10 Best Diary Apps for Android and iPhone / iOS (2024)

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Since ancient times, people have kept diaries. They are excellent venues for expressing your deepest emotions. To be honest, more individuals ought to do it. It would likely assist people in coping with situations they may not be as adept at handling.

Aside from existential crises, using a journal app may be cathartic because it allows you to reflect on your daily activities. Many even offer added functions that your diaries couldn’t, including mood monitoring.

This article provides a selection of apps you can use as a journaling partner. You can discover whatever you need on the list of best diary apps for android and iPhone below, from a diary with a standard appearance to one with an incredibly attractive template.

Best Diary Apps for Android and iPhone (iOS)

In general, you may find a lot of apps in the app store. But not every journal app is made equal. As a result, you might need to first try each app. If you’re looking for a good journaling app to keep up your writing practice, check out the list of applications below.

1. Grid Diary

Grid Diary, as the name of the software suggests, offers a variety of templates that will make keeping a journal much more entertaining. This app is constantly available as a daily diary that travels with you wherever you go.

Most journaling applications on this list start out as blank pages. Of course, working with a blank canvas is enjoyable. However, Grid Diary is the ideal option if you are someone who values templates more than anything else.

Daily motivational phrases are also included in Grid Diary. Additionally, adding media to your daily notebook is simple. This application is best suited for those of you who are visual learners.

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2. Moment Diary Tale

Moment Journal Tale is a diary software designed specifically for young girls who value a pink color scheme and a user-friendly interface. There aren’t many features, yet this is a benefit.

Each note has a timestamp added by the program. Additionally, it keeps track of the words you enter, displays a calendar of your entries, and enables you to add a variety of photos to postings, such as pictures of your meals or daily excursions.

Your notes can be exported to email, backed up, and restored from a PC or Mac. Of course, there is a 4-digit password protection option. Moment Diary Tale is without cost. Still, you may add more paid backgrounds and stickers to the app design database.

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3. Diaro

If you’re searching for daily notebook software that also lets you categorize your writings, you might want to check out Diaro. The user interface is aesthetically pleasing and perfectly practical.

Each post can be placed in a different folder by the user. Although everything is streamlined and simple, Diaro also has a free edition. You might want to revise your strategy if you are a serious journaler. Each item starts at US$2.99.

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You’ll never know if Diaro is right for you without trying it. The free edition is a great opportunity to see whether you are prepared to commit to its commercial form.

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4. Diarium

The journaling app Diarium has the highest rating in the Windows 10 App Store. Diarium is unique in that it supports a wide range of media formats. Accurate speech recognition allows you to dictate your thoughts if you want to talk instead of type.

Rest confident that your data will be secure because you may export your entries in the following formats: DOCX, HTML, RTF, or TXT.

Diarium will automatically import feeds from Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to make journaling much easier. It will also prompt you to write in the notebook once each day.

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5. Daybook

Daybook is the perfect tool if you believe you would struggle to develop content for a journal entry. If you’re feeling stuck, Daybook’s guided check-in and guided nightly contemplation can assist you in coming up with ideas.

Or just start writing if you know exactly what you want to say. Both the font style and size, as well as the theme, are customizable. Then, to keep everything private, you can establish a security code for the program.

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You may connect to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Telegram, another cool function. Once you’ve gathered a few daily observations and check-ins, you can visit the Throwback area to view everything.

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6. Day One

Day One is an additional journaling program you might want to use. Both iOS and Android users can get this app. Users concur that this will be a great option for individuals who utilize the Apple environment, as the synchronization is simple and the UI is appealing in many respects.

Like many apps on this list, Day One offers a free edition that already includes several useful functionalities. However, you must pay USD2.92 monthly to use the program to its full potential.

Day One offers several templates that will inspire you to write. You can also include other things, such as the music you are listening to, the location, the weather, and the number of steps you have taken.

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7. Momento

Momento is a clever private journal app that aids with memory preservation. With this software, you may automatically capture your everyday activities, posts, and images from social networks, other apps, and devices.

In addition to quickly writing down your noteworthy experiences. Every moment is automatically put into a lovely private notebook that documents your entire life and keeps you up to date without any effort.

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For iOS users, the software is cost-free. There is a PRO version of this as well. It’s an excellent choice for those who like to collect all interesting items and concepts in one location.

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8. Offline Diary

Offline Diary is exactly what its name implies. It is a straightforward offline diary. With this one, the functionalities have been reduced in favor of a simpler experience. You also receive a password lock and a basic user interface with no distractions.

That’s pretty much it. You simply open it, start a notebook, and then close it. There is advertising in the free version. An in-app purchase of $0.99 gets you the pro version.

It disables advertising and includes backup and restoration options. If you select this one, we advise investing in the pro version. It just costs $1.

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9. Penzu

Penzu is unquestionably the solution if you’re looking for online journal software with strong privacy and security features. There are various platforms through which to access this software.

In most cases, the free edition suffices to meet your journaling requirements. However, you should get its premium software if you require a higher level of encryption and security.

You can always set a reminder if you wish to write frequently in the first place. You won’t miss any writing sessions as a result. The infrequent updates to Penzu are its only flaw.

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10. Diary

On the other hand, Diary is a great option to consider if you would much rather use a straightforward journal app. This software resembles a diary book with a lock that you might have seen throughout your adolescent years.

Due to the option to completely personalize the appearance of each article you produce, people adore using this app. The background color, font style, and text colors are all customizable.

More than anything else, Diary is the ideal option for users who prefer a free diary app. You must, however, put up with many advertisements because the app is free. Unfortunately, there is no way to enhance the services.

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