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How to Fix Apple Watch Battery Drain Issue – 6 Quick Fixes

Fix Apple Watch Battery Drain Issue
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The Apple Watch is the best smartwatch on the market and fully outperforms its rivals. Why does the battery drain so quickly on the Apple Watch? What causes the Apple Watch’s battery to run out of juice fast?

For sports, fitness, and health, Apple’s smartwatch boasts a high level of accuracy that rival smartwatches don’t have. It’s worth every penny because of this. There are, however, some issues with the Apple Watch.

A common concern from Apple Watch owners globally is a lack of battery life. Apple consumers who purchased the Watch Series 7 also reported having similar issues, which is acceptable if the gadget is several years old.

We’ll look at the causes of battery drain on the Apple Watch series, as well as some tips on how to reduce battery drain.

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What are the causes of the poor battery life of the Apple Watch?

Poor battery performance can result from many factors.

Apple Watch owners find it easy to charge their smartwatch overnight. However, many complain about the battery life. The reason the Apple Watch has such a low battery life is the accuracy of the sensors that track your health and fitness.

Apple Watch battery drains quickly and recovers quickly.

There are several ways to increase the battery life of your Apple Watch. These settings can be accessed directly from your Watch or via your iPhone.

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Methods to Fix Apple Watch Battery Drain Issue

1. Reset your apple watch

This first step may seem extreme, but if you find a problem with your clock settings, this will fix it. You don’t have to worry about losing your health and fitness data.

Resetting your watch will return it to its factory settings, allowing you to pair your Apple Watch and iPhone again. You can solve any problem by doing this.

  1. Start the Settings app on Apple Watch.
  2. Navigate to General > Reset, and then tap on Erase All Content and Settings.
  3. Enter your access code.
  4. After the watch is erased, it will start up again and ask you to pair it again.

2. Select Slow Down

You’re familiar with the Reduce Motion option for your iPhone. It can dramatically increase your phone’s battery life.

This feature will disable all animations that consume significant battery power. What else can you do on Apple Watch?

3. Disable Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh allows multiple apps on your iPhone or Apple Watch to communicate in the background. This is primarily done to exchange information and health data.

This can result in a significant decrease in battery life. You can disable this feature if you are willing to wait for notifications and sync them between you and your phone.

4. Disable Raise to Wake Gesture

Many have praised the wrist lift gesture’s trigger screen for its accuracy and usefulness in saving time.

It continuously checks the speed using the accelerometer sensor on the watch. This feature can be disabled to allow you to lift your wrist to verify the time. It also does not improve your battery life.

5. Do not receive notifications

You might want to disable push notifications using your Apple Watch for exercise tracking. This will improve the battery life.

6. Replace the battery

If the above information doesn’t prolong your Apple smartwatch battery life, it is time to replace it. To have your Apple Watch repaired, you can call the nearest Apple Store to book an appointment.


That is all there was to it; we tried our best to explain as much as possible, including why the Apple Watch Battery Drain issue occurs and what steps may be taken to fix it.

If you have any other solutions that helped you resolve the Apple Watch Battery Drain issue, please let us know about them. We will include the guide’s solution, which will benefit other people as well.

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