10 Ways to Watch Videos Together With Friends Online

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When Harry Met Sally is a reminder that streaming movies over the internet aren’t a new invention. The two protagonists show that, depending on your definition of “online,” watching movies together only needs two phones and Casablanca on channel 11.

There are various ways to make it happen, whether your goal is to have a virtual dinner and movie date with a friend or arrange a long-distance date night with someone important.

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, casually dating via apps and FaceTime, or miss connecting with your cross-country buddies, you’ll find the best ways to watch movies together online below, broken down by the best ways to use each.

Best Ways to Watch Videos Together with Friends Online

During the lockdown, many methods exist to stay in touch with your pals. You frequently talk to them on video calls or engage in online gaming. But what about sharing a video online?

Yes, you read that correctly. Using various apps, extensions, and software, you can virtually watch your favorite online series or movies with pals. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top apps you may use to watch movies online with your friends.

1. Watch2gether

A special website called Watch2gether allows users to stream videos with friends and family. Additionally, the website supports Deeze, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, and other services so that users can listen to music online with one another.

Dedicated gamers who follow competitions like the ESL, Majors, etc., can watch their favorite competitions on Twitch while chatting in the chatbox. For synchronized online video streaming, viewers can set up rooms.

It is possible to alter how the rooms give them a more distinctive appearance that makes them feel more at home. A famous website for watching videos together, Togethertube, has joined Watch2Gether.

2. Netflix Party

Imagine being able to socially isolate while watching your favorite Netflix movies or web series with your closest pals. You can do the same with Netflix Party. Users can connect with their friends and watch Netflix with this Chrome addon.

Only the host’s computer requires the Netflix Party extension installed. Its setup is the simplest among the other programs and tools. Open Netflix in your browser after installing the addon and begin watching a video.

You’ll receive a link that you can use to invite your friends to watch Netflix with you. You can also speak with your pals using the straightforward chat interface that Netflix Party offers.

3. TwoSeven

One of the best resources for watching movies online with your pals is TwoSeven. You may share videos from YouTube, Vimeo, HBO Now, and Amazon Prime Video in addition to Netflix.

The app’s premium version typically costs $5 to $20 and includes Disney Plus and Hulu subscriptions. Due to the coronavirus shutdown, you can purchase the premium version for $3 per month.

The ability to add frequent users to the ‘Friends’ area is the program’s best feature. The user will find it simple to connect with the same participants the following time.

4. Syncplay

You should probably try Syncplay if you’re seeking a standalone tool that synchronizes video playback from local files to your buddies. With the help of this open-source, free utility, you can stream a local video file so that your friends can join and view it online.

The purpose of Syncplay is to sync videos, provide chat capabilities, and allow you and your friends to share personalized video playlists in a secure environment.

Everyone has the ability to pause, fast-forward, and control the stream, giving everyone time to stop and think (or make a quick drink). All popular desktop operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, are compatible with Syncplay.

5. Plex VR

Even if not everybody owns a VR headset, those who do can benefit from a novel feature in Plex, the network-capable media player, thanks to Plex’s integrated virtual reality functionality.

If Plex VR is installed, you can share a virtual reality experience with others, with options like a drive-in theatre or a virtual home theatre available. Then, while viewing a video playback on a “virtual” screen, you can talk with your pals.

You need supporting headsets and a Plex server to share your local media and movies with other users, so Plex VR isn’t for everyone. However, if you have the necessary tools, Plex VR provides a cinematic viewing experience unmatched by practically anything, including a trip to the neighborhood theatre.

6. Parsec

The primary purpose of Parsec is to stream full games to your buddies so that you may play couch co-op games online, not watch movies. It’s a nice service designed with low latency because gaming is its primary focus.

This implies that Parsec is a fantastic method to watch movies online with your pals. You may open any streaming service you like and start watching immediately (or load movies from your media server) because Parsec streams your entire desktop.

The fact that you can host a combined movie and game night within a single app is pretty cool. A fantastic all-in-one bundle that works with Windows, Macs, and Android devices.

7. Twoseven

Currently, Twoseven supports Netflix, Crunchyroll, Vimeo, and YouTube, but maybe more importantly, it also allows you to see private videos that either individual has stored on their PC (only one of you has to own the video).

Not only that. You don’t need to use additional video chat software to see your friend and interact with them while watching a video because the browser-based app includes text and video functionality.

Even better, a two seven Chrome extension allows you to quickly determine whether a video on a certain website is compatible with the app and share it with a friend with only a few clicks.

8. Metastream

A comfortable all-purpose platform like Metastream lets you experiment with many media types. Its extension works with Chrome and Firefox, though its FAQ suggests using the latter. It features three tabs: one for users, one for a watch list, and one for conversation.

You may create a real queue of the content you wish to view on it, and its slick UI is compatible with a wide range of platforms and services.

Given that it’s still in beta, it’s not surprising that it’s a little bit buggy. While developers iron out the wrinkles, you should continue using Metastream if you want to watch movies online with pals.

9. Disney+ GroupWatch

Disney+ GroupWatch might be the ideal streaming choice for you if Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars movies are more your style. You can invite up to seven others and react to whatever you’re watching by exchanging emotions in real time.

You can use the Disney+ app or a web browser to watch GroupWatch. Additionally, you may watch it on your TV if Disney+ is linked to it for the best possible movie viewing.

All players must be in the same nation or region and have Disney+ subscriptions. Therefore, it will not be possible for you to watch a movie with your best friend who lives halfway around the world online.

10. Hearo

Looking for a movie-watching app to use with friends? Among the 35 streaming providers supported by Hearo are Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, ESPN, YouTube, and more. To put it another way, you have a lot of choices. Both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store offer download options.

This one is perfect for larger groups, or the app refers to as “mega watch parties,” as up to 50 people can join the watch party.

One drawback of this program may be that you can’t see the individuals you’re watching movies with. You can, however, communicate throughout by talking and texting.