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10 Best Location Sharing Apps for iPhone (May 2024)

Best Location Sharing Apps for iPhone
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The location-sharing apps make it easier to share your iPhone’s location. Gone are the days when it was difficult to find our exact address. It is now possible to pinpoint the exact location of someone in a few steps.

To share your exact address with family and friends, you can download one or more Location sharing apps to your iPhone. You can also use third-party apps that share the location of your loved ones if you don’t wish to share your address.

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Best Location Sharing Apps For iPhone

This article may help you if your goal is to find the best iPhone apps for sharing your location with family and friends. We have compiled a list of the top location-sharing apps available for iPhone. Nearly all the apps are available in the Apple app store. They can be downloaded and used for free. Let’s take a look at the apps.

1. Glympse

You’re right! Glympse, a lightweight location sharing application for iPhone, allows you to share real-time location via the GPS feature. Glympse can be used quickly and is free of charge.

Glympse allows you to share your location at your terms and displays the location on a dynamic map.

Glympse allows you to create groups and add family members. You can also view family members’ locations via the group once they have been added.

2. iSharing

iSharing, another location-sharing iPhone app, allows you to view the current location of your friends and family on a map. iSharing allows you to mark places as home, work, and school on the map.

Once you have set up your places, you can configure iSharing so that you receive alerts when a friend or relative arrives at the location.

iSharing offers many other features beyond that. You can send panic alerts or text messages to the map in an emergency.

3. Location for sharing

This is an iPhone location-sharing app called Share Location. This app allows you to share your current location with family and friends via an email address or phone number.

This app can be used to find your family members and friends, view past location history, get alerts when your closest ones are nearby, and many other useful features.

4. Life360

Life360 is much more than a location-sharing or family tracking app. Life360 is an app that helps you connect with your family through innovative features.

Life360 allows you to share your location with family members or view your family’s current location on a map. The app can also be set to notify you when someone leaves or arrives at your trusted places.

There are three premium plans available: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Every plan comes with unique features like Identity theft protection, full location history access, family safety assistance, etc.

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5. FollowMee

Install the FollowMee app on the iOS device that you wish to track. FollowMee converts your iPhone to a GPS tracking device. The app will take care of everything else.

After installing the app, log in to FollowMee on your mobile browser or desktop to track its devices. A single FollowMee account can be used to track multiple iOS devices.

6. Google Maps

This popular Android navigation app is also available for iOS. Although Google Maps is mainly used for navigation, there’s a location-sharing feature many users don’t know about.

Google Maps for iPhone allows you to share your location with anyone who has a Google Account. Google Maps will enable you to choose who can locate your location and how long it takes to share it.

7. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging app and offers a wide range of valuable features. WhatsApp for iPhone lets you share your location with your friends quickly. It is also very easy to share your location or live location via WhatsApp for iPhone.

8. Messenger

Messenger has a live location sharing function that few people would be aware of. This feature is only available on mobile devices, and it isn’t available in Messenger’s web version. Messenger has a location-sharing feature to share your location with family and friends.

This feature lets you see exactly where you are and when your destination is. The live location can be set to a timer and the sharing of location is stopped when the timer expires.

9. FindMe

FindMe, another great iOS app that keeps you connected to your loved ones and friends, is another. This app allows you to view other users’ exact locations and is real-time.

You will need to create a group and then add members to share a place. After creating a circle, you can then share your current location with the circle members. FindMe allows you to share additional information, including location and battery level.

10. My Family

My Family is very similar in functionality to the iSharing application mentioned above. My Family, like iSharing allows you to share yours and view the current location of your family members in real-time on a map.

To receive notifications when family members leave or arrive at the locations you have created, you can create places on the family map. My Family also allows you to share your smartphone’s battery life with loved ones, locate your stolen or lost smartphone, etc.

These are the top location-sharing apps available for iPhone. You can share your location with loved ones and view theirs using My Family. Let us know if you know of other apps that allow location sharing or tracking on iPhone.

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