of ebooks and a selection of classic films.

5. FrostWire

Like BiglyBT, FrostWire is freely accessible to the public. Remember that the app’s built-in torrent search isn’t useful. You can play media from the app while it’s downloading. Both standard torrent files and magnetic links are supported.

You may prevent unnecessary data usage by restricting downloads to when you’re connected to WiFi. It comes equipped with a full-featured music player that also responds to gestures. The app also features a media browser that lets you remove files without leaving the program.

6. LibreTorrent

Regarding aesthetics, LibreTorrent is among the top torrent programs available. The app’s user interface (UI) is aesthetically pleasing and straightforward. You can pick between a dark and a light theme in this program.

Torrents with a huge number of files, as well as enormous files, are supported by the program. It’s compatible with HTTP(S) and magnet links and offers a proxy service for use with both trackers and peers. Also, while downloads are in progress, you can freely relocate files.

7. BiglyBT

Regarding Android torrent downloading apps, BiglyBT is one of the easiest. After downloading a torrent file on your browser, the program will open it like other BitTorrent clients. Despite including a torrent search engine, it does not provide access to the most recent media.

Archive.org returns the results. When ready, touch the torrent to add trackers and begin downloading. Create tags to organize torrents of a particular genre. For example, if you’re downloading episodes of a specific TV show, you can categorize them by using the show’s name as a tag.

8. BitLord

Regarding Android torrent clients, tTorrent Lite is your best bet for speed. It took less than a second to retrieve data when we added magnet links. You may notice similarities in the interface between BitLord and LibreTorrent because the two are based on the same code.

In this area, there are no posted speed limits. You can restart the torrent download with the large button next to the downloaded file. It’s possible to conduct a torrent search directly from the program. However, the results will open on your system’s default web browser.

9. TorrDroid

The Android software for TorrDroid confirms the company’s reputation as a leading provider of torrent clients. The program provides a straightforward method of looking for and downloading torrents, serving as both a torrent client and a search engine.

You may sit back and relax while the torrent download is taken care of, thanks to the program’s ability to automatically download the best torrent file based on your search criteria. The program also delivers a secure torrenting experience by preventing the download of malicious files and phony torrents.

10. Torrnado

When compared to other torrent clients, Torrnado has some notable distinctions. You can use it to connect to the local or remote instance of the Transmission BitTorrent client. Initiating downloads on your desktop computer from your cell phone is now possible.

The app’s interface is meant to be as uncomplicated as possible, giving you quick access to all the data and features you might need for your downloads (or uploads). Torrents can be displayed, searched for, filtered, and arranged. You initiate, pause, or remove torrents from your mobile device will be reflected on your desktop computer in real-time.