How to Find Out Who Blocked You on Facebook (2024)

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Facebook is the most popular social networking site, with approximately 2.9 billion monthly active users. There is a lot of confidentiality and safety on the site. To prevent a certain person from contacting you or reading your content, you can use the “block” feature.

When someone blocks you on Facebook, you won’t be notified. That’s why it’s not always obvious when someone blocks you on Facebook. Discover who on Facebook has blocked you with the aid of this article.

Here’s How to Find Out Who Blocked You on Facebook

Facebook does not reveal which accounts have blocked you on the social media site to safeguard the privacy of its users. However, some clues can help determine if the suspect has blocked you.

1. Try to View Their Profile

You can learn a lot about a buddy by checking out their profile, including who else they are friends with and what they have posted. But while you’re being blocked, you can’t see a thing. You can’t even find out their name on Facebook.

2. Check Your Friend List

When a Facebook user blocks you, they disappear from your friend list. Locate the suspect by searching your friend list. They have likely obstructed your path if you cannot locate them.

In other words, it is not a foolproof method of finding out if someone has blocked you. If someone decides to unfriend you, they will no longer appear on your friend list. It’s not always obvious if someone on Facebook has blocked you. More signs need to be checked.

3. Try to Tag Them In Your Posts

The standard method of tagging someone involves typing their name followed by a profile selection. You can’t tag someone in a post if you can’t address them directly, which happens when you’re blocked.

Make an effort to include them in your new post using the “tag” function. Likely, you cannot contact the individual in question because they have blocked you.

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4. Find Their Profile in Facebook Search

Get on Facebook by opening up your account and logging in. The Facebook search bar/icon appears at the page’s very top. Check out their profile by typing in their name.

If you search for a friend on Facebook, they appear first in the results. If you spend several minutes looking for someone and still can’t see their profile, it’s possible that they’ve blocked you.

If the target has deleted or deactivated their Facebook account, they will no longer appear in the search results.

5. Check Mutual Friend’s Profile

View a friend’s Facebook page connected to someone you believe has blocked you. Verify their list of friends. You have not been blocked if the person’s name and profile picture are still visible.

If your mutual friend doesn’t have the person in their friend list, they may have blocked you or deleted their account. Inconveniently, your profile cannot be used to verify this.

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If you two are close, you could ask the mutual friend to look through their friend list for the suspect. Having a mutual friend indicates that the person has blocked you if that person can be located in the mutual friend’s friend list.

6. Try to Send a Message

One way to tell whether someone has blocked you on Facebook is if you’ve recently communicated with them. Enter your Facebook credentials in any web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.). The app should not be used.

Navigate to the chat window and choose the thread you’ve had with the other person. If a person has banned you on Facebook, you won’t be able to see their profile image.

It was replaced with the default grey outline. Aim to convey something. For obvious reasons, the messages won’t go through if you’ve been blocked. If you try to access Facebook, you will see an error message.

If the person in question has deactivated or deleted their Facebook account, none of those above signs will be accurate. The good news is that this can also be verified.


Here I’ve provided a few clues that may lead you to the Facebook user who has blocked you. This post was written with the sincere desire to be of service. If you have friends going through anything similar, you should share this with them. Do you have any input or recommendations? You can leave them in the comments section below.