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How to Use Message Reactions on WhatsApp

Use Message Reactions on WhatsApp
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The reaction feature is now available for use by WhatsApp users today. Mark Zuckerberg of Meta, on the other hand, has revealed that the Reactions feature of Facebook will start rolling out in the coming weeks. Users of WhatsApp will now have access to a new feature that allows them to react to messages sent to them using one of six different emojis.

However, a small percentage of WhatsApp users are already familiar with this new feature; consequently, we have compiled this guide to assist you in utilizing the message reactions feature available on WhatsApp. Therefore, if you want to know how to do this, make sure to follow this guide all the way through until the end. Now, let’s get started with the guide, shall we?

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Steps to Use Reactions Feature on WhatsApp

Even though Mark, the founder of Meta, announced that the official update would begin rolling out on May 5th, it is still possible that it will take a few days, or more likely a week, for the update to reach your Android or iOS device. Since May 6th, the Message Reactions feature has been removed from both the Android and iOS versions of the WhatsApp app.

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You do not need to make any adjustments to the settings for WhatsApp because the feature is already activated automatically. You can, however, try updating the app from the PlayStore or the App Store to increase your chances of obtaining this feature.

The Message Reactions will function in a manner analogous to how they operate on Instagram and Messenger. Users will be able to respond to messages using emojis, which will be made available to them. The following is a rundown of the procedures you need to follow to use the reactions feature that is available on WhatsApp:

  1. To get started with WhatsApp, you will first need to download the app from either the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.
  2. Launch the WhatsApp app after the download is complete to begin your conversation.
  3. Hold the message down once it appears so you can respond to it.
  4. The pop-up has been updated with six brand-new emojis for your use. To respond to a message, tap the emoji that appears next to it.
  5. Following your response selection, the following text will become visible to you: There are currently six different emojis that can be used. There is a good chance that WhatsApp will incorporate additional emojis and skin tones in the not too distant future.

That wraps up the walkthrough for utilizing the Reactions feature available on WhatsApp chat. If you did not receive the update, you could try enrolling in the beta program, or you can wait a few more days before proceeding.

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