What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat, Insta & Texting

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Snapchatters commonly utilize the abbreviation “GTS” to express happiness, contentment, or even simple relaxation when they are having a good time. There are, however, other interpretations that can be made.

Not long after I started using Snapchat, a pal of mine snapped a photo of himself in a hotel pool while on vacation and shared it with me with the hashtag “#GTS.” I was curious because I had never seen anything like that before and had no idea what it represented.

Snapchat and other social media have their own jargon that can be difficult to decipher for new users. Since I hadn’t heard that one before, I determined to learn more by reading and talking to others.

Meaning 1: Good Times in the Sense of Chilling

As I mentioned, the standard interpretation of “GTS” on Snapchat is “good times,” as in having a good time. You can use this expression to show that you’re having a good time and don’t feel like doing anything in particular.

Sending a capture from your couch as you watch TV or relax on the beach is a great illustration of this. For example, you could recline on a beach chair with the ocean in the background and write nothing but “GTS,” preferably preceded by a hashtag.

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Meaning 2: Go To Sleep

On Snapchat, “GTS” might also signify “go to sleep.” This one is less common because most Snapchatters will say “go 2 sleep” instead, but it could still happen occasionally.

Be careful about how and when you use this one, as it could be misconstrued as impolite. For instance, you may utilize it when you’re talking to a close buddy late at night and both want to call it a night.

If you want to finish a conversation with someone but don’t want to say something boring like “I’m tired, let’s quit chatting,” you could say something more interesting and then add the hashtag “#GTS,” providing they understand what it means and aren’t offended by it.

Meaning 3: Good Times in the Sense of Enjoying the Interaction

It could also indicate “good times” if you’re expressing to the other person how much you enjoy your time spent with them in conversation.

Now, for illustration’s sake, imagine you and a pal are trading photos and the pal cracks a joke. A simple “LOL #GTS” might convey your appreciation for their humor and enthusiasm for continuing the conversation.

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Meaning 4: Google That Sh*t

When someone responds to a question with “Google That sh*t,” they are telling the interrogator to get the answer on the internet.

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Although “GTS” can represent several things, “good times” refers to the feeling of revelry and enjoyment in the present, which is the most prevalent interpretation on Snapchat.

You should probably reserve its informal use for close friends who will understand that you mean no harm when you say “go to sleep” or express your enjoyment of the conversation.

I want you to keep in mind that just as you didn’t know what “GTS” stood for until now, neither will everyone else, especially if you use it in its rarest senses.

Use it mostly with those engaged on social media, as they will have a much better chance of understanding what it implies.