Microsoft Open Sources its Windows 11 Emoji for Everyone

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Microsoft has announced that the Fluent design style emoji found in Windows 11 and the most recent versions of Teams are now fully open-source, allowing anybody to use them in their projects.

That works up to 1,538 emojis, which anyone can use in their logos, icons, and so on without paying a penny.

Microsoft launched a new emoji last year with several variations, including 3D versions, which are used in Teams, and flat versions, which are included in Windows 11. Regardless of the format you want, Microsoft provides these in various sizes and file types so that anyone may muse them. Even in black and white, there are options.

Despite the company’s best efforts to be as transparent as possible, trademarks prevent it from disclosing certain information to the public. The Clippy emoji, a well-known mascot from Windows XP, and two of the work-from-home emoji that Microsoft unveiled last year are also featured.

This is because both of these images featured the Windows logo, which is a registered trademark. In addition, Microsoft’s library of emojis is now open to anybody to use and customize.

One of Microsoft’s aims is a more personal expression that is inclusive to everyone. To further its open culture, the company restated that it can share its work with others, allowing producers to develop personalized experiences for their users.

If you wish to use the Microsoft open-source emoji, you can get them from GitHub, but Figma already has the whole collection of emojis available.