Get Walmart Fishing License Online: Its Cost & Need (2024)

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Many outdoor hobbies appeal to people of all ages, and fishing is one of them. Freshwater and ocean fishing can be practiced. The Walmart Fishing License, its cost and why you need a fishing license in 2022 was addressed today at our site.

Before embarking on any fishing expedition, you must first obtain a fishing license. A fishing license, on the other hand, is neither difficult nor pricey.

At Walmart, you can easily buy a fishing license for $10 to $40, which is a bargain. Walmart can issue fishing licenses on behalf of the government because of agreements with the states.

Why do you need a Fishing License?

Fish populations are protected by specific fishing rules that the government enforces, and one method for doing so is the usage of fishing licenses.

Fishing licenses likewise restrict the number of fish an individual can catch. Poachers are people who illegally possess more than the allowed amount and can be reported to the authorities for doing so.

Additionally, the money made from the sale of fishing licenses can be put toward funding research on marine life and the activities of state wildlife departments.

How to Purchase your fishing license through Walmart?

Visit the Walmart location closest to you and speak with an administration member about purchasing a fishing license through Walmart.

Always remember to bring a photo identification and some documentation that verifies your current address. You will be given individualized paperwork to complete, including a rundown of all the requirements. In addition, you will be responsible for making the necessary payment for the fee.

Walmart Fishing License Cost

How much does it cost to get a fishing license through Walmart?

The amount that it costs can vary from state to state. We have provided a list below with the prices of fishing licenses for a few different nations.

Cost of Fishing Licenses in Walmart, New York:

  • The annual License resident fee for ages 16-69 is $25.
  • The annual License resident fee for ages 16-70+ is $5.
  • The yearly License nonresident fee is $50.
  • A lifetime License (for residents only) is $28.

Cost of Fishing Licenses in Walmart, Florida:

  • Freshwater Resident Annual is $17.
  • Freshwater Resident Five-Year is $79.
  • Freshwater Non-Resident Annual is $47.
  • Freshwater Non-Resident 3-Day is $17.
  • Freshwater Non-Resident 7-Day is $30.

Prices of Fishing Licenses in Walmart, Pennsylvania:

  • Resident Annual between the ages of 16-64 is $22.90.
  • Senior Resident Annual for age above 65 is $11.90.
  • Senior Resident for Lifetime is $51.90.
  • Non-resident annual for above 16 years of age is $52.90.
  • 3-day tourist is $26.90.
  • 7-day tourist is $34.90.

States Offering Fishing Licenses from Walmart

  1. Alabama.
  2. Alaska.
  3. Arizona.
  4. Arkansas.
  5. California.
  6. Colorado.
  7. Connecticut.
  8. Delaware.
  9. Florida.
  10. Georgia.
  11. Hawaii.
  12. Idaho.
  13. Illinois.
  14. Indiana.
  15. Iowa.
  16.  Kansas.
  17. Kentucky.
  18. Louisiana.
  19. Mae.
  20. Maryland.
  21. Massachusetts.
  22. Michigan.
  23. Minnesota.
  24. Mississippi.
  25. Missouri.
  26. Montana.
  27. Nebraska.
  28. Nevada.
  29. New Hampshire.
  30. New Jersey.
  31. New Mexico.
  32. New York.
  33. North Carola.
  34. North Dakota.
  35. Ohio.
  36. Oklahoma.
  37. Oregon.
  38. Pennsylvania.
  39. Rhode Island.
  40. South Carola.
  41. South Dakota.
  42. Tennessee.
  43. Texas.
  44. Utah.
  45. Vermont.
  46. Virginia.
  47. Washington.
  48. West Virginia.
  49. Wisconsin.
  50. Wyoming.

Guidelines After Getting Walmart Fishing License

Some rules to follow after obtaining your Walmart fishing permit are:

1. A booklet containing the various rules and guidelines is provided by Walmart when you use the fishing permit. The policy must be thoroughly read and adhered to while fishing.

2. Ensure that no pollution occurs due to littering or flushing in the pond, river, or lake where you are fishing because it could affect marine life.

3. Ensure the safety rules when fishing in places like oceans, where the danger level is more significant. As well, be responsible for the fellow members of your group.

4. Fishing in dangerous conditions is strictly forbidden. Make sure to check the weather forecast before going fishing.

5. A fishing license does not mean you can fish in restricted zones. Fishing in prohibited areas is illegal and could result in the suspension of your fishing license.

6. Having a first aid kit with your fishing gear is equally crucial. If you experience any incident, you must be prepared for a swift reaction.


This is all you need to know about Walmart’s fishing license, cost, and the process. It’s a simple process requiring only a few documents and a small fee. Let us know in the comments below if we have missed any crucial details about WalMart’s fishing license.