8 Best Apple Watch Faces You Should Try in 2024

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Faces for the Apple Watch are an excellent way to personalize and distinguish your wearable device from others’. Apple Watches are currently the most widely used models of both smartwatches and fitness trackers.

They come with many capabilities, including counting your steps, measuring your heart rate, sleep, and the number of calories you burn. You may also monitor your blood oxygen level using the most recent Apple Watch models, including the Series 6 and 7.

When you purchase an Apple Watch, it will come equipped with a wide variety of watch faces that you may use to personalize the appearance of your watch.

The watch faces on the brand new bezel-less Apple Watch Series 7 look stunning, but before we get into that, let’s take a moment to define exactly what a watch face is:

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What is a Watch Face?

The Apple Watch face functions the same way as the home screen on your iPhone. Depending on your preference, it can show the time in either an analog or digital format, and it comes in various forms.

New Apple Watch Faces are available with each WatchOS update, and you can choose to use them.

Best Apple Watch Faces

One of the most acceptable ways to make your Apple Watch your own is to change the watch face. By incorporating complexities, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your timepiece while still receiving all the information you require.

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This article will look at the top Apple Watch faces, such as Breathe, Infograph, and the ones from watchOS 7.

1. Activity

ActivityOne of the best watch faces for fitness fanatics is activity. You can see your heart rate, calories burned, and workout times on the Activity watch display. You can also change the font style, color, and complexities.

In addition, the Activity watch face shows you your activity rings so that you can work even harder to close them. The ring can be customized to include calories burned, standing movement, and more.

The Activity watch face is an excellent choice for fitness buffs because it provides a wealth of data at a glance.

2. Metropolitan (watchOS 9)

Metropolitan (watchOS 9)watchOS 9 introduces a whole new watch face called Metropolitan. It has a simple and uncluttered appearance, making it an excellent choice for informal and semi-formal settings.

To keep with the understated aesthetic of the watch, the face displays complications in each of its four corners.

In terms of personalization, you can choose from one of four distinct watch types, one of five particular dial configurations, and various colors to complement whatever wardrobe you already possess.

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Metropolitan is one of the greatest Apple Watch Faces for you if you want a watch face that has a brief appearance yet provides you with the essential information you require.

3. Infograph

InfographIf you’re a fitness fan, Infograph is one of the greatest watch faces for your Apple Watch. The name refers to the fact that it exhibits eight problems so that you can acquire a lot of information at once. Newer, larger Apple Watches will benefit from the watch face’s minimalist design.

The fitness app, for example, can have its shortcut in Infograph, and you can do the same for any other app you like. In general, the Infograph Apple Watch face is one of the finest for fitness fanatics and anyone who wants to see a lot of information simultaneously.

4. Chronograph Pro

Chronograph ProThis old-school watch face automatically displays the tachymeter on the dial. This is utilized in the process of gauging speed. On the other hand, you may also alter the dials to set timers for sixty, thirty, and three seconds respectively.

You can accomplish this by touching the dial and the green button. You have the option of adding four more complexities in the four outside corners. Those that enjoy being physically active and moving around will get the most out of it.

5. Count Up

Count UpWhen it comes to monitoring how much time has passed, one of the most valuable faces for the Apple Watch is called Count Up. On the Apple Watch SE, Series 6, and Series 7, you can initiate the start of a timer by tapping the display.

Additionally, the watch face has five distinct complexities that the wearer may customize. Press the dial to start it, crank the digital crown to set the time, and tap the dial to confirm the time. This will align the marker on the outer bezel.

6. Astronomy (watchOS)

Astronomy (watchOS)Among Apple Watch Faces, Astronomy is one of the most attractive. You can pick between Earth, Moon, and Solar System views.

It’s constantly being updated throughout the day. Sunrise and sunset can be observed in real-time. For example, you can rotate the digital crown to see how Earth will appear in light and shadow in the next days.

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If you favor form above function, this is one of the best Apple Watch Faces.

It’s possible that the constant updating of the Astronomy watch face drains the battery a little faster.

7. Playtime (watchOS 9)

Playtime (watchOS 9)Playtime gives off the impression that it was designed for children, yet regardless of age, you will find it strangely entertaining. Apple and Joi Fulton worked together to create the Playtime watch face for the Apple Watch.

You may customize the watch face by turning the digital crown to change the background. Additionally, you can tap on the characters’ faces to make them react to what you’re saying.

Much like Astronomy, playtime emphasizes aesthetics over practicality and does not walk you through any complicated processes.

Playtime is. However, one of the greatest Apple Watch Faces for you if you are looking for a watch face that is pleasant to look at or if you have children who enjoy playing with your Apple Watch.

8. GMT

GMTThe GMT watch face was introduced with WatchOS 7 for Apple Watch. If you are someone who frequently travels to other countries, this face for the Apple Watch is one of the most useful ones.

The watch face provides two alternative time displays: one is an inner dial with 12-hour markings that displays the time in your current location, and the other is an outer dial with 24-hour markings that displays the time in a different time zone.

Using the digital crown, you can set the time zone of the outer dial to any country of your choosing. The face of the watch is designed to be quite formal so that it won’t look out of place when worn to formal events.

Therefore, if you frequently travel to other countries, one of the most incredible watch faces for your Apple Watch would be the GMT watch face.


Our list of the most delicate watch faces for the Apple Watch has ended. There are many watch faces available for the Apple Watch, so go ahead and pick one you prefer. For instance: Is an animated watch face something you’d like?

Do you value aesthetics more than practicality? There are a variety of watch faces to choose from. If you know of any other great Apple Watch faces, please share them with us in the comments section.