7 Best Face Yoga Apps For Android (2024)

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When it comes to yoga, you’ve heard of it, but how about the concept known as “face yoga”? With face workouts and massages, you may enhance your skin, strengthen your muscles, and even fight against the effects of aging.

With face yoga, you don’t need any other equipment beyond your two arms to practice. Face yoga is a popular exercise since it can be done any time of day or night and requires no special equipment.

On a smartphone, one can employ a variety of various face yoga applications. To get started with your daily face yoga routine, look at the following list of the best face yoga apps for android.

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Best Face Yoga Apps For Android

When it comes to face yoga, you only need your hands to get the job done. You don’t need anything else. Check out the following list of the best face yoga apps.

1. Koko Face Yoga

Koko Hayashi created the app Koko Face Yoga. This individual is widely recognized as an expert in face yoga. Koko has been a fan of face yoga for over a decade, and in 2018 she began passing on her knowledge.

You can now get a head start on your face yoga practice with the assistance of the Koko Face Yoga app. The facial muscles addressed by the app’s workout videos include those found in the neck, cheeks, and mouth, among other locations.

The artificial intelligence that helps you through each practice in Koko Face Yoga may be the app’s best feature if you wish to see everything the app has to offer.

2. Face Yoga Exercises

For the full benefits of face yoga, you must practice it on an ongoing basis. Face Yoga Exercises is a simple software that might help you keep on track.

By completing information about your gender, weight, and age, you may use this software to design a personalized fitness routine. If you’ve never done face yoga, the Easy Plan is the best option for beginners.

Using facial motions to reduce forehead wrinkles, drooping eyelids, and puffy eyes is the goal of this 30-day regiment. Full-body workouts, posture correction, and stretching activities are also available in the app.

3. Luvly

Many people desire to maintain a youthful appearance, but many prefer to avoid surgery or needles. Face yoga or a good night’s sleep are also effective ways to attain this goal.

The Luvly app provides a plethora of beneficial facial exercises and massages. The Luvly face yoga app has skin-lifting benefits if you practice face yoga. Try the Morning De-Puffing Massage if you wake up with a puffy face.

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To access the Face Fitness Program and the rest of the face yoga sessions and courses, you must first sign up for a free Luvly app account.

4. FaceYoga 

As face yoga apps and instruments have become increasingly popular, it’s essential to recognize which ones will and won’t help you achieve your goals. FaceYoga is a great mobile app for beginners because it’s simple to use and offers a wide variety of practical exercises.

You can look through the app’s face yoga lessons by selecting the exercise button, selecting the exercise size, and selecting a category. Renata Bak and Angela Kuipers are two of the many yoga instructors available through FaceYoga.

To keep track of your progress, you can take a progress picture and look at your train completion history on the insights page.

5. Face Fitness

A face yoga tool that you can carry in your pocket is what Face Fitness is all about. The workouts in the app are easily arranged by target location, such as your eyes, forehead, nose, neck, chin, lips, or cheeks, making navigation a breeze.

The length of the program varies depending on the part of the face you want to target. For example, it takes 14 days to smooth your brow, but it is worth it.

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Instructions and a front-facing camera should show each facial motion or massage. Follow up your face yoga practice with a few articles and advice from the app’s library on skincare and how your diet impacts your complexion.

6. FaceJoy

FaceJoy is the best facial yoga app because it lets you create your classes and workouts for your face. The app has a beautiful skin diary that enables you to track how your skin feels each day.

After a few days, the software creates a progress movie for you based on a daily photograph of your face. This function is fantastic if you want to monitor how your face has altered due to frequent exercise.

FaceJoy has personal programs, gua sha massages, popular programs, beautification ideas, and face exercises.

7. Face Yoga App & Face Lifting

Include face yoga in your morning practice without consuming too much time. Each video in Face Yoga Workout’s extensive repertoire is less than 30 seconds long.

Choose a yoga session or focus on a specific part of your face with this app’s face-targeting feature. It’s that simple. Lip Yoga, for example, is a four-session exercise program meant to prevent sagging lips and stimulate collagen formation in the dermis.


These apps will help reduce your face’s fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness. I hope these apps will work for you. If you have other app suggestions, feel free to comment below.