How To Watch Local Weather Channels on DirecTV

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Are you currently using DirecTV services? Do you probably know what the DirecTV Weather Channel broadcast is about? DirecTV provides streaming and satellite TV services in the United States. DirecTV also offers channels in various categories throughout the United States. AT&T owns DirecTV, as you all know.

DirecTV users often forget the Weather Channel channel number and category, as DirecTV only offers a handful of channels. Are you one of these users? You’re in the right place if so. This guide will show you how to watch The Weather Channel on DirecTV. Let’s get started.

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Watch The Weather Channel on DirecTV?

DirecTV currently has two weather channels. Existing DirecTV subscribers may already be familiar with this channel. It is AccuWeather and The Weather Channel. Channel 361 is where AccuWeather is found.

Channel 362 is home to the Weather Channel. These two channels provide sufficient information to give you the weather forecast. AMHQ is the Weather Channel’s most prominent feature. Sam Champion hosts the show.

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The Weather Channel VS DirecTV

DirecTV ended the channel’s existence after it and the company could not agree. They demanded a raise from DirecTV. The weather channel 13 paid a per-subscriber fee back then.

DirecTV refused to accept this. DirecTV refused to accept this. DirecTV also removed the Weather Channel. After three months, it was resolved. It’s now back on DirecTV channel 362

Local Weather Channels

DirecTV has more than 100 local stations. Check out DirecTV’s website to find local channels. You can use your ZIP code to determine the number of your local weather channels.

Final Words

These two weather channels will be available on DirecTV. These two channels are likely to remain on DirecTV forever. If you know other weather channels on DirecTV, please let us know by leaving comments.