How to Fix Trello Not Working on Android Device

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Every day, we use Trello since it’s the most efficient way to keep track of our work. The Kanban-style task management interface allows each team member to keep an eye on the status of their tasks at any point in the pipeline.

This visual tool is excellent for managing projects, workflows, and tasks. Adding files, checklists, or even automation can suit your team’s working style and preferences.

However, our productivity suffers when critical tools like Trello fail to function. So we’ve put together this tutorial to help you out. Continue reading to learn how to fix Trello not working on Android devices.

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Fix Trello Not Working Issue on Android

It’s not difficult to fix Trello not working on Android smartphones; we’ll show you how to do it later in this article. Then, don’t be afraid! To begin, follow these steps for troubleshooting:

1. Make Sure The App Is Updated

Have you double-checked to see if your Trello app is up-to-date? If you’re using an out-of-date app, you may have compatibility issues with the app. In addition, the update is being rolled out to improve performance, correct errors, and introduce new features.

However, we think such insignificant (frequent) upgrades are useless. However, this becomes the root cause of the problem.

As a result, we strongly recommend that you keep your apps up to date. In the meantime, the following steps will show you how to check for an app update on an Android device:

  1. Initially, open the PlayStore and search for Trello.
  2. After that, from the search result, select it.
  3. After that, if you see the Update button, that means there is an update available otherwise, your app is updated.

2. Restart Your Device

A simple reset of your device will solve any app problems you may encounter in the beginning. This is because random bugs or glitches are the most common cause of this error category.

As a result, when we reboot our device, the RAM is flushed, giving the entire system a fresh start. After rebooting Android and reinstalling the Trello app, see if this issue is addressed.

3. Check Network Connection

We must be connected to the internet to use apps like Trello. This is because Trello is a server-based app that can be used by anybody to manage their projects and can be accessed from any location. To ensure that the problem is not ours, we need to check to see if our gadget is connected to the internet properly.

The Ookla website is an excellent place to check whether you’re using your mobile data or a WiFi connection to get an idea of your internet speed. But if your WiFi or mobile data does not pass the test, then contact your service provider and urge them to remedy this problem.

4. Turn Off Battery Optimization

Assume you’ve enabled battery optimization on your Android device. In this scenario, we recommend you turn it off because the battery optimization option usually inhibits the application, which consumes many system resources. To see whether it makes a difference, try turning off this setting and see if that makes a difference.

5. Clear The Cache Data

Is your internet connection sufficient to operate applications like Trello yet still get the same error? Do not fear! The Trello app cache files on your Android smartphone can be cleared by attempting to remove the cache data.

According to several users, this strategy can be used to repair issues with programs like Trello that aren’t working at all. To find out if this works for you, it’s recommended that you do the same. Use the following steps, however, to accomplish this:

  1. Tap on the Trello app and select the info button.
  2. After that, hit the Clear Data button.
  3. Now, from the opened menu, select the Clear Cache option.

That’s all there is to it. Wait for the cache files to be cleared; depending on the file size, it may take a few seconds. After that, relaunch the app and see if the problem with it not working is fixed.