Is AppleCare Worth It for MacBook Pro/Air or iPhone in 2024

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Accidents and hardware failures with Apple goods can be covered by Apple Care, a service that can be purchased. If you buy an Apple device, you’ll get a one-year guarantee covering manufacturing defects and problems that don’t arise from normal use. The company also provides 90 days of free technical support.

As a cherry on top of the standard warranty, Apple Care and Apple Care+ safeguard your devices from hardware failure and accidental damage. Is it, however, worth the price? Discuss whether or not you should purchase Apple Care protection for your device.

What is the Standard Warranty Of Apple Products?

Just like the one-year warranty on your Apple goods, the standard warranty from Apple is the same. For the first year, Apple devices are covered by a complimentary one-year warranty.

Apple Watch Edition comes with a two-year warranty. If the product malfunctions or breaks during the warranty period, Apple will repair it free of charge if the customer is not to blame.

No matter where you buy it, you’ll be covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee, which you may pass on to the new owner if you ever decide to sell it. If you live in a country where the warranty differs or is limited, be aware of this before purchasing.

The basic warranty covers no unintentional damages. Only theft, screen or body cracks and liquid spilled on the gadget are covered. Using such services may void your Apple product warranty if you have troubles with your device because of physical damage caused by the user or because you want to bypass iCloud.

What are Apple Care and Apple Care+?

In addition to the standard warranty, customers can purchase Apple Care and Apple Care Plus. These insurance policies aren’t included in the purchase of the goods; instead, they must be purchased individually between 30-60 days after the date of purchase.

In both cases, the protection plans’ provisions cover further damage to the products. In addition to the regular guarantee, these add two to three years of protection.

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AppleCare Pricing for MacBook and iPhone

iPhone 12

  • $149 standard
  • $219 with theft and lost protection


  • MacBook Air at $249
  • 13-inch MacBook Pro at $269
  • 15-inch MacBook Pro at $379

What Is Covered In Apple Care And Apple Care +?

Apple Care+ extends the benefits of the regular warranty and provides additional protection to the items or devices you use in your everyday life. Let’s talk about what Apple Care covers, shall we?

Cost Of Repair

AppleCare provides coverage for fixing products, regardless of how much they typically cost. Be aware, however, that Apple Care will only cover the device if it experiences a hardware breakdown. It will not cover any unintentional damage.

iPads, Apple Watches, and iPhones can make a replacement device request, and they will receive the replacement device before the original device is sent in for repair.

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Accidental Damage

The Apple Care Plus protection package will pay for any damages caused by an accident. However, a deductible is always the same, no matter what kind of damage or equipment you have.

However, you will be responsible for paying the deductible; however, this fee will be far less than the total amount that would have been required to repair the damage in the absence of the Apple Care+ protection plan.

For instance, the cost to replace a broken iPhone screen can be as little as $29, yet the cost to repair any other damage, including the damage, can be as high as $99 with the Apple Care+ insurance plan. On the other hand, if you do not have the protection plan, the price of replacing the screen can be $329.

Loss Or Theft

If your smartphone is stolen or lost, Apple Care+ will provide you with a new one. However, the cost of replacement equipment is cheaper than the original. In the event of theft or loss, deductibles must be paid.

Is Apple Care Different From Apple Care +?

Yes, the traits of one are distinct from the other. On the other hand, Apple Care+ provides additional coverage for accidental damage and theft.

Apple Care+, a separate service, also covers the basic Apple Care plan. Both plans cover two occurrences of loss, theft, or damage within 12 months.

Opinion: Should You Go For Apple Care?

How you use your product will have a significant impact on this. If you are prone to using your smartphone roughly and have previously been involved in unintentional damages or theft of the gadget, you should continue to purchase the protection plan.

The strategy is designed to save you from paying hefty fees for damage that has already been done.

The cost of Apple services can be prohibitive if Apple Care Plus does not protect your phone, so it’s best to obtain that coverage in case you drop your phone a lot, or it is stolen or damaged.

However, purchasing a protection package is a waste of money if you intend to use your devices for a year or less. Apple Care is the best option for those who want to keep their Macbooks for longer than a year.