10 Best WiFi Analyzer Apps For Android (2024)

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As our reliance on the internet grows for everything from jobs to education to leisure, the prospect of being without access to the internet causes dread in the majority of us.

While the issues that cause a terrible internet connection are generally minor, especially if you have many devices connected to the internet, as a result, a Wi-Fi analyzer may detect (and, in some instances, correct) these issues.

Here are some of the best Wi-Fi analyzer apps for Android to help you better understand and manage your network.

What is Wi-Fi Analyzer?

It is possible to deduce the root cause of your poor internet speeds from the outcome. The connection’s speed and channel can be seen using a Wi-Fi tester app. The network’s performance will be dramatically enhanced as a result of this.

Changing the number of channels and the display width might help you fine-tune the speed. However, it would help if you first recognized what you could influence. So, locate the problem with the best Wi-Fi analyzer apps.

Best WiFi Analyzer Apps For Android

To help you find the finest WiFi analyzer applications on Google Play, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. But deciding which is the best might be a bit of a challenge. What do you think?

1. WiFi Analyzer (Open Source)

This is the most excellent WiFi analyzer if you’re concerned about privacy and looking for an open-source option.

Multiple access points can be viewed in the app, along with their signal strength and channel. Filter access sites by signal strength, WiFi band, or even security if necessary. Access points can also be sorted or classified from the app settings.

The WiFi analyzer for Android has a channel graph and a channel rating page to help you choose the best channel. A timeline is also included. You can choose between a dark and a light look for the app.

2. Open Signal

When it comes to testing your mobile and Wi-Fi internet speeds, Open Signal is a one-stop shop. You may use it to see how fast your 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection is in download and upload speeds and latency.

Tests for Netflix, YouTube, and other popular streaming services may be run through the app to gather data on buffering, loading, and playback times.

The Open Signal coverage maps, which show the signal strength and data from multiple users across different streets, are yet another benefit of the platform.

3. WiFiman

WiFiman is another excellent Android app for discovering various WiFi network settings. With a quick scan, you may learn about the devices connected to your WiFi network and their NetBios information.

Besides, WiFiman may be used to execute speed tests, compare network performance, and more. ” WiFiman is a best WiFi Analyzer app for Android devices in general.

4. Fing

Fing is, without a doubt, one of the most popular Android and iOS network analysis apps. It provides a wealth of information about your Wi-Fi connection, including download and upload speeds, local outages, ISP ratings, and more.

Many other features can also be used for advanced network analysis, such as port scanning and DNS search.

This application has several uses, including finding out if a place has hidden cameras or checking who has access to your network without your knowledge.

5. WiFi Analyzer by OLGOR

It’s easy to see why this WiFi analyzer app is so well-liked on Google Play. Fast and straightforward to use, it’s a great choice. Use the channel graph or rating page to find the best channels.

Additionally, the WiFi channel scanner provides real-time statistics and distance estimations for each access point. WiFis that aren’t readily visible can also be investigated.

This is the software to utilize if you want to see which WiFi channels are overcrowded. Ads are a significant problem with this free WiFi software, however.

6. Network Cell Info Lite

Network Cell Info Lite is one of the most excellent apps for checking the strength of your WiFi signal.

Using the app, you may view network information on a map and a signal-meter gauge to help detect connectivity issues. The app also displays cell phone locations on a map and other features. GSM, CDMA, UMTS (WCDMA), IWLAN, LTE, and LTE+ are all supported.

KML 2.2, CLF v3, OpenCellID CSV, CMW, and other databases can be used to export network measurements. You may use the app to check the strength of the WiFi connection, but you can’t see the WiFi channels.

7. NetX Network Tools

It is one of the most excellent WiFi analyzer applications in the Google Play Store. It includes nearly all the tools you need to examine your network effectively.

The user interface of NetX Network Tools exposes WiFi connection information such as external IP, signal strength, download, upload speed, and more. ‘

8. Netgear WiFi Analytics

Your WiFi network can be optimized with the help of Netgear WiFi Analytics. This is one of the many useful Android apps for determining the strength of your home WiFi network.

Using Netgear WiFi Analytics, you can also check on the state of your wireless network, the intensity of your WiFi signal, and the number of people using your WiFi network.

9. IP Tools: WiFi Analyzer

One of the best Wi-Fi analyzer apps is IP Tools. It has an easy-to-use interface and is a solid solution for many network administration jobs.

The software provides a wealth of information about a network, including the SSID, BSSID, gateway, nation, and area. As a further bonus, it also offers several network utilities, including a whois lookup, a host and IP calculator, an IP converter, and more.

These tools aid in the diagnosis of network-related issues as well as the execution of administrative tasks directly from the app. Thus, the requirement for a computer is eliminated in situations when simple activities are required.

10. Pixel NetCut WiFi Analyzer

This is one of the best if you’re looking for a good WiFi analyzer or WiFi scanner for Android. With Pixel NetCut WiFi Analyzer, you can quickly identify all the devices on your WiFi network.

This WiFi Analyzer may also test the quality of your network, disconnect the internet for all connected devices, and evaluate your internet speed, for example.


The signal strength and stability of WiFi networks can be determined using these best WiFi analyzer apps for Android. As a result, you can choose which network to use and connect your devices to. Please share this post if you found it helpful so that others might benefit from it.