10 Torrentz2 Proxy List / Alternatives (2024) – Unblock Torrentz2eu

Is Torrrentz2 not working? Looking for alternatives to Torrentz2eu? Do you know one of the most user-friendly and comprehensive torrent search engines is Torrentz2, which can be found in Place of Torrentz?

Torrent data among seventy-five or more Favored Torrent Indexers and Torrent Tracker websites on the web. So many people now use it that it’s often referred to as “Google torrents” by those in the know.

Torrentz, a popular meta-search engine, discontinued its outbound links in 2017. As a result of the lack of external links, many users of the BitTorrent protocol began searching for Torrentz2eu alternatives.

External links have made a reappearance since then, but no one knows if they won’t disappear again. Therefore, we compiled a list of the Best Torrentz2 Alternatives.

Best Torrentz2.eu Proxy & Mirror Sites 2024

If the Torrentz2 torrent search engine is not loading or is blocked in your country, here is a complete list of all the working Torrentz2 proxy and mirror sites you may use to access it.

  • https://torrentz2.pics
  • https://ww4.torrentz2.cyou
  • https://torrentz2.nz/
  • https://torrentz2eu.org
  • https://torrentz2.io
  • https://www.torrentz.eu.com

Best Torrentz2 Alternatives

If you cannot access Torrentz2 because it has been blocked in your country, here is a complete list of the best free Torrentz2 alternatives site.

1. Snowfl

The next great substitute for Torrentz2 is Snowfl. Its user interface is simpler and more efficient than other torrent aggregators. Snowfl mostly features torrents from 1337x, YTS, Rockbox, and The Pirate Bay.

Users can find the torrent they’re looking for by typing its name into the search bar, hitting the enter key, or clicking the search button. It doesn’t require any extra time or effort to get benefits.

Between 120 and 170 search results are displayed on one page, with the opportunity to see more if desired. A dark mode is available for those who feel more comfortable with a darker screen. Seeds, leech, size, a torrent site, genre, and the age of the torrent are all included in the results.

2. YIFY Torrents

The best place to get free access to all the latest movies is at the YIFY Torrents or YTS mirror site. High-definition (HD) video and audio are available on the site. It is a mirror site; therefore, downloading YIFY Torrents is quick and simple.

One of the best torrent sites, with over 250,000 popular movies available for download. Although YTS, one of the most secure sites, is blocked in India.

YIFY has shown capable of bypassing all prohibitions thanks to its mirror sites, VPN choices, and several domain extensions. It is also the greatest alternative to Torrentz2 while looking for movie torrents.

3. LimeTorrent

This torrent site is perfect for you if you are a gamer or if you simply enjoy playing games in your spare time. A decade in the making, LimeTorrents has earned the respect of its many users.

As well as video games, it also offers a vast library of media such as television shows, movies, software, music, and much more.

However, I have found that the constant pop-up advertisements on this site are a major inconvenience. However, if you use a reliable VPN, you can also safely disregard it in this case.

4. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents has become one of the top torrent sites in a short time. It is widely used as an alternative to Torrentz2 by torrent users worldwide.

It’s possible that you prefer Kickass Torrent to Torrentz2, but that’s a matter of taste. That torrent site has a stellar reputation for safety features, and for a good reason.

The community is responsive, warning users if a torrent contains malicious content. Users who see a visual indicator before a torrent know immediately if it’s safe to download.

Being one of the most visited torrent sites in the world, downtime is a possibility. Kickass Torrents, on the other hand, has several mirror URLs available in case one of them fails.

5. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a great alternative to Torrentz2 and one of the most visited torrent sites in the world.

This torrent site has thousands of users worldwide due to its simple and quick navigation. Besides that, it provides many content options and fewer distracting advertisements.

Due to the high volume of visitors, the site may be unavailable during inconvenient periods. In that case, you can access the site via one of the alternative URLs provided below.


Regarding torrent sites, RARBG is among the best options available. It is not as well-known as the two I just mentioned, but it attracts a sizable monthly audience.

It may not have the most polished user interface, but it makes up for that by giving users a great deal of control over how they interact with the software.

It’s easy to find the best torrents in any given category and features up-to-date information about digital goods. While you might encounter some annoying adverts, you can quickly eliminate them by using an ad blocker.

7. Veoble

Today we move on to the next Torrentz2 replacement, the ominous Veoble. Also, it employs Google custom search to return results from your preferred torrent sites. Compared to other torrent meta-search engines based on Google search, the results on this one are superior.

You can search torrents in as many as eight different languages using the filter. It allows users to search for torrents in various languages, including Arabic, French, and Spanish.

When using the meta-search engine, you may also search torrents on the most popular torrent sites by clicking on the site’s name, which appears in a white bar at the top of the page.

8. 1337x

In my opinion, 1337x is one of the most underappreciated torrent sites. It may be an underdog, but it pulls in about 50 million visitors monthly.

This is mainly because TV shows, movies, and music are what 1337x focuses on supplying its consumers with the most. Many people consider this to be the best site for downloading media.

You can search the torrent by category, just like the Oscars! There are no annoying adverts on the site, so you can enjoy your torrent search uninterrupted. The site’s various proxy URLs are an added bonus if it goes down due to traffic or other reasons.

9. iDope 

Similar to Kickass Torrents, iDope provides a smooth torrenting experience. The Torrentz2eu replacement is a search engine that features a massive search bar in the center of the site.

You can only access your preferred downloads via magnet links. You can use the magnet links in the search results to open the file in your preferred torrent software and begin downloading.

The MyDope area stands out since it stores torrent collections from many genres. Using the tabs, you may sort your search results by category.

10. EZTV

The EZTV website has a huge library of episodes, and the proxy site is a great alternative. Among the greatest Torrent sites like torrentz2, it allows you to download TV series torrents in high definition (HD) quality without any problems or restrictions.

It’s simple to use and has HD TV torrents available. The website’s other standout quality is its comprehensive collection of current web series, TV episodes, and anime.

When people find a magnet link for the show they want to download, they can quickly and conveniently download the show’s torrent file without leaving the website.