8 Best Instagram Alternatives For Android and iOS (2024)

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The search for Instagram alternatives has been going on for some time. Many users have stopped using the app since Facebook bought it, and many are unhappy with the recent modifications to the privacy policy.

In addition, Instagram had a severe outage yesterday, leaving many users in the dark. Finally, some people are tired of the same old images, videos, Instagram Reels, and the like and just want to try something different. In such a case, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

We’ve rounded up some excellent alternatives to Instagram that offer similar functionality. Keeping that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the Best Instagram Alternatives For Android and iOS that you should check out.

Best Instagram Alternatives For Android and iOS

We are lucky to have a variety of excellent Instagram alternatives on the play store and apps store. So We’ve completed the research for you and found the best free Instagram alternatives for android and ios users.

1. Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular and influential social networking app used by 46 million people in the United States alone.

Among Instagram’s main rivals. Facebook has, indeed, made significant efforts to maintain its lead. Face filters, tales, vanishing SMS, and many more original features have been ripped off.

The social networking app has also improved its efforts to maintain user connections by introducing a new powerful feature called Discover, which functions similarly to Insta Feed.

If you prefer to keep your personal life under wraps, Snapchat is the better choice than Instagram because of the more intimate atmosphere it fosters.

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2. 500px

500px is one of the greatest options when looking for an alternative to Instagram. Photographers of all skill levels and hobbyists from more than 195 countries can find a home here.

It lacks Instagram’s Stories and Reels, but it does offer an explore tab and the ability to make Quests, which function similarly to Instagram Guides.

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You can check out the top photos on a larger screen by visiting 500px’s website. Remember that the free version of 500px has a weekly limit of 20 uploads.

You can pay $25 per year to share as many photographs as possible without restrictions. 500px is best suited for aspiring Instagram photographers looking to gain more followers.

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Famous for its picture editing tools, VSCO is also known as the Visual Supply Company. It’s also a community, in case you didn’t know. As a capable alternative to a traditional camera, this app also serves as a full-fledged picture editing studio.

Everything is presented in the most basic form possible. The filters in VSCO are top-notch, and the editing capabilities make it easy to craft the ideal photo.

In addition to displaying your greatest photos for the world to see, your VSCO profile can also be used as a place to create a photo blog or gallery.

Discover’s curated collections make connecting with other photographers of similar skill levels easy, which might lead to new ideas.

Focusing on amateur photographers, this alternative to Instagram is perfect for those who want to improve their photography talents and share their work.

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4. Agora

Agora encourages its users to travel the world by image. You may easily get inspiration and learn about new cultures thanks to the vast community of photographers hailing from more than 193 different nations on this fantastic alternative to Instagram.

Agora welcomes you with a feed of breathtaking images and a rotating selection of its finest photographers.

Now you may begin browsing photos and deciding which persons to add as followers. The Agora is the site of numerous photography competitions.

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There are competitions every week and once a year, and there are also themed competitions. It’s a great opportunity to get paid to do what you enjoy.

Vote-based competitions, though, are what give Agora its distinctive flavor. Instead of having a panel of judges choose the winners, users can cast their own votes for the best shots.

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Check out VERO, another free social network software for artists of all stripes, including photographers. Post photos and find individuals who share your interests.

You may share various things, from songs to locations, but for the sake of this discussion, let’s zero in on images, which you can take within the app itself or pull in from your phone’s gallery.

After that, you can add a caption, modify the photo, and decide whether or not to share it publicly. For this reason, if you have a special interest in retro photography, you may construct the ideal-themed profile on VERO and then show it off to the world.

In addition to standard social media features like following other users, calling and messaging them, and exchanging invitations, you can also invite your own personal network of friends.

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6. TikTok

To Make Reels, TikTok Is the Best Instagram Alternative App. Comparatively to Instagram’s one billion monthly active users, it now has 689 million. TikTok is more popular than Instagram Reels.

Our list includes viable alternatives to TikTok that people in India can use. You also have access to a slew of cutting-edge social media tools, such as Duet (which Instagram rebranded as “Remix Reels”), in-library music, augmented reality filters, and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about the similarities and differences between Instagram and TikTok, you can do so by reading our detailed comparison.

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Certainly, TikTok is missing the capacity to distribute regular posts, but that’s about all. TikTok also offers a direct message feature.

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7. EyeEm

EyeEm is your best bet if you want to be a part of a community that can compete with Instagram. The 20+ million-strong EyeEm community is a great place to share.

When you sign up for EyeEm, you’ll immediately be presented with a stream of stunning images shot by skilled photographers.

Explore the various themed galleries, including those showcasing the work of featured photographers, images captured in your local area, photography tutorials, and more.

The Suggested function analyses your photo library and recommends the photographs it deems to have the best aesthetic score.

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8. Retrica

Selfies on Instagram? Retrica will make you look better. There are plenty of other high-quality selfie apps for Android and iPhones, so it’s no surprise that Retrica prioritizes selfies and the flexibility to express oneself through them.

Without spending hours perfecting your photos in Photoshop, you can just use one of the many fun filters Retrica offers to highlight your natural beauty.

Retrica is one of the best GIF maker apps for your smartphone, and it’s also great for taking selfies.

Flip on Retrica’s GIF mode, and the app will rapidly snap pictures of your topic, allowing you to create a high-quality animated GIF.

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