What Are the Snapchat Achievements / Trophies ?

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Snapchat users who reach milestones or complete special tasks within the app are rewarded with “achievements.” These awards are pointless because they were made to keep Snapchat users engaged. You’ll find the trophies listed when you open your profile by clicking your bitmoji.

Do you want to discover what the most common Snapchat achievements are? If you’re just getting started with Snapchat, you might be confused when you hear the term “Snapchat achievements.”

So, I’m here to answer any questions and show you how to earn those Snapchat Achievements. All the details are here in this post; you don’t even have to read it to the end to learn about them. Keep reading, and I’ll explain each Snapchat achievement as I uncover it.

What Are the Snapchat Trophies?

Snapchat awards are a form of emoji recognition for achievements within the app. It’s intended to include a gaming element, encouraging users to engage in additional app-related pursuits. Snapchat users, for instance, can get a trophy in the form of a mail emoji for completing simple tasks like validating their email accounts.

The app’s trophy case was filled with more than fifty awards. Each unlocked when a certain goal was reached. But since Snapchat added a mini-games area, the custom has been dead. Now you and your friends can use the app to keep track of your gaming history across various games.

If you reach certain goals, you may also receive additional trophies. For instance, a trophy you earn for hitting a given Snapscore may morph into a different award once you obtain a higher Snapscore. The steps necessary to obtain the Snapchat awards are detailed below.

Snapchat Achievements: List of Snapchat Trophies

Here is your list of Snapchat accomplishments, or Snapchat trophies, that you received for accomplishing certain goals along the way. Let’s look at what they’re given out for and why.

  • One Finger Trophy – The “One Finger Trophy” was given out to Snapchat users who had just sent their first snap using a filter.
  • Email Trophy – This emoji is awarded to you as a reward for successfully confirming your email address. Access your profile’s settings page and tap the email address field to confirm your email address.
  • Two Fingers Trophy – The Two Fingers Trophy was presented to the recipient, who used two filters on a single photograph. You could take a picture using one filter and then swipe to the right or left to apply another.
  • Telephone Trophy – The Telephone Award is earned by successfully authenticating your mobile phone number in the app’s settings menu. You can enter the verification code Snapchat delivers to your phone by tapping the phone number on the settings screen.
  • Baby Trophy – To encourage users to exchange more snaps with their friends, Snapchat introduced a “baby trophy” for achieving a Snapscore of 10.
  • Gold Star Trophy – Snap Incentive: Gold Star Trophy for a Snapscore of 100!
  • Sparkles Trophy – The Sparkles Trophy was awarded to those who achieved a Snapscore of 1000.
  • Circle with a star Trophy – Trophy with a star inside a circle; given to those who get a Snapscore of 10,000.
  • Explosion Trophy – The Explosion Trophy was given to the winner who achieved a Snapscore of 50,000 or more.
  • Rocket Trophy – The Rocket Trophy is earned by reaching a Snapscore of 100,000.
  • Flashlight Trophy – Flashlight Trophy – This trophy was earned by sending ten selfies taken with the front-facing camera.
  • Sun Face Trophy – If you add a temperature sticker reading of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit to your snaps, Snapchat will award you the Sun Face Trophy emoji.
  • Ghost Trophy – You earned this trophy when your Snapscore reached 500,000: the spectral Ghost.
  • Frying Pan with Egg Trophy – To earn the Frying Pan with Egg trophy, you must send a snap between 4:00 and 5:00 a.m.
  • Snowflake Trophy – The Snowflake Trophy was given out to those who remembered to affix a temperature sticker to their photo before it was frozen.
  • Video Cassette Tape Trophy – Trophy is a cassette tape for sending out your first video snap.
  • Ogre Trophy – The Ogre Trophy is given out to those who have sent in 1,000 selfies using their front-facing camera.
  • Moon Trophy – After 50 nighttime snaps were sent, Snapchatters were awarded the Moon Trophy as a token of appreciation. Just tap the moon icon in the upper-right corner of your snap screen to enter the dark mode.
  • Devil Trophy – A devil trophy will be awarded to you each time you take a screenshot of a friend’s photo while viewing it.
  • ABCD Trophy – To earn the ABCD award, you had to provide 100 photos with very long descriptions.
  • Panda Trophy – To celebrate your submission of 50 photos using white and black filters, we present you with the Panda Trophy.
  • Lollipop Trophy – The Lollipop Trophy is given out to anyone who sends in a photo with five different colored pens.
  • Microscope Trophy – Send 10 video snapshots in which you use the zoom function extensively, and you’ll be awarded the “Microscope Trophy.”
  • Magnifying Glass Trophy – The magnifying glass trophy was awarded to the participant who took ten photos while fully using the zoom function.

There were additional trophies available, each of which could be earned by reaching specific goals. Newer versions of Snapchat only record streaks to keep track of progress toward unlockable achievements for interacting with friends via Snapchat. The “mini-games” areas of your conversations are also game zones.