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8 Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone and iPad (2024)

Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone
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Nowadays, iOS device apps are sufficiently secure that any additional antivirus application can only serve as security. Yes, we know that iOS device aren’t usually susceptible to malware due to how sandboxing functions. Still, if you need security, purchasing an antivirus app for the iPhone and iPad is certainly not an issue.

If you’ve learned that you have the option of getting additional security, What do you do to choose the most reliable antivirus software for your iPhone or iPad? We’re here to make life easier and have compiled the best antivirus apps for iPhone and ipad so that you can choose the best one for you. So to continue reading, we’ll give you a few of the most popular available options.

This article will help you discover the best antivirus available on iPhone and iPad. Remember that these applications aren’t just virus scanners. They provide a variety of helpful features to keep you safe online, ranging from public wifi security to integrated VPNs.

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Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022

However careful you use your phones, it’s not an assurance the security of your iPhone is safe and secure while you’re online. You’ll need an antivirus to safeguard your device from viruses and security loopholes. These are the top free antiviruses available for iPhone and iPad that offer complete security while surfing the Internet.

1. Norton 360: Mobile Security – iOS Antivirus

Norton 360 Mobile Security assists in providing effective and robust security to Android and iPhone devices. It safeguards your personal data from the latest mobile cyber threats and online frauds that are devious and hard to spot. In addition, it comes with a web security feature that can identify malicious and fraudulent websites when browsing. Norton 360 also protects users from personal and private information using email, SMS, MMS and social media sites.

Norton Mobile Security is a user-friendly tool that gives you immediate protection on devices like your iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone7, 7 Plus and iPad. Available in 24 different languages, including English.

Furthermore, this Web Protection feature will prevent you from visiting infected websites. Another feature that can improve your security online is dark web monitoring. It will notify you of the possibility that any personal data was leaked.

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2. Avast Security & Privacy

Avast provides free protection for both the iPhone and iPad; however, they offer a premium tier with extra security. If you’re searching for the top iPhone antivirus application, it’s likely to be more reliable than Avast Security and Privacy. Avast is still the top security and anti-malware service on desktop and mobile devices. Its mobile apps have the same amount of trust and power.

If you want to pay for the upgrade, which costs $4.99 each month, and $19.99 for the year, then you’ll also get premium options like The Photo Vault, Online Identity Checker, VPN, and numerous others! In light of that, you might be wondering what the reason is behind why Avast is not ranked so far down the list.

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For instance, Avast lacks several essential options, including alarms, protection against theft, and parental control. Additionally, Avast has some sketchy security practices for data that many users aren’t happy with. But, apart from that, this application is quite good and we highly recommend you try it.

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3. BitDefender Mobile Security


Bitdefender Mobile Security offers a safe antivirus program that shields mobile devices from malware and viruses. This application is among the most effective antivirus applications in the marketplace currently. It has also been awarded the AV-Comparatives’ Product of the Award four times, more than any other antivirus software.

One of the best capabilities is the anti-theft function that lets you protect your device by locking it and wiping it clean remotely if it is stolen. This way, nobody can access your private media files or documents. The app will also scan for weaknesses whenever you verify your email address. Then, it will notify you when changing the password is necessary.

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4. McAfee

McAfee is the application that goes the extra mile to ensure that your device secures all time. This is why it’s on top of our list of recommended apps. So what exactly is it that makes McAfee accomplish this?

The Threat Scan function first scans wifi hotspots everywhere you go to identify insecure ones. It also warns users when their device is not up-to-date. This is a huge benefit, considering that security updates are essential for iOS devices.

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McAfee can also make laptops more efficient by offering a battery-saving feature that delays intense scans that require additional power, resources and power until the future. In addition, McAfee’s feature for silent full-screen is a unique feature that lets users hide antivirus alerts, thereby keeping them from being interrupted.

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5. Avira Mobile Security

Avira is among the top antivirus programs available today, with an easy-to-use interface, high antivirus detection rates, and various web security features. In general, Avira is relatively easy to use, making the application a good choice for those who are not tech-savvy.

Avira’s most popular feature is its secure VPN, which ensures that users’ data passes through a safe connection. To ensure that their VPN is more secure, Avira has a no-log policy in place. This means the company does not keep all logs in its server, so you won’t have to worry about privacy while using this VPN.

Avira’s Antivirus for iOS provides a robust Web Protection that identifies and stops malware, phishing and fraudulent attempts. This makes it simple to safely protect your banking and other online activities using any mobile device.

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6. Webroot Mobile Security

Webroot’s Mobile Security, which provides cutting-edge iOS antivirus and internet security protection for smartphones and tablets, is another excellent choice for keeping your iPhone or iPad safe. In addition to blocking known harmful sites and preventing phishing and other social engineering attacks, this program will also alert you if a website you visit seems suspicious.

Also, the app efficiently prevents mobile malware infections by scanning for and removing them before they can even reach your phone, all without significantly impacting your device’s performance or battery life.

Webroot’s app also features a secure search feature that filters harmful websites that steal information while using Webroot or Safari browsers. The mobile anti-malware application uses AI and ML to safeguard devices against malware.

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7. TotalAV

For iOS devices, TotalAV is a top option for virus protection. This antivirus is hassle-free, feature-packed, and trustworthy in its free edition.

The TotalAV software eliminates any possibility of confusion for first-time users with its straightforward layout. The app’s functions are prominently shown in the primary window, and using it will not cause any delays.

Features-wise, TotalAV has you completely covered. Free versions of apps sometimes include premium features such as these days’ data breach checkers, device locators, photo managers, and battery monitors.

As an added bonus, the premium features are only available to subscribers who pay for the service. The iOS device you use is protected in real-time by WebShield, which blocks access to harmful websites. In addition, Private Tunnel VPN is a fully featured VPN service.

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8. Kaspersky Security Cloud & VPN

Kaspersky’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) is excellent, serving users with secure, private connections to the internet via a global network of servers in over 25 locations.

However, unlimited VPN data is not included in any Kaspersky Security Cloud plans and must be purchased separately. Norton’s VPN is the best option because it includes unlimited data transfer in its pricing tiers.

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As you can see, there are plenty of top best antivirus for iPhone and ipad to pick from. Now you can make the best choice and pick the most reliable antivirus for your iPhone and iPad using our recommendations. So make sure your data is protected!

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