10 Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android (2024)

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There are lots of apps for having a dedicated voice recorder on hand. You can use these to record conversations or ideas that come to you anytime.

However, investing in an expensive voice recorder is no longer necessary because most Android phones come with the ability to record audio at will. But what if you’re not satisfied with your smartphone’s default voice recording feature?

Voice recording is a fundamental feature of modern smartphones. However, not every voice recording app is created equal. What are some of the most important features we look for in a voice recording app?

It must record high-quality audio, and some of the best voice recorder apps can filter background noise to improve the quality further.

In Google Play Store, plenty of apps allow you to record voice.  So let’s look at some of the best voice recorder apps for Android.

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Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android

It is important to note that the Google Play Store has plenty of Android voice recorder apps, making it challenging to select the right option. Therefore, only the top voice recorder apps for Android that have received positive ratings have been included in this article.

1. BandLab

BandLab is the most excellent Android recording studio software since it is a complete music composition platform in and of itself. This is because it is more than just a music-recording program.

It’s a full-featured music creation tool that allows editing and remixing of your tracks. It’s perfect for bands and musicians because it has a 12-track mixer, a guitar tuner, a looper, and a tonne of audio samples.

However, this does not preclude it from being a valuable tool for solo artists or those with less complex needs. It captures high-quality audio and allows you to record numerous tracks at once.

It’s a decent multitrack recording program with 37 million users worldwide. A social networking component can help you make new friends, connect with other musicians, or even meet your next musical band.

2. Voloco

Record better songs using Voloco, which helps you get professional-sounding recordings and is exceedingly easy to use. Because it has more than 50 effects and thousands of free beats, this app has been downloaded 50 million times.

Apart from its automatic noise cancellation and pitch correction, this is one of the most excellent Android apps for musicians. You can also use a wide range of EQ, compression, and reverb presets to fine-tune your recording.

This song-recording tool also allows you to extract vocals. Pitch correction would enable you to hear how these tracks sound without the rest of the music.

3. Smart Recorder

If you’re still unsure about the best program for recording music, check out Smart Recorder, specifically created to produce high-quality audio with a simple and clean interface.

As a result of this “skipping quiet on the fly,” you’ll be able to cut down on the length of your recordings. Excellent features like an audio spectrum analyzer, launcher shortcuts, microphone gain calibration tool, and wave PCM encoder make recording your music or your podcasts an absolute dream come true.

4. Voice Recorder

There are many good things about Voice Recorder beyond its primary name. It records in high-quality and is entirely free. There is more; If you need to register anything from lectures to ideas to music, there are no time constraints.

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Because it has so many options, it’s a great choice. It has everything from a microphone gain calibration tool to a real-time audio spectrum analyzer. Sending and sharing your recordings is also easy.

5. Easy Voice Recorder

It is currently the app with the highest ratings for voice recording that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. In the app, thousands of users take advantage of recording in the background.

One of the device’s most appealing features is that the Easy Voice recorder can still record audio even when the screen is turned off. Regarding file compatibility, the Easy Voice recorder is equipped to handle a wide variety of audio formats, including WAV, AMR, and PCM, among others.

6. Parrot

On the collection of voice recorder apps for Android, this one stands out as one of the most original options. Users can record using either the built-in speaker or microphone, as well as the Bluetooth microphone. Not only that, but Parrot also works with the Android wear platform.

In addition, Parrot users have access to tools that may reduce echo and background noise from the audio recordings they make. Several post-recording tools, such as volume boost, bass boost, preset reverb, and so on, are included in Parrot.

7. Samsung Voice Recorder

You should try the Samsung Voice Recorder if you have a Samsung smartphone and are interested in finding ways to record your voice or incoming phone calls. The software is developed to deliver a voice recording experience that is pleasant and fantastic, and the sound it produces is of the highest possible quality.

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The application also comes with a compact player that can be used to play back recorded files, trim the portion that was muted, and adjust the playback speed. In addition to that, the app can ignore any incoming calls while it is recording.

8. Call Recorder

You can record your speech with this software for Android that is found in the Google Play Store. It is an intelligent voice recorder as well as a caller id app.

Your voice can be captured in various audio formats, including AMR, WAV, AAC, and MP3. The application’s user interface is based on material design and thus uses less random access memory (RAM) and battery resources.

9. Dolby On

A single swipe with Dolby On will allow you to turn your phone into a powerful recording device. The sound quality is superb, and it eliminates unwanted noise and interruptions, making it ideal for podcasts, music, sounds, instruments, and ideas.

The Dolby On app is designed for recording music and sharing it with the world when you’re ready, whereas BandLab can be a little overwhelming. As a result of Dolby On’s suite of automatic studio effects. You may easily enhance and improve the quality of your music.

10. RecForge II

RecForge II is one of the best song-recording programs on the market. As you perform, you can hear what your recording sounds like in real-time, thanks to external microphones.

You may clip and combine recordings, create loops, and alter the pace or pitch of your music with this program. Like Smart Recorder, it has a manual gain control and quiet skipping. Basic editing and mixing options are available as well.


Finally, these are the best audio recorder apps for Android that you can use right now. You can record your voice on an Android device by downloading one of these free apps. If you’re aware of any similar apps, please let us know in the comment section below.