Free Youtube Proxy Sites (2024): Unblock YouTube Proxy

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When it comes to a place to watch videos online without spending a dime, it’s hard to top YouTube. YouTube has evolved into a premier video-sharing website. The video-sharing website has become ubiquitous in recent years.

In addition to being a place for users to discover and enjoy videos, YouTube is also a marketplace where creators may sell their works. Unfortunately, not everyone can use the site despite its speed and the abundance of free videos it provides.

Due to ISP blocking and geo-blocking, millions of users cannot access YouTube. Due to its status as a major diversion for young people, the site is also banned at educational institutions.

How to Unblock YouTube?

There is more than one technique to get around the blocks and access the YouTube site.

Unblock YouTube in your country by connecting to a virtual private network, switching your DNS server, or via a web proxy. In addition to these methods, you can also utilize the anonymous Tor browser to access YouTube abroad.

How to Unblock YouTube?Even though older techniques of unblocking YouTube still function, using proxy sites to get around the ban is the most straightforward option.

Proxy sites don’t require any special configuration, unlike VPNs and Proxies. If you are in a region where certain websites are restricted, you can use the sites listed below to bypass the restriction.

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How Proxy Sites Works?

Proxy sites were merely regular websites that sent visitors through an intermediary server. This technique functions similarly to a proxy server, except that the website’s administrator manages the proxy server.

Say you want to access YouTube, but you want to use a proxy site. A proxy server will translate the traffic, unlock the website, and serve the page to you. This method may cause YouTube to load more slowly, but it will successfully remove any restrictions.

In technical terms, a proxy server acts as an intermediary between your computer and the website you’re trying to access. A YouTube proxy site is designed to bypass restrictions on the video-sharing platform.

Best Free YouTube Proxy Sites – Unblock YouTube

Now that you know what a proxy site is, you might wonder which ones are the best for bypassing YouTube’s geo-restrictions. Unable to access YouTube at work? Check out these top proxy sites!

1. HMA Proxy

When it comes to proxy sites, HMA is among the very first. The proxy site is free, but HMA now offers a VPN service with premium options.

Since HMA Proxy conceals your IP address and encrypts your online traffic, you can use it to bypass YouTube’s geo-restrictions. However, due to HMA Proxy’s widespread adoption, proxy server congestion frequently interrupted connections and slowed overall performance.

HMA Proxy has a lot going for it, including bypassing YouTube’s geo-restrictions by connecting to one of its many proxy servers. In conclusion, HMA Proxy is a top-tier service that can now be used as a proxy to access YouTube.

2. KProxy

To bypass YouTube’s geo-restrictions, utilize one of the finest free proxy sites, like KProxy. It’s a free proxy site that can access any service or website normally blocked in your country.

If you need a VPN but don’t want to shell out the cash for a premium service, KProxy is a great option. Your IP address will be concealed, and the restricted website will become accessible.

The poor speed of KProxy is the only drawback to using it to unblock YouTube. It may cause buffering problems for some users as a free YouTube proxy site.

3. Anonymouse

So, Anonymouse isn’t exactly the most user-friendly option, but it’s certainly among the top proxies. Since its establishment in 1997, the site has been protecting the privacy of its users by encrypting their online communications.

In addition to YouTube, Anonymouse’s proxy service can access most other popular video-sharing websites. However, a secure connection is not available in the Anonymouse free version.

Unblocking sites that begin with HTTPS requires a paid Anonymouse premium subscription, so if you want to watch videos on YouTube without interruption, you’ll need to shell out some cash.

4. YouTube Unblocked

If you need a proxy site that only works with YouTube, you could do worse than YouTube Unblocked. You can bypass any restrictions on YouTube with YouTube Unblocked.

YouTube Unblocked is a great alternative to YouTube because it does not require any user registration or payment before access is granted.

A paid version of YouTube Unblocked doesn’t have adverts and lets you choose the quickest server available. Also, YouTube Unblocked allows you to post movies of any size to the site.

5. Genmirror

Genmirror is currently the most reliable proxy service for accessing YouTube. Even though we include Genmirror on our list of the top free proxy services for YouTube, it can unblock Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Wikipedia, and many more.

Genmirror has a really neat and tidy UI. The proxy site boosts your speed and can bypass YouTube’s geo-restrictions in seconds.

Genmirror is the best YouTube proxy out there, with its own search bar.

Here are some of the greatest options available if you’re looking for reliable and free YouTube proxy sites. While there are other Proxy sites on the web, we have listed the best one for unblocking YouTube.

Other Ways to Unblock YouTube?

VPNs and Tor are alternatives that can be used to access YouTube outside their restricted regions. Unblocking YouTube videos can be done through a virtual private network (VPN) or the Tor anonymity network.

However, VPNs and Tor need to be manually set up. We have already provided you with recommendations for the top Windows VPNs. Reading that article lets you know which Virtual Private Network works best with YouTube.

If you want to access YouTube without restrictions, download and install the Tor Browser on your computer. Unblocking streaming sites with a VPN is a rare feature of modern web browsers. The alternative is the Tor-integrated Brave browser for Windows computers.

Now you know about some of the top YouTube Proxy sites to bypass YouTube restrictions. YouTube can be accessed without charge from any of these sites. Please share any further YouTube proxies you may be aware of in the comments.