10 Best Sign Language Apps For Android and iOS (2024)

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The use of sign language is rapidly becoming one of the most used methods of communication all around the world. Even for people who don’t use it regularly, knowing a subset of it, such as American Sign Language (ASL), is a valuable ability to have.

Even if you just learn a few words, a basic understanding of sign language might be helpful if you have a friend or family member who is deaf or hard of hearing.

In a traditional classroom setting, you will be able to learn more quickly and retain the information more thoroughly. However, you may learn Sign Language with the help of a few useful apps. Below are the Best sign Language Apps For Android and iOS users.

Best sign Language Apps For Android and iOS

Sign language is extremely intricate and uses a syntax distinct from spoken languages. You should get hands-on experience with a native signer if possible, and then use these best android and iOS sign language apps to supplement your studies.

1. Lingvano: Sign Language – BSL

It’s “a multinational and varied team of deaf and hearing people” who run things over at Lingvano. The visual-only app provides various features, such as indicators to demonstrate your progress in learning a new sign language. The front-facing camera may double as a mirror so you can see what you’re signing.

There’s also a dictionary you can look things up in, some tests, and some activities where you can practice talking to native speakers. The app also includes OEGS (Austrian Sign Language) classes.

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“The quizzes are very well put together,” observed one reviewer. You’ll learn grammar quickly because you must type your replies and recognize hand positions. The reviewer claims the software also explains different facial expressions.

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2. Sign Language ASL Pocket Sign

Pocket Sign is an app that can assist you in learning American Sign Language by utilizing interactive “small-sized” films, flashcards, and activities similar to quizzes.

In addition, it teaches the alphabet used in American Sign Language and baby sign language.

When you learn a new sign with the app, it will offer you a few sentences that describe the hand movements associated with that sign.

This should make it easier for you to comprehend the appropriate motions. One user commented that the way the instructions were presented made it simple to recall the various motions.

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3. GlassesOff

One of the most helpful apps available for learning the alphabet used by the deaf and mute is presented here.

It comes with several different minigames that make it simple and inexpensive for you to learn the letters and put them in the correct order in words.

During the course of the game, you will have the opportunity to learn either the complete alphabet or a particular set of hand motions.

Based on this information, the application will suggest several workouts for you to complete to learn and commit specific gestures to memory.

In the games, an answer is correct if it is provided in fewer than five seconds.
If each of the previous 20 questions about this letter was answered correctly, the letter is deemed to have been learned. Check out the statistics in the area titled “Program Settings.”

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4. ASL American Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL) provides a wealth of linguistic resources, including everyday idioms and terminology. The app may help teach ASL to children as it includes nursery rhymes and picture-matching games.

The video content includes sound. This function may be useful if you can hear and need a voice to guide you. Reviewers, however, have observed that the video quality is inconsistent. Sometimes the teacher is in the background, or the audio is muted in these clips.

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The bare-bones version of the software costs nothing to use. Extra functions can be unlocked with a one-time payment of $2.99.

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5. ASL Translator

With ASL Translator, you can easily convert written text into signed language. Users can make a continuous sign language video by entering up to 50 words at a time into the text field.

The output is in English word order, so it might not look exactly how a handwritten signature would.

Users may be able to translate written materials such as documents, emails, and novels into ASL thanks to the app’s capacity to detect over 30,000 words and 1,400 phrases and idioms.

Names, dates, and numbers can all be converted. The app also allows users to paste in text for instant translation.

Videos can be played back at different speeds, rewound, or looped, and users have the option of using finger spelling for any words that aren’t in the database.

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6. The ASL App

The American Sign Language App is another good app covering the fundamentals. It includes a video for each sign in its library of over 1,500 signs, which is included in the package.

In addition, it teaches the numbers, the alphabet, universal motions, and workouts for speedier and better hand forms, among other things. The majority of the content is offered at no cost.

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Additional sign packs are available for purchase within the app itself. They cost approximately $0.99 per or $9.99 for the whole bundle of all of them.

At least it’s not a subscription. Is that what you’re thinking? This is yet another great app for people just starting out.

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7. Hands On ASL

This app includes both cards and quizzes, which set it apart from others. This app has the greatest material and provides the most engaging user experience of any and all.

The vast majority of alternative ASL apps take the form of a list of items to learn but do not provide a framework for doing so.

At least in this place, you may test your knowledge and then come back later to go over the questions you got wrong or play some card games.

There is a section titled “Movies,” Inside that part, you’ll find links to movies that include subtitles and sign language interpretation.

The latter will assist the user in comprehending both quicker and faster speech in a conversational setting.

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8. Mimix3D Sign Language

It’s yet another learning tool for people interested in picking up sign language. It provides the option to begin with the easiest words, phrases, and sentences and then gradually increases both the level of complexity and the amount of content covered.

Your vocabulary can be increased through the use of a variety of exciting methods. There are also quizzes, games, and interactive exercises included.

People who are deaf or hard of hearing have the ability to communicate with an audience through a unique form of creativity known as gesture singing. Through this form of singing, they can transmit the song’s sentiments.

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You may learn how to play your favorite song with the help of video tutorials and clips that can be found in the Songs section of the app.

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9. InterSign ASL

InterSign ASL is a relatively new app that teaches sign language solely through visuals and includes more than 90 sessions. In addition to games, it features a dictionary and a glossary. Sign variations are something that the developers intend to implement.

Reviewers claim that the signals are presented in stages “so that you don’t have to memorize everything all at once.” Another user commented that there are some advertisements, but that they do not interfere with the user’s ability to learn.

On the other hand, a few of the reviews mentioned that the video quality isn’t always the best. Because of this, it may be more difficult to notice the signs correctly.

The app can be downloaded and used without cost. However, it does offer in-app purchases with prices beginning at $4.99.

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10. Memrise

Memrise is consistently ranked as one of the most popular language-learning apps. ASL is also supported by it. We do not have a good sense of how much information the software imparts.

However, based on what we found, it shouldn’t be too difficult to pick up the fundamentals. The application helps users learn American Sign Language by providing access to games, photos, and videos.

In addition, you are provided with offline help, daily goals, and other features. This one focuses primarily on verbal communication. However, in addition to that, some quality information is presented in American Sign Language.

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