How to Watch Someone’s Instagram Story Without Them Knowing

You can keep track of what’s going on in the lives of those you follow by using Instagram stories. The Viewers section displays a story as soon as it is viewed. You can see whether or not you have seen the story of an uploader. You can view an Instagram story anonymously.

You can still view stories in many ways. However, keep in mind that stories can only be viewed by users whose profiles you are not privy to. There is no way to see Instagram stories from private accounts using an app or workaround. Let’s get started.

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You can watch someone’s Instagram story without them knowing.

1. BlindStory – Watch and Download Stories for Instagram

You can view and download Instagram stories from this app. This app requires you to log in with your Instagram account. Logging in is an advantage as you can see stories from private accounts if they are being followed. After logging in, the homepage will display all levels from the people you follow.

This app has an Instagram-inspired UI that is free of ads. You can save profiles to your favorites to easily find them in your favorites tab. You can also search for stories by anyone you don’t follow.

You can only view 15 stories each day. You will need a $2.99 monthly membership to view more stories. This will prevent you from seeing stories that you do not want others to see. You can add users to your favorites to find stories you are interested in without their knowledge. You can also use the Instagram Story Stocker app, which has no limit but requires you to search for users each time manually.


  • Minimalist Instagram-inspired UI without ads
  • You can even check stories from private accounts if the user follows you.
  • You can set up the Story Magnet feature to automatically save stories from users to your gallery.


  • You can only view 15 stories daily in the free version
  • It can take a while to add users as favorites.

Get BlindStory

2. Storized – Story Viewer on IG

Storized allows you to view Instagram stories from any public account anonymously. Just download the app and then open it. Next, type in the Instagram handle name to view all stories this user is currently posting. If you don’t see any stories the first time, you might need to reinstall the app.

Multiple users can be added to your favorites. This makes it simple to view stories from other users quickly. This app has one major drawback: the full-page, intrusive ads you see when you open a new story. You can close the ads if you are okay with it. If not, you can upgrade to the pro version for $3.99/month.


  • Bookmark users to get instant access
  • HD Profile picture and Post viewer support


  • Shows full-screen ads
  • There is no one-time purchase option

Get Storized Stories Viewer

3. MyStalk (Web)

While the native apps are still helpful, My Stalk is an excellent alternative. Go to using your browser to view stories. To search faster for the user, make sure you use their exact username. Click on the user to view their stories. To download the story, you can long-press the photo or video in the story.

There are two problems. The website is cluttered with ads, making it difficult to find what you’re looking for. The website offers the stalk option, which you can turn on on the profile page. This allows you to locate users quicker for the next time. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work as planned. To check the stories of users, you will need to search manually.


  • All platforms supported
  • Support Hashtag searches
  • To download content, tap and hold


  • Too many ads
  • Slow loading of webpages
  • The stalk feature doesn’t work

Visit MyStalk


These are some tried and true ways to get a sneak peek at someone’s story. You can also open Instagram and view their stories by switching to Airplane mode. You will need to close the app and reopen it. However, it does not seem to work every time. But you can still try it.