10 Best Live Sports Streaming Apps for Firestick (2024)

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All hardcore lovers of live sports need the best streaming applications to enjoy watching their favorite games. Live sports streaming is more enjoyable than ever, thanks to the proliferation of streaming media players like Firestick TV. It’s therefore evident that consumers prefer watching live sports on television to doing so on their mobile devices.

However, not all apps cover all the sports you might be interested in, so you can miss some of the games you were looking forward to. Having the best free live sports streaming apps for firestick TV is crucial for getting the most out of your experience.

With so many options, it might be difficult to pick the best live sports app for your Firestick. To solve your problem today, we have a list that will enable you to choose the finest app according to your demands.

Best Live Sports Streaming Apps for Firestick and Fire TV

There is a plethora of options for watching sports on mobile devices. Here are some of the best sports streaming apps for Firestick, all recommended by our experts.


ESPN is one of Firestick’s most popular sports streaming services, offering a wide range of game coverage. Hundreds of live sports events are available to watch, including those broadcast by 11 different ESPN channels, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, collegiate sports, professional and international soccer, basketball, football, golf, tennis, cricket, and many more.

You may watch as many or as few sporting events as you want, whenever possible, for a low monthly fee when you subscribe to ESPN on Firestick.

You’ll be able to watch your favorite ESPN programming and get live game updates in HD. The ESPN app is available on Firestick via the Amazon App Store. Further, both ESPN and ESPN 2 are included in your Firestick order at no extra cost.


The Dazn service is a paid video streaming platform. Both live and on-demand coverage of sporting events from multiple venues is available on the sports streaming service. Austria, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, the United States, Italy, Spain, and Brazil are just some countries where Dazn is currently active.

It owns the digital rights to broadcast all major sporting events in Austria, Germany, Japan, Canada, and Switzerland.

DAZN is a sports streaming service that offers UEFA, FIFA, La Liga, and other leagues’ content. There is a free trial period of one month that can be terminated at any moment. DAZN works with various electronic gadgets, including TVs, smartphones, tablets, and game consoles. The App is available on Google Play.

3. Lepto

If you like keeping up with the many sports that are played and broadcast worldwide, Lepto Sports could be a nice fit. High-definition (HD) content playback is possible.

You may download this software without spending a dime, and you won’t even have to deal with distracting ads that try to compete with the game. If you were away from Lepto when the big game happened, you could always catch up on the action by watching a rerun of the highlights.

4. Sling TV

Sling TV is a fantastic live-streaming app for Firestick that offers a wide variety of channels, including sports channels, all streamed live. It has three subscription tiers available. All the essentials, plus premium sports channels to catch your games.

Orange and Blue have developed a Sports Extra option for your Sling TV plans at a monthly cost of $10. Football, hockey, baseball, basketball, and many more sports are available on Sling TV for Firestick.

Live sports networks such as ESPN, ESPNews, the SEC Network, the National Hockey League, the National Football League RedZone, the National Basketball Association, several tennis networks, the Atlantic Coast Conference Network, and many more are all available. It provides various leisure options outside sports to keep you occupied.

5. Kodi

Although this approach is a bit more involved, Kodi may serve as a gateway to dozens of different sports add-ons. If you haven’t already, shift into several loops to get Kodi installed and set up.

Once that is done, you should check out Rising Tides or Sports 365, which are excellent sports add-ons with a tonne of content that is often updated.

Sport HD Bugatsinho https://bugatsinho.github.io/repo/
Rising Tides Mullafabz http://mullafabz.xyz/Repository/
Sports Lounge Flecha https://flechanegra.github.io/
DS9 DejaVu https://dejavurepo.github.io/
The Loop Loop https://loopaddon.uk/loop/


6. Fubo TV

If you’re a sports fan, Fubo TV is your best bet. Live sports are the app’s main draw. The TV is great for sports fans, but there are plenty of other stations to choose from. Many other channels are available in the app, such as news, network TV shows, and movies.

The App can be downloaded from the App Store or experienced via web streaming. There are several tiers of service, from the most fundamental to the highest, each with its own perks and channels. It’s possible to pay $20 monthly for a bare-bones service.

7. Live Net TV

More than 700 Live TV channels covering every conceivable topic, including sports, are available on Live Net TV. The sports programming on these stations is available worldwide.

The app’s user interface is straightforward, making it easy to use. The sports section of the app is easily accessible from the main menu, so you can jump in and watch your game of choice.

8. YouTube TV

You can subscribe to YT TV to watch over-the-top (OTT) content online in the United States. This array of channels includes the likes of ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, NBC, and more.

In addition to Cloud DVR, the subscription also includes unlimited DVR storage. There are six YouTube TV accounts, each with its own login and digital video recorder.

More than 60 U.S. channels are available on the app and can be watched on an iPhone or Apple TV without needing a set-top box. The TV App gives you access to the most popular channels on the Internet.

Sports – CBS Regional Sports Networks, ESPN, ESPN2, FS, Golf Channel, MLB Network, NBA TV, NBCSN, NESN, Olympic Channel, Tennis Channel, etc.

9. Fox Sports

You may use the Fox Sports app on your Firestick to watch your favorite sporting events. Customers have said this software is straightforward and easy to operate. On top of that, the Fox Sports app is available on the Amazon App Store.

Fox Sports has always been the app for fans looking to catch up on the latest games or relive classic moments. Accordingly, you should give it a shot, too.

10. Peacock TV

It’s no secret that Netflix and Hulu are two top streaming services, but Peacock TV allows you to watch even more than 80000 hours of entertainment online.

Live sports events like WWE, Sunday Night Football, MLB, etc., are free on the most basic edition of Peacock TV for Firestick.

There’s also a premium plan for $4.99/month that unlocks additional features and a premium plus plan for $9.99/month that lets you stream without advertisements.