What is Freedome? Is it Safe to Use?

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Freedome is a Finnish virtual private network (VPN). The VPN supplies the activated devices with lightning-fast speed, strong encryption, and so on. A wide range of security features is supported. Security measures protect you and your device when streaming at home or on public WiFi.

Freedome’s live Chat ensures you can deliver excellent customer service. The plans are risk-free and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee! Freedome has your back, so you don’t have to worry about making payments.

Except for a few countries in the Middle East, VPN services are accessible from anywhere. The cost isn’t too high. In addition to that, the company’s services are worth the money.

VPN services rely on the dependability and quality supplied by a well-known antivirus developer. It has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from users. Even though it costs between $2.92 and $7.50, there is a free option. However, the services differ. This server is accessible from 29 different locales. The average speed is 35 MBPS, as well.

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What are the Features of Freedome?

Here are the F-Secure Freedom features of VPN:

  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Live Chat provides excellent customer support.
  • Protects DNS from DNS leakage.
  • It allows you to track blockers.
  • It also features an interactive tracker map.
  • Only a few servers support peer-to-peer torrenting.
  • It is fast and can deliver adequate performance.

Freedome is a Finland-based VPN provider. F-Secure is its Finnish counterpart. Finland is a country with strict security standards, which gives it an advantage over US-based VPN providers. It is not affected by US authorities.

Freedome servers are available in Hong Kong and the USA. VPNs are a smart choice if you wish to access geo-restricted content. Freedome is a good choice for Indians who want to access Tik Tok and Like. You have many options, even if you need to hide your IP address. For such VPNs to work effectively, however, premium plans are required.

Peer-to-peer torrenting is only possible on specific servers. Your server may be temporarily banned if you try to torrent on a prohibited server.

Freedome Application Software is accessible for many device providers, just like other VPNs. Be it Android, iOS, Windows, or macOS. In addition to providing limitless bandwidth, the apps assure a safe WiFi connection.

An important selling point for this VPN is its lightning-fast performance. Using its US Southeast server, you can get 35.13 MBPS downloads and 3.82 MBPS uploads. You’ll be able to surf the web without interruptions.

All in all, the VPN has excellent performance. It also has a pervasive server location list and is known for its reliability. Consequently, users can find a server with full speed near them.

There are no quality requirements for Freedome’s DNS and IP leak protection. Using the leak testing tool for VPNs, you may test the VPN yourself.

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Is it Safe to Use Freedome?

Even though VPNs are primarily intended for security, users are often unsure whether changing the network settings is safe. Freedom users are not exempt from this problem.

Yes, the VPN service you use, Freedome, is safe and secure. Keeping with its word, it does not store any personal data sent over the internet. Furthermore, the VPN’s service provider is situated in Finland. It’s safe to say that the country is entirely trustworthy regarding network security and theft.

To prevent data theft, the country has enacted strict rules. For those concerned about their privacy and security, the fact that it isn’t covered by the 9 Eyes or 14 Eyes Data Treaties is a significant plus.

This provides a wealth of information about you to the service provider. Even though it’s safe and doesn’t save anything, it does keep track of some of the things you do on your computer. Keeping track of your IP address, device identifiers, and even where you first connect to the VPN is critical if you’re concerned about privacy. However, it can even keep tabs on you in real-time if necessary.

It is stated in the company’s Privacy Policy that the duration of the VPN connection, the amount of transmitted data in each session, a device ID generated by F-Secure, the public IP address to which you connected, and an analysis of whether you have used any P2P torrenting on non-P2P servers are stored by the firm. An average of 90 days’ worth of data is kept on file.

When you have a company that logs so much of your personal information, it might be dangerous for you. Ninety-nine percent of users will not be concerned about collecting such a broad spectrum of data when using a virtual private network. Because of this, you need to think about it before utilizing a VPN.

Still, the VPN’s Privacy Policy provides clear instructions on how to use it, so we believe it is safe.

How to Use Freedome on Your Android Device?

  • You must visit the Google Play Store to use Freedome on Android Devices. You can search for F-Secure Freedome VPN in the Play Store by entering it into the search bar.
  • The list of available apps will appear. Click on the first app to install it. After the app has been downloaded, it will be automatically installed.
  • After that, you can press the open button to see.
  • After the app has been installed, you’ll see some information and a brief description of the app for the first time.
  • Keep swiping until you see three options: Start using Freedome; Redeem Code; Log in.

If you already use the service, follow these steps depending on your subscription plan.

  • Choose Redeem Code.
  • Enter your code
  • Click on “Submit”.

You can start by following these steps if you already have a subscription with your service provider.

  • Choose the Login option.
  • Choose your legitimate account provider.
  • Click on login to enter the credentials.
  • Name your device, then tap on Continue.
  • Select OK.
  • Next, a screen will appear where you need to click on Accept.
  • You will need to choose your network connection later.
  • Now you are ready to use VPN.

You can use the following steps to get Freedome started if you have the app installed but do not yet have a subscription plan.

  • Choose the option to Start using FREEDOME.
  • Next, you will need to click the Accept button.
  • Choose your preferred network connection.
  • The main menu is located at the top-left of your screen. Click Subscription to access it.
  • There are many subscription options available, and you can choose any one that suits your needs.
  • You can choose between Select for all devices or Select for Android. You will see both plans and be prompted to confirm your selection. Freedome will then be activated on your device.

What Kind of Subscription Plans Does FREEDOME Offer?

To get a Freedome subscription, you can choose from various pricing alternatives. Aside from the smartphone subscription, all other devices require a minimum 1-year membership plan. In contrast to other VPNs, which offer a monthly or half-year subscription plan in addition to a one-year membership, this one only provides a one-year subscription.

Freedome Subscription plans vary depending on the number of devices you connect to simultaneously. You can save a lot of money if you only need a VPN on a few devices by signing up for the 3-device membership plan. Many VPN companies charge the same price for a package with 5 to 10 devices.

Even on a tight budget, you can acquire infinite VPN connections from some low-cost services. So, if you’re looking for a VPN for your home or on a tight budget, these options are for you.

Free five-day trials are now available to all Freedome users. All of its plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The plan’s price can be paid in a variety of ways. The following are the available payment methods for Freedome:

  • You can use any credit card (like Visa, American Express, or MasterCard)
  • You can also use Pay Pal.
  • You can also pay by wire transfer
  • You can also place a Money or Cheque Order to do the same.
  • You cannot, however, pay for a VPN using Cryptocurrency.