10 Best Fishing Apps for Android and iPhone (2024)

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Many people like fishing as a leisure activity. But if you’re determined to reel in a fish, you’ll need to know how to fish properly. As with every profession, fishermen have protocols and methods to reel a catch.

In addition to helping you find the best fishing spots, these apps can tell you whether or not the weather will be conducive to catching fish in that region. You’ll also learn the best places to fish for a good haul of fish.

There is no doubt that a plethora of applications exists that provide helpful fishing advice, though obviously, it is preferable to be familiar with the best of these. I’ve dedicated this Naijaknowhow article to providing a comprehensive overview of the top best fishing app options. Apps for both Android and iOS are offered.

Top Best Fishing Apps for Android and iPhone

You might wonder, “Why would I need a fishing app?” We’re here to answer that and other questions, like “What is the greatest fishing app?”

We’ve rounded up the top fishing apps for Android and iOS devices and provided a short description of each one. By the time you conclude this article, these are the top fishing apps.

1. Fish Brain

Fishbrain is an outstanding fishing program that can be used on Android and iOS devices. Because it has so many users and lets them log their catches, this app has become the largest community of anglers everywhere.

Using the App’s crowdsourced database, you can find the best times of year to catch trout, bass, carp, and more than a hundred other species.

As a bonus, the App can track the exact spots where other fishermen have reeled in their catches. Using the App, you may network with a sizable community of anglers who share their experiences, whereabouts, and catches in real-time.

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2. FishTrack

FishTrack gives you the knowledge you need to be a successful deep-sea angler. The most up-to-date marine conditions, maritime weather forecasts, and precise location data are available online and offline for review.

Keep track of your journey’s waypoints for easy double-backing, and plot out your paths ahead of time to arrive safely at each destination. It’s the best app for planning an offshore fishing trip.

There is a subscription option, which is common amongst mobile apps. However, the $95.99 annual price of a Pro membership means it is not advertised to the general public.

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When you’re an angler looking to better your game, download ANGLR. With this app, your mobile device can become a smart fishing aid. You can use it to learn from your mistakes and improve your fishing skills by looking back at your catch reports and using that information to guide your current fishing strategies.

Three simple connected integrations are available in ANGLR, allowing you to record your catches, waypoints, and more from your fishing expeditions. This software allows you to check fishing conditions and drop over 15 waypoints before you go.

Create fishing itineraries using GPS coordinates, enter catches in a fishing logbook, and record weather and water conditions mechanically. With the ANGLR app, you and your fishing buddies can keep tabs on your catch, compare notes, and coordinate on the best spots to fish.

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4. iAngler Tournament

iAngler Tournament is a full-featured program that helps organize and run fishing and other outdoor competitions. The system also gathers important information for ocean and environmental studies.

This app allows fisherman to record their catch information while still on the sea for sanctioned fishing competitions. Through this program, you can plan and keep track of travel adventures. Those who are just starting will likewise have no trouble navigating this program.

iAngler also includes detailed information about various species and their components. This program is also quite simple to operate, which means it can ease the lives of its users. The iAngler app has several great extras that you should check out.

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5. GoWild 

GoWild Hunting Fishing Outdoor is a great place to meet other people who share your passion for fishing and have meaningful conversations with them in an entirely online context.

Create a feed of your fishing exploits to talk about with other anglers. This makes it the fishing equivalent of Twitter.

Since there is a storefront element, finding and purchasing cutting-edge tools is a top priority in addition to conducting thorough gear evaluations.

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6. Fishing Points

The goal of Fishing Points was to make it easier to plan fishing trips. You can easily make your way back to the ideal fishing spot with the help of this software, which gives you a reliable map, a log, a solunar calendar, and offline charts.

Foretelling the weather, the tide, and the behavior of fish may all be done using it. You can mark your preferred fishing spots and trotlines on the map with the Fishing Points tool.

Also, you can use it to keep track of all the interesting things you find on your excursion. Photos, weight and measurement of the catch and a description of the event are all included. Both Android and iOS users may access Fishing Points.

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7. Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

If you’re an angler or fishing enthusiast seeking an app that can assist you in finding the optimal time to fish at certain locations, look no further.

You can use it to check the forecast for your present area, record your favorite fishing sites, and more. The program also calculates the zenith, rising, and set times of the sun and moon, as well as major and minor time estimates.

Outdoor Recreation, Including Fishing & Hunting Both manual and automatic GPS systems is used by Solunar Time to determine the most productive fishing spots. You’ll also find useful solunar timetables for forecasting fish migrations and foraging patterns.

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8. Fishing Knots

The app Fishing Knots makes learning to tie knots simple. There is an explanation of how to use each knot and suggestions for what kinds of fishing lines work best with each knot.

You may use the app to learn how to tie various knots, join fishing lines and secure large and small hooks. And you may even tie a boat and learn the proper knots for joining fishing lines and binding cable!

The software can function without an active data connection while allowing you to browse knots by category. This is because node loading occurs during setup.

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9. Fish Rules

An abbreviated set of fishing laws, Fish Rules is a useful resource for anglers. You may log your fish, take pictures of them, and share them all within the app. With simply a manual entry of your coordinates, you can obtain the rules you need while you’re not connected to the internet.

Fish Rules compiles, in one simple location, the complex regulations governing federal waters and fish species from Maine to Texas. The software employs a calendar and GPS to emphasize the most pertinent rules and regulations.

Fish can be easily identified using good photographs and diagrams of restricted species. You can see if a fish is in season, how big it needs to be to collect it, how many of them you can keep, and much more.

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10. Bass Forecast

Are any bass fans out there? We produced Bass Forecast just for you. To determine the best times to go fishing, the AccuWeather-powered app considers weather and bass-specific information, such as when bass tend to feed and makes recommendations.

To maximize your chances of catching bass and enjoy your fishing trips for longer, you may use the App’s 10-day forecast to schedule your trips in advance.

The service is similar to a weather app in that a paid subscription is required to access premium features like 10-day forecasts, cover selection, etc.

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