Is Shein Legit and Safe or a Scam? – Shein Reviews 2024

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It’s common knowledge that Shein sells clothes at low prices, but is it safe to make purchases there? We’ll show you around the Shein website and let you know if it’s reliable for clothes purchases or not in this guide.

What is Shein?

Shein’s success all over the world can be attributed to its alluring social media marketing. The Chinese government funded the launch of this firm in October 2008. The success of their web marketing operations has made them wealthy. aims to offer its customers the most current fashions at reasonable prices. The firm has made extensive use of advertisements on both Facebook and Instagram. Shein uses these marketplaces to sell fashionable garments at rock-bottom prices.

It has been known for highly regarded brand names to be offered at a fraction of their original price. Since this is the case, customers have every reason to doubt whether or not the Shein website is legitimate.

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The bulk of Shein’s business occurs online. Yet, it does maintain a small number of retail locations in major metropolitan areas. You must visit a Shein outlet to get a feel for their clothes and service.

Shein has finished its E-series funding at a $15 billion valuation, should you be interested in that sort of thing. Additionally, the retailers’ annual local revenues have nearly reached $10 billion.

Is Shein Legit?

The verdict on it is unclear. Despite complaints from some consumers that they were tricked out of their orders, Shein still manages to fulfill a large volume of purchases daily and maintains a large base of delighted clients.

The main criticism of Shein is that it sells items of middling quality for the price. Considering the garments’ cost, Shein’s output is commensurate with the value it offers. The company’s lack of BBB accreditation is the only stumbling block between them and greater client happiness.

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Where Does Shein Ship From?

Shein may have its headquarters in China, yet it serves customers worldwide. Originally, all packages were sent from China, but today Shein ships from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada to serve its consumers.

How can Shein Provide Clothes at Low Cost?

Because it buys in quantity from nearby wholesale factories, Shein can provide its clothing at a deep discount. Furthermore, if you take a closer look at the products, you will see that many customers have left reviews stating that the quality of the clothes is not very excellent. Therefore, it raises red flags for anyone making a first-time payment.

In addition, Shein provides low-cost labor and uses a variety of strategies to get the job done with their help. This is one of the main reasons why Shein can offer apparel at such low prices compared to the competition. However, it is not an uncommon practice in the garment industry.

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Tips to Order from Shein

When placing an order for clothing from the Shein online store, please bear the following.

Don’t buy everyday wear: You should probably stay away from this site if you plan on purchasing casual clothing items. Based on consumer feedback, several clothing items do not hold up well after repeated washings. Therefore, it is recommended that you spend money on well-known labels if you plan to shop for casual clothing.

Check the Sizing Chart: Unfortunately, each piece is not always provided with sizing details. Therefore, it is advised to manually open each item, read the sizing chart, and determine whether or not the fabric is suitable.

Read the reviews: It’s a good idea to read the consumer evaluations on Shein before making any apparel purchases. Do not purchase this item if most reviewers have something unpleasant to say about it. Check out their refund and return procedures as well.


Shein is the place to go if you want to save money on your wardrobe. However, if you care greatly about the quality of your clothing, it is wise to spend your money on well-known labels. If you’re looking to buy or sell something, you can do it with complete peace of mind on Shein.