10 Best Sound Equalizer For Windows 11 PC (2024)

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The Sound Equalizer is a crucial feature or tool for operating systems. Whether using a Windows PC or a smartphone, audio equalization may enhance your music listening experience or audio quality. It’s possible that your equipment is making for a subpar music listening experience.

This equalization application might be helpful if you work with audio or listen to music frequently. Each equalizer has a distinct musical preference. For instance, pop beats and folk music rhythms are different from one another.

Utilize an audio equalization to increase the volume of speakers with poor sound quality. Here are some of the best free audio equalizers to take into consideration for those of you using Windows 11.

Best Sound Equalizer For Windows 11 PC

Consider the following choices if you want to utilize one of the top sound equalizers on your Windows 11 computer that you can use for nothing or even pay for with superior capabilities.

1. FXSound

Both the previous and the new FXSound apps come in free variations. FX Sound has a simple learning curve if you have experience using conventional audio equalizers. Additionally, it offers simple sound customization through tuning.

Its drawback will be compatibility concerns with extreme music fans due to a bandwidth of 10 bands between 110 Hz and 15 kHz. Low bandwidth is made up for by the preloaded presets.

The new FxSound app does not have any sliders, and real-time audio modifications can be made by simply turning on the app.

2. Voice AutoEQ

Voice AutoEQ is yet another excellent sound adjuster for Windows 11. Your computer’s audio equalization is a simple-to-use utility for adjusting audio input and output. It’s fascinating that when it hears your voice, it can instantly recommend gentle frequency equalization to make you sound fantastic.

Additionally, it enables you to make final adjustments to any movie after automatically proposing the audio settings that work best. These are all fairly simple tasks that will only require a small amount of your time.

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Another useful feature of Voice AutoEQ is the ability to eliminate audio noise. If you wish to use more features on it, you can purchase a membership to the Pro version.

3. VoiceMeeter Banana

VoiceMeeter Banana is yet another excellent choice for you. With this app, you can effortlessly control your audio sources from any app or device. It contains an audio mixer that you may use to manage audio file input and output.

With the help of this program, you may record your voice and enhance its clarity and smoothness. You can choose whether or not to contribute to the software’s development by using it for free.

The software supports numerous audio formats, including WASAPI, MME, ASIO, KS, and Wave RT. To improve the sound effect, you can also alter your voice cadence.

4. Boom3D

This all-in-one audio enhancer was developed to provide 3D effects to your media files. When you watch movies, listen to music, or play video games, Boom3D uses immersive 3D surround sound technology to create an audio experience similar to that of a movie theatre.

This sound equalizer is excellent if you enjoy playing video games because it will change how everything sounds on your PC while you play, thanks to the multi-channel 3D surround.

You need not worry about being limited to a few certain apps because Boom3D is compatible with all programs. You can use the 30-day free trial to test the features even though it’s not free.

5. Breakaway Audio Enhancer

A straightforward audio enhancer app called Breakaway Audio Enhancer. Despite the $30 price tag, the app’s creators haven’t bothered to improve the interface. The UI ought to be much better despite the high price, especially if it is marketed as an audio enhancer for the newest OS.

After choosing your sound output device, you open the software without any basic configuration. You can enable and use a few presets to test your audio. In addition, you get a sound booster option that somewhat increases the maximum audio output.

All of this is OK for a user who only wishes to increase the audio output of their speaker. However, the price is high compared to more advantageous solutions, such as Boom 3D, which provides superior features.

6. Viper4Windows

A potent audio equalization for Windows 11, Viper4Windows. To enhance the sound, you can save it to your hardware and download it as an audio processing object to your sound card.

You’ll adore this because it allows users to select the output devices they want to utilize and enables you to alter the sound presets to suit several situations, such as jazz music, rock music, and mega bass.

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Its frequency range is wider than FX Sound’s. 18 bands with a -120dB to 13dB adjustment range are available. Small, medium, big, and largest rooms can benefit from surround sound functionality.

7. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a versatile tool for producing, combining, and editing audio. On a Windows 11 computer, this tool can be easily utilized to generate improved audio output.

Due to its multi-track compatibility, Adobe Audition is incredibly efficient and provides a flexible workflow. Along with many other functions, it may be used to reverb background noise on audio input to assist you in creating professional-quality audio on your Windows PC.

You will need to pay a subscription charge to utilize this audio adjuster, so be prepared for that.

8. Bongiovi DPS

The next sound equalization on our list is Bongiovi DPS. This software enhances your sound by utilizing Digital Power Station (DPS) technology. Adjusting and improving the sound in real-time brings your music, movies, and video games to life.

You have access to the virtual sub-woofer for deep bass, immersive headphone audio, DPS audio processing, hundreds of custom sound profiles with band settings that suit your preferences, and many other features with the premium edition.

Additionally, the program provides sound visualization, treble, and bass. You may try out Bongiovi DPS for 30 days without charge, and the full version costs $4.99 monthly.

9. Graphic Equalizer Studio

The Studio Graphic Equalizer demands significant sound processing knowledge to set up the sound more than some of the other audio equalizers on this list.

For instance, different tracks may have different high and low frequencies when songs are aired. To get the most out of its dynamic audio spectrum, utilize it in combination with a limiter and compressor.

The minimum and maximum amplitudes automatically determine when you activate its auto-correction feature.

10. Audio Manager by Realtek

Audio Manager by Realtek is a popular sound equalization for Windows 11 and is usually preloaded on computers. It is also one of the well-known sound equalizers for Windows 11.

If you are not interested in making considerable improvements to the quality of your audio, you may find that the application, despite its relative simplicity, is sufficient for your requirements.

Additionally, Realtek’s Audio Manager provides compatibility for many speaker hardware systems and is quite functional for most audio settings on your personal computer.