10+ Legit Sites Like UserTesting (Free and Legit)

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In order to better serve its clients, UserTesting will pay you to try out and provide feedback on a wide range of websites, apps, and digital products.

There are a variety of approaches you can take to user research, but rest assured that it will play a crucial role in the success of your product. Although UserTesting is popular, it is not your only choice.

It’s more or less a quality control job. The role of a user tester is to provide organizations with honest feedback. User research is a vital part of the product development process, and there are a number of ways to go about conducting it.

This article delves deeper into the alternatives to UserTesting by introducing you to ten options that have all the features you enjoy, such as the ability to run usability tests and collect feedback from users, to help you acquire insights that enable make informed decisions.

Best Sites Like UserTesting

The availability of jobs in website testing is not limited to UserTesting. You may also get paid to review websites and applications using other alternatives to UserTesting. Websites that are similar to UserTesting are:

1. Global App Testing

The quality assurance testing services provided by Global App Testing are in high demand around the world. Also, the platform has been called the best usability testing firm in the business. Incorporating usability testing at each stage of your software’s development life cycle is the company’s forte.

As a result, you may learn how your program performs in a certain setting from the perspective of its end users.

Testers from Global App Testing will work on your mobile and desktop software to generate useful insights and suggestions for enhancements. Over 189 nations receive testing services from the company’s 60,000-strong testing team.

2. ThinkSys

ThinkSys houses a sizable group of highly trained QA specialists who provide comprehensive usability testing services all around the world. The team pays close attention to the smallest of details in order to guarantee that your website or app has the capacity to deliver a top-notch user experience, from the visual design to the operation of its features.

Additionally, the business has an interactive device lab where websites and online applications may be tested across multiple operating systems like Android, Windows, and iOS.

In addition, ThinkSys uses state-of-the-art usability testing tools, including CrazyEgg, Keynote, UserZoom, and ClickTale. Testing is done in realistic settings to better understand how people will actually interact with the product.

3. TryMyUI

TryMyUI is another usability testing service that relies on video recordings of actual users interacting with your website or app. Building a test strategy that directs users to carry out certain tasks on your website is what constitutes usability testing in this case. You can select the users you want to advertise to based on a variety of demographic criteria.

These films do a great job of demonstrating the responses that people have to your website. Your development team can use the information you glean from TryMyUI’s video footage to fine-tune your app’s or website’s user interface.

4. Userlytics

Userlytics provides a system where clients can conduct a wide range of usability and user experience studies, both moderated and unmoderated. You can tailor their usability testing service to your exact requirements by selecting from a large range of available options.

More than one million people from around the world are part of the company’s participant panel. This sizable community of actual users can be put to work in testing your software or website. The option to use your own subjects is available to you. The greatest UX consultants in the business provide improvement suggestions in thorough UX reports, which is another perk.

5. UserFeel

UserFeel, like other top online usability testing services, has a large user base from which you can select volunteers to serve as test subjects. UserFeel’s technology is flexible enough to accommodate both moderated and unmoderated user testing.

You will receive a video and audio recording of testers interacting with your website or application. With the help of comments added to these recordings, your team may use them to enhance the UX of your website.

6.  UserBrain

UserBrain has a large, well-screened community of independent software testers from all around the world. You’ll have access to a system that allows you to design a test according to your specifications, down to the questions and guidelines for the people who will be putting it through its paces. You make sure that your testers come from a wide range of locations and age groups.

The final product is high-quality video and audio recordings of the users’ reactions to your website or prototype.

7. TestingTime

To evaluate the user experience (UX) and general performance of your website or other products, TestingTime provides remote and on-site usability testing. There is a huge pool of potential guinea pigs from which to pick. Over 900,000 people have used TestingTime.

Age, gender, geography, talents, language, etc., are just some of the ways in which they might be recruited. To administer these tests, you may either make your own questionnaire or use one of the many that TestingTime provides.

8. Loop11

Loop11 provides a simple and straightforward online usability testing environment. The company has a sizable user base who can serve as beta testers. Your own unique test plan consisting of questions and guidelines can be designed, just like on other usability testing platforms.

You can also capture audio and video of consumers interacting with your app or website. Both moderated and unmoderated user testing are supported by the system. Any kind of device or platform, including mobile, desktop, and browser, can be used for testing.

On top of that, you can test both live and prototype websites without needing to write any code. This is why Loop11 is considered to be among the top usability testing firms for websites.

9. Maze

If your product team may benefit from usability testing, Maze can help. Maze facilitates the efficient and timely validation of product concepts, prototypes, and UX copy.

As an added bonus, this platform makes developing a test strategy a breeze. A special URL allows the exam to be shared with users anywhere in the world.

After the fact, businesses can acquire reports with valuable insights presented in the form of thorough metrics. Maze’s testing solution is compatible with a wide range of design software, including Adobe XD and Figma. Product managers, designers, marketers, and academics can all benefit from Maze’s usability testing service.

10. PlaytestCloud

PlaytestCloud stands out from other paid testing platforms since it exclusively pays users to review mobile games on iOS and Android. No website testing can be done at this time.

To join, all you need is to be at least 18 years old, have a PayPal account, and own either an Android or iOS smartphone.


Usability testing is essential before releasing your website or app to the public. You may learn a lot by observing how real users interact with your website in these kinds of tests. You are aware of the areas of your website or app that require immediate attention.

We regret to inform you that reputable usability testing firms are as common as the common cold. To that end, we compiled this directory to facilitate your search for a vendor who provides testing services at a reasonable price and provides a clear picture of the impact your program may have on the end user’s experience.